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  1. RSLtaken

    Ship Potential.

    Why not the Terrapin?
  2. RSLtaken

    Reverse the Verse - Ship Combat Experience

    So it a new ship going on sale next week.
  3. RSLtaken

    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    They don't have enough people to make Crysis 4. One of their studio's is just making mobile games. And they only have 3 studios. Crytek new game Hunt showdown. Only have a 1km by 1km map and 4 teams of 2 people.
  4. RSLtaken

    Reverse the Verse - Squadron 42 Q&A

    That or spend 25K and get a Gold one.
  5. I am slow, i look everywhere on the site to find that chairman club. It always the last place you look. They have them Books and card they was on about the other week up for sale. As you go up you get more next level is a Arrowhead Sniper Rifle, then RSI Venture Explorer Suit (it just a gold suit)
  6. RSLtaken

    New Road Map for 2018

    Let be real here. BMM is the first Banu ship and it is huge, they don't know how long that going to take. Carrack is the top of the line long range explorer, It lots of thinks on that ship they have not worked out. Like the med bay just to name one. The Orion is what 340 meters now and they are still working on mining and refining. Until they work out how they want that to work it no point take every part of that s**t to 100% complete. You could have to redo it later. That a waist of time and money. We all what them as soon as we can. But the longer we wait the better they be. And just because they are not on the list don't mean we want see any of them this year. Just they might know when they be out. Or if they can get them out but they be close. If we do see them it be around 3.3 or 3.4.
  7. RSLtaken

    GPU Patience.

    What CPU you have with them?
  8. RSLtaken

    My simpit (not finished)

    That looks great. Wish I could build something like that. It just me but I would not like having the mouse under the keyboard. Never tried it but think it might drive me mad. What are you thinking/want to change?
  9. RSLtaken

    New - Vanduul Blade

    It is the smallest fastest Vanduul fighter. I don't not think is worth the £250 price, other that it looks cool and be nice to fly now and then.
  10. RSLtaken


    Merry Christmas
  11. RSLtaken

    Land Grants

    Drakin is right. It not much of a advantage in having them. Only real advantage I see is the UEC you save not having to buy it in game can go to building on the land. I think that is where most of the cost of having land will be. Setting up mine, refineries and areas to live, and just other buildings you need.
  12. I can see you are a Star Wars fan. But other than being groups in Star Wars they are not anything to do with space. Republic, A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. Last time I look that don't fit what we are. As we don't have elections for the leaders. Also I don't think we are going to have a president. Also not much to do with space. Federal, having or relating to a system of government in which several states form a unity but remain independent in internal affairs We are also not part of a government nor are we a state. Federation, a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs or an organization or group within which smaller divisions have some degree of internal autonomy. Ok the second meaning fit us a little better. But still not got anything to do with space, other than Star Wars. Rebel, a person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader. This one could not fit us less. We are mostly a Industrial and Exploration Org. That knows if you want to do that and not get pushed around and attacked every 5 min, you need a strong military to put people off attacking you. But this Org has nothing to do with fighting the government (UEE). We are more help the UEE fight. So not even close. If we picked that it just because it sounded good to some people. Imperial, relating to an empire. I think Tac would be happy if you could make him the empire of the Star Citizen universe. But after the last ones I think you have a up hill fight to put him in power. Also it a large Org that has a name close to that. I don't see how they have anything to do with space. They are just names for Organizations or Structure for organizations/states. I like things simply. If we start call the fleet "Imperial Fleet", what happens when we have to talk about the Imperium fleet that could be close by. Or even working with us for some reason. What wrong with military fleet 1, 2 or 3. It easy to remember and even new people will know what you are on about.
  13. RSLtaken

    Squadron 42 Official UEE Announcement

    Avenger advocacy, flying over where I was trying to park my Starfarer by the looks of the picture.