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  1. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Anthem, The new Bioware game   

    If it was on sale and cheap enough, round 20$, id pick up a copy, maybe...
  2. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Dreamsheet 1151. 2066 is untested and not out yet. Thoughts?   

    Yea, Im just going to wait for the 2066 motherboard and x series 4.0ghz i5 at a cheap price to come out. Gaming really doesnt use too many cores, so this new i5 will be quite literally ground breaking for the pc gaming market
  3. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    Ryzen= Socket AM4, 1500X - 3.5ghz, 4 cores, 8 threads, 4x512kb L2 Cache, 16MB L3 cache, 65W.
    Intel= Socket 2066 (R4), Core i5-7640X, 4 core, 4 thread, 4.0 Ghz, 4x256kb L2 Cache, 6Mb L3 Cache, 112w
    Both Processors support 16 PCI-e 3.0 Lanes and both support dual channel DDR4 2666 Ram.
    If anyone is familiar with gaming, hyperthreading to 'synthetic' cores always brings a diminishing performance, as youre asking one core to do the work of two.
    I guess it comes down to cost eh?
    242$ for Intel
    189$ for AMD
    AMD's closest processor to clock speed is the 1600X or 1800X, and both of these cost more than the Intel Processor (even if by a few dollars)
    To top it off Intel is launching a new socket 2066 to go with it, and that brings amazing promise. Say the i5 7640X somehow gets outdated, I can assure you Intel will run with this new socket for years to come, and I can already tell you that I could just overclock the proc by a small amount, and switch to liquid cooling should the heat build up too much.
    Did I mention Intel works better with nVidia GPU's?
    Which still run the market as best GPU.
    New X Series Intel CPU's will be my next upgrade.
    Ryzen can stuff it with its slow clock speeds.
  4. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    Yea.. Ryzen has a lot of cores and threads.
    But Intel still has a 4.0 gig BASE clock speed in their 239$ proc
    If your gonna build a powerhouse to do other stuff sure, but the average gamer will not see a benefit from that many cores, most of the time you see a diminishing return with large core counts.
    4 core, 4 thread, 4.0 ghz with 16 pci-e channels is more than enough for anyone with a single gpu (mind you, you dont see a real benefit with standard gaming with dual gpu) and looking to still get over 60fps.
    Ill stick with intel, they still have ryzen beat in the gaming market.
    All the tests with ryzen, by the way, use titan x gpu's to fluff these numbers.
  5. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards
  6. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    I mean, this is a good watch and all, but this guy, like LinusTechTips, is ranting and raving about features regular gamers will never use.
    Most, if not all, games are single thread, single gpu designed games.
    So.. you can have a thousand cpu cores, but it wont do jack.
    Intels new $282 X series i5 will be more than adequate at 4 core 4 thread with 16 pci-e lanes.
    If you want to buy the i9, thats on you, but its really only for the 'enthusiast' who's going to use all that.
    Hell, even the RAID system is pretty much an add on. and no reasonable gamer should use raid, not with SSD's being here now.
    But if you're into the AV network, yea, go with the Ryzen, but gamers really wont benefit from the additional threads and lanes, especially if the motherboard isnt even designed for it.
    IF AMD pushes a mobo that supports nVidia, it will be worth it, but if youre a amd fanboy, go ahead.
    My only issue is that no one is doing these tests with run of the mill cards everyone has. They are running twin titans. Which... yea, is hyper unrealistic for the average joe
  7. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0   

    Follow the Industry, Mining, and Exploration guys if you want to see too much action for one night Military guys
  8. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Dreamsheet 1151. 2066 is untested and not out yet. Thoughts?   

    good point, but as of right now the 2066 is very rushed, it may turn into the new 980/970 screwup. Time will tell. As of right now im running on 6+ year old hardware, and it was dated when i built it (budget build) and I STILL went with the AM3 pile of garbage.
    When I ordered my card it was more than a year before the new cards came available (everyone said wait for the 1000 series)
  9. Lancebringer added a topic in Computer & New Build Questions   

    Dreamsheet 1151. 2066 is untested and not out yet. Thoughts?
    Im going to build a dreamsheet for a solid and future resistant desktop upgrade for myself.
    I currently am running an ASUS mobo with an FX-6200 lodged into its AM3+ socket. I have some Gskill ram thats helping push the EVGA GTX 970 FTW+ with AXC 2.0.

