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  1. Genm

    Squadron 42 Hoodies

    Well I had to buy one. Just throwing my money at CIG it seems
  2. Genm

    Did you get a Anvil Terrapin?

    I upgraded from the Cutlass Blue LTI to the Terrapin as I felt that this ship would better fit what I wanted from the game. Plus im really disappointed with the Cutlass Blue.
  3. Genm

    2.5 available to the Evocati

    That's a lot of bugs they are finding right now. I'm so thankful for the avocados doing the heavy lifting
  4. Genm

    Stream Straw Poll

    I voted TANN but that's awfully close to the INN streamers in name
  5. Genm

    Heavy Weapon inbound.

    Maybe this card will fix the server side FPS issues , yes I know that's not the problem
  6. Genm

    Can you help me get started?

    If you enjoy the vault content I would highly suggest staying with your subscription, a lot of really cool content on there
  7. Genm

    Can you help me get started?

    Cause its the PTU Most of my sessions last maybe 10 minutes, best thing is to just keep messing around with it. And as far as getting your ship back, sometimes the insurance counter will indicate you must wait a certain amount of time to respawn it.
  8. The RX480 is being marketed as an affordable step into VR. In no way will it dethrone the 1080, in SLI is beats out the 1070 sure but as said above, ill wait for official benchmarks.
  9. Genm

    $600 Budget Build

    This 100%. Do you want to build a PC that can play the completed game or do you want to build one to play now? For enough cash you can do both but if money is limited it would be wise to wait a couple months and wait for benchmarks as well as 3rd party companies to start churning out video cards.
  10. Genm

    $600 Budget Build

    This. Just save up for a little longer to get a much stronger graphics card that will last a lot longer. Last thing you want is to drop 200 bucks for something that cant run Star Citizen. Also Ive never heard of them releasing anything lower than the 1070.
  11. Genm

    Selling Star Citizen Account

    Contact Alexis in Customer Service at CIG, which the subject line as ATTN ALEXIS. Let them know your situation and they can more than likely provide you a full refund for a life hardship.
  12. Ha Zeus you beat me to it Hmm it would seem that its not as powerful as described which is to be expected. However the fact that it does just as good and better in multiple areas than SLI 980tis' is a selling point to me. $600 to not have to deal with SLI and still run things in super HD at 4k... win