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  1. Star Marine - 63 frags gameplay

    Many of us are plagued by a nearly unplayable game. Low frames or no sound. Expect more after optimizing or upgrading
  2. RSI Spectrum Titles

    hows one get that?
  3. RSI Spectrum Titles

    What title do you use? I just switched back from Predator to Cartographer, but with so many titles. How do I choose?
  4. Marketplace

    Yea. I think tac specifically said no. Also selling ships and accounts is a terms violation of star citizen
  5. New PC build

    I can't justify the additional price of the i7 over i5
  6. Dual Universe - Another Space Game

    I'm only subscribing to star citizen. its interesting. But not subscription interesting.
  7. My Rainbow rig

    Do you mostly do workstation functions? The v3 socket and i7 are better suited by costs for workstation functions. Don't mistake what I say. It will play games quite well.
  8. Here we are, and its good

    Keep an eye on Atlas Defense Industries. I was there and heard more than I should have. The owner JayC and one of his lackeys Hav0k have established more than one time they will stop at nothing to be number 1. They have a goal of overthrowing the UEE if possible. Imperium is filled with some decent guys. A bit on the sensitive side. But with some good intentions. xplor was founded by a banned member of imperium. And we all know test is filled with a bunch of goon squad members. An army of auroras is just an army of auroras. Don't let numbers try to show you what their power is. Numbers are very deceiving.
  9. Whats your Star Citizen number?

    My Number is on my signature. 241319
  10. New to Gaming Need Hard Drive

    Are you on a laptop? I'd suggest against laptops for any long term solution to gaming they are vastly underpowered for their cost compared to desktops. And upgrade capabilities are very limited. if you are. You can hook up a new ssd externally, format it, swap it out for your internal hdd. Fresh install windows. And put your hdd as an external to retrieve all the things you desire off of it.
  11. nVidia GTX 1080 Ti and Club GeForce Elite

    When is or was ces 17?
  12. Did this end up being the new x series socket 2066?
  13. Oculus

    No vr support. Yet. chris Roberts has already stated the rift will get support before any other vr headset. even then. People are playing sc with a rift currently
  14. Help needed with troubleshooting

    I would have suspected the motherboard as well. if your issue persists after CPU swap; Have a look at your ram
  15. Still listing 1151 as most cost effective gaming build at this time. Looks like I'm going with an Asus z270 powered atx.

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