    So my upgrade sheet will probably not include a video card, as I only play at 1920*1080. If I do it will be a future upgrade to add at some point.
    My PSU should be pushing adequate power as its a Thermaltake Black Widow W0319RU 850W. Modular, and I love it.

    So. Lets start with a Motherboard.
    Socket first? 1151. 2011v3 is great and all, but for multithreading and heavy cpu work, which I dont do. I'm a gamer, remember? Even then, I should be able to process any video/audio needs should that spark fly in my direction.
    Make? Asus. Always had asus, they have never let me down. Friends have had Gigabyte and ASRock, and have been let down.
    Form?  ATX.
    So.. Wheres that put me?
    ASUS TUF Z270 Mark 1 LGA1151 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 USB 3.1 Z270 ATX
    The Z270 is not a completely necessary chipset over prior generations, but hey, 7th gen Intel is 7th gen Intel.
    The TUF provides a VERY similar spec sheet to the 40 dollar cheaper 270-A prime, but with a 5 year warranty, a stronger board, and more robust cooling, Ill take it. Better cooling=increased gaming duration and reliability.

    Now the Processor, this should be easy, do I need an i7? no. this is a gaming computer, until game makers actually start using more cores, its a moot point, Even then, I can upgrade a processor easy.
    Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake Quad-Core 3.8 GHz LGA 1151 91W BX80677I57600K
    Is it as good as the Ryzen that just came out? Not really. But Im going to back away from the AMD circuit, they tend to lean to better performance with the ATI cards, and I just cant stand them (its the way they render color).

    To be continued.
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  10. Lancebringer added a post in a topic GTX 1080 Ti promises to dominate the gaming world

    $669. not bad
    This would be the Ti to get.
    $779 isnt a bad price point
  11. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    Top end performance for mostly enthusiast reasons are a bit of a pain at this point. I felt it rather moot considering most of the people that will benefit the most will be hardcore gamers with a couple ssd's running a few select games.
    The raid key bit is a bit asinine if you ask me. not to mention the requirements for raid 5.
    I dunno. I think this will do great things for those of us building a SC machine, or even a machine for other games.
    I do wish Intel would spend more time polishing this turd, but we'll see. Hopefully this doesn't turn into another 970/980 debacle
  12. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    but poor performance compared
  13. Lancebringer added a topic in Computer & New Build Questions   

    Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards
    The stats look great. Now we wait for benchmarks and future revisions. These are all rev 1

    looks like we can see a sub 200$ x299 lga2066 and with a 300$ roughly i7 new processor. We should be able to upgrade for around 5-700 usd if we get ram as well. Still in the very much good price ranges.
    When I find them for sale. I'll post them asap. 
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  14. Lancebringer added a post in a topic IRL drake dragonfly   

    This is all I see
  15. Lancebringer added a topic in Computer & New Build Questions   

    New Intel i9 and x series processors are here.
    What Sorcery is this!?
    the new x chip-sets are the same price point as consumer models and provide better performance. What's more is the new CPU's allow for 8 channels of DDR4. Holy cr*p. I think I know exactly what my new chip will be.
    Caveat, the new chips aren't compatible with the old sockets. So you'll need a new motherboard to upgrade.,34545.html

    We will see these up for grabs sometime in the next week or so.
    June is their official release date, as of typing this, I haven't seen any 2066 mobo's up for grabs.
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  16. Lancebringer added a topic in Off-Topic Discussion   

    Took a weeklong vacation. Must needed reset. (Formal Declaration Inside)
    I took a weeklong vacation to Ocracoke Island down in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
    Had a good time, and it felt like 2 weeks.
    It was a much needed reset and I feel rather different. (getting away from some certain stresses with work and other things helped)
    I would like to offer this declaration and apology.

