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  1. Ground vehicles required.

    They have all this room on places so why not put stuff there. When we start hearing more about space stations, you hear at lot for about things to do in space. Just they put a lot of work in to planets and we are going to see that stuff first so we are hearing about it now. But I think almost everything you can on planets you can do in space. I say if you are only going to have one ground vehicle get a dragonfly. You can put one of them in a cutlass and still have cargo. Take two people wherever you want to go. Or a little cargo.
  2. Why is she even giving a interview on a project she never work on. She if she been there to talk about having a job at CIG she might know some stuff we don't. But I would of thought she would have a NDA. And this could most probable hurt her getter a good job down the road. Big game studios might just stay away from her if she share any info she gets. So why? So if she was there for a job interview one of two things happened, she didn't get the job or she turned them down for some reason.
  3. Policy on piracy

    We have to see what UEE laws are, before we can work everything out. But I think it safe to say attacking people is out. It Grey areas like bounty hunting. Where you might end up having the ship of the person/NPC in your care or destroying it. Do that mean you can take the ship, cargo, components or info off the ship. Do you then have the right to keep/sell anything off that ship. If you are not in UEE space, do it count as a crime if you sell it all before coming back in to UEE space. Is it down to what they are wanted for. Higher level wanted people you can take what you want. Lower level crimes you have to get them and their ship (if they have one) and get them back safe and you cant take anything. Will it hurt your reputation if you do take stuff?. As for cargo and taking stolen good. Can you tell if they are stolen? where you getting them from and how you are getting them? and where you going to sell them? Do you have to go in to UEE space? How good you are at cargo runs? What routes you are going to take? It lots of stuff to be worked out even if you are able to do it. Also this is a lawful Org so if they catch you in UEE space you might get kicked. If you are dumb and try going into Xi-an space with dubious cargo with all the military and police in that area from UEE and Xi-an. Then it most likely you get kick. If you are doing stuff that can affect the reputation of the Org that up to you. If you get caught it on your head. So if you are going to do it be smart stay out of UEE space. Or stay out of well traveled areas. That mean stay away from jump points, trade routes, Lawful space station and planets. No slavery what so ever. Unless you are buying people in Banu space and you are setting them free. Because they might have info you need or you can get high level NPC crew that way. But I am not a officer so this is just some ideas from me. But I think we have to wait until beta to work all this out. Until then no trolling and have fun.
  4. WOW! Snow pic.

    I hope we get deep snow like that. But I don't think we will
  5. Origin X1 Q&A

    Dam you ichi, I lasted all the way up to reading that, now I have two. Almost made it with out getting one.
  6. I think you are right the most common ships will see for PvP will be the Mustang's, Auroras and Avengers at the start. And yes the Mustang Beta be a lot cheaper and the 315p a little cheaper because of the more high end parts on the 315p than the Mustang, than running a sabre. But if you was going to attack a Hull C or BMM or what ever, would you attack the one with 2 sabre's and 2 hornets or the one with 2 315p and 2 Mustang Beta's? Yes some times we have to run with cheaper ship/less ships so we can make more money. But I think you get attacked less by PvP If you have better defensive ships guarding you. Also if you get attack you might take less damage from them and kill them faster. I think the Vanguard is a good ship for this because it can take the damage. Yes it not going to maneuver as good a 315p but it has better fire power and can take more damage. It can hold most of the attacker when the cargo ship and defenders run. That the job of the escort ship stop the cargo ship from getting attack/taking damage. If it can kill the ships attacking great. If not hold the attackers so the cargo ship can jump, then run/ kill as many as they can. After the cargo ship have jump out the pirates have no reason to fight, other than being peed off with losing the cargo ship and wanting to take it out on the escort ships. And if they do that they loss more ammo take more damage and just over all loss more money for nothing. Then they have less stuff to attack us with next time. As for NPC god knows what they attack us with. But you have them attack you no mater what you do. But that just what I think. What you say?
  7. The Gladiator can fit extra fuel tanks in the middle of it. You loss the torpedoes but you get extra range. In the lore and they said a long time ago you can use the Gladiator for exploring. And adding the extra fuel tank is a way of helping that. The Khartu-Al is a scout ship so hope it has longer range. But you can change the engines on all s**t for more fuel efficient ones. Might loss speed/acceleration but might help some ships get the extra range needed. But as with everything it a trade-off. Do you take better fighters like the hornet, sabre and redeemer then stop more for fuel or do you take retaliators and mustang Beta's and stop less for fuel but be less safe. But ideally you want vanguards and Defenders best of both worlds. But another idea might be instead of having all the escort ship fly from the start to the end of the route. Start with a small amount of escorts ship then have extra ships waiting for you before you go in to the unsafe areas. So the hornets and sabres can save fuel by not having to start in a safe area where they are not needed. And you can save time because after you leave the unsafe areas you can leave the hornet and sabres to go find fuel and the cargo ship with small number of escort ship can just keep going.
  8. So the 3 variants are race, luxury and toilet
  9. Star Citizen METAGAMING

    You have to be a D*** to do that to 4000 people you know and been playing with. Just because you don't like one guy. I hope Goon gets all that money of him and kick him out. You could never trust that guy after that.
  10. Speculative ships?

    What ever it is your talking over $500. Might even be a $1000 if it a huge ship. So here hoping it only a 100m ship not a 200metre ship.
  11. Speculative ships?

    Let hope it not good enough that I want to spend all my money on it.
  12. Speculative ships?

    I think the next ship will be the X1. But think the game changer will be next month at CitizenCon. Also think it might be made by Consolidated Outland. Don't think it a under water ship. Because they have said they are not working on water at this time. But who knows.
  13. That sounds like a great use of the ship. I think you should be able to fit lots of vehicles in it. If they can get the defender to dock with it you can have a smaller fighter to help. Think you might need one or two NPC to help it a big ship. 150 meters long and look about as wide as long. I what to use my one for trading in not so safe areas. Also as a Q ship (Heavily armed merchant ship). In the lore it say same Banu use them for fighting. So hoping I can put more shields and some more weapons on it. Then bait some pirates with it.
  14. Star Marine - 63 frags gameplay

    Great use of the mini map and situational awareness. That was great work. Shame I cant get on to play with you at this time.
  15. Amazon Lumberyard is a free AAA game engine

    Star Citizen make up half of the video. Amazon needs a big game like Star Citizen to show of Lumberyard. And Star Citizen is a big game. Not just by money ($158.7million) but in the scope of what they are trying/doing with the game. When Star Citizen and SQ42 go live I see Amazon promoting and advertising it every where they can. With huge Lumberyard logo everywhere next to it. So it be lots of free advertisement for CIG. I also see Amazon giving extremely cheap AWS services to CIG. So CIG can have more cores running on the back end to help the game run better. Also making lumberyard look better.

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