    I, the Lancebringer, am officially and formally offering my most sincere and genuine apologies to any and all members of the internet. With special attention to those dearest to me. My fellow Tactical Advance members.
    I have been a rather brash and rude individual as of late. And having time to myself sitting on the pier fishing has let me get a clear head over all my stresses and I came to realize I have been an awful jerk. There has been no excuse for my run of inappropriate and inconsiderate behavior on Teamspeak. I have lashed out at people. I have made uncouth comments. I have made many people angry. I have even made people extremely uncomfortable.
    This is not how I portray myself in public or in person, and I cannot fathom why I did it in Teamspeak.
    It is inexcusable and I should never have done such things.
    I am genuinely sorry for my behavior and lack of tact, and have no requests of the community.
    It is up to the individuals of our beloved community to accept my apology, or to dismiss it completely. No hard feelings from me.
    My declaration to you, I would like to call you my friends, is that I would like your help in helping me help everyone else by improving myself on a daily basis.
    I do not regularly stop to think about my actions or words, and I need to do so. As of a point in my vacation when I was fishing, I am declaring that I will no longer sit in the general public channels, and have resigned myself to stay in other channels until I have developed the habit of defeating my profanity (A problem both in TS and IRL) and my brash attitude.
    Again, friends, I am so very sorry for my behavior.
    My wording is not precise, I do not have the education that many do.
    I hope that we (myself and everyone else) can improve our relations to a most amicable point where I offer little to zero offense and finally kick this cursing habit to the curb for good.
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  17. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Covalex Shipping Hub (From PTU Alpha 2.0)   

    fun thing is the reality of the broken wing was a collision with port olisar while in quantum drive
  18. Lancebringer added a topic in Lore and RP   

    Covalex Shipping Hub (From PTU Alpha 2.0)
    I began my day as anyone else would.
    I woke up, grabbed some coffee, and started reading the various News reports from nearby systems, including our own. Then all communications started to get interrupted.
    The mercenary types were the first to run, any sign of trouble and that lot is after em.
    I asked one of them what was going on, only to get a face-full of food as he spat his partially chewed noodles on me. Another seemed apologetic in appearance, and mentioned something about Pirates raiding Comm stations.
    Great. Another thing I need to deal with. Which reminds me. Where is that replacement sensor array I ordered for the Landeleitan, my Pride and Joy. Shes not much different from other people's Carrack. But she is mine.
    Covalex Shipping was the last place I saw the tracking report state it was.
    I guess I could pay it a visit in a Consolidated Outland Mustang I have on the flight deck of the Landeleitan.
    I arrived at the station not long after finishing my coffee.
    Early hailing attempts failed, I figured maybe the comms got busted on the Mustang after that botched wormhole jump, aside from the missing left wing, everything checked green across the board.
    It was when I noticed the Shipping Hub was dark and still that I knew something went awry.
    Based upon the little facts I had, I could assume one or two things, either she had a malfunction, or the damned Pirates hit her.
    I saw no damage upon arrival, but the fleeing Aurora I spotted left me with no fuzzy feelings.
    I wasnt going to try to dock, no use there, full systems blackout.
    So I tucked my ship away, and came out to find the Emergency lights on the blast shield blinking.

    Something happened, and it wasnt pretty. Looks like something came out of the control room, and with some righteous authority.

    I approached the rupture with extreme caution.

    Almost there, What happened?!

    Dear God....

    It appears the cooling pipes ruptured, sending debris flying, causing this breech. But were are the bodies?

    Well, some of the emergency lighting is still on, still no bodies...

    Almost to residential, were they all up here?

    Nothing, not even a drop of blood... what is going on....?

    Down we go. Further into the Rabbit Hole....

    A terminal is still powered! Maybe I can find out what happened, AND find my sensor array....

    Well, theres what happened. Power systems overheated, causing a hull rupture. Still doesnt explain the bo......... what the hell was that noise?! I swear I heard a damn door open!
    To Be Continued.....
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  19. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Salutations!   

    Thanks man, but I backed in '13
  20. Lancebringer added a post in a topic AMD R9 Fury X Leaps Ahead Of Nvidia GTX 980 Ti With The Latest Windows 10 Drivers   

    This chart is based upon the generic nVidia variants I assume?
    What about the SSC or even FTW + versions?
  21. Lancebringer added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley!
    I am Lancebringer, I've been pc gaming since Wolfenstein: Spear of destiny, which is among my earliest memories.
    You could say Computer gaming is my only form of gaming, I have a console, and its for netflix on the tv.
    I plan on fringe space exploration in the 'Verse.
    I like to play all sorts of other games, but tend to avoid multiplayer strategy.
    Other than that, Im just a former sailor (8 years, USN, Aviation electrician) who likes to hang out and play games!
    I hope to make some new friends, already ran into some old ones from a former org.
    Fair winds and following seas!
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  22. Lancebringer added a post in a topic Salutations!   

    Thanks guys!