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  1. It not a leak it for sale. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17379-Crusader-Ares £187.20 for each. They both have 1 size 7 weapon. Do that link work for everyone?
  2. Every ships will have a problems. Ever numbers of just what ship you are fighting. Someone attacks you in a Javelin only thing you can do is run. Second thoughts get a javelin. But really no cargo ship will have no problems defending themselves. So the question is what type of ships do you what to think twice before attack?
  3. I am not a huge fan of the Carrack. But I think the Carrack will have less blind spots than the Hercules. The weapon placement on the C2 and M2 are not the best and leave big blind spots. As for the armor on both ships we have no idea. The M2 might have a little more armor than the Carrack. But will it make up for having smaller weapons and no snub craft to help it in fights.
  4. Well I would of sent you a Javelin, but as you only want ships up to Kraken I will not.
  5. GPU Score 312 CPU Score 177 Ping 44ms Average loading time 43sec
  6. We have all said that before and then CIG has a concept.
  7. Military could use a Bengal carrier or a Retribution super dreadnought. But I think all divisions should be good. I say people should only get the ships they want to use. Or want to try the game play off.
  8. 20 man stealth drop ship and it look amazing. Cant wait until we can use it for bunker missions and boarding the 890 jump mission.
  9. Yes it been down most the day. We have to try again next sorry Ridge.
  10. Always good to see new people join us, but IRL comes first.
  11. Welcome back. We are having a star marine event tonight at 7 UCT if you want to join us. Just a way of people getting together and having fun. It is open to all.
  12. I like the ship, I have one (not for sale). I think it be a great ship in game. Not only for combat, but support ship for mining, salvage or most things. Them medium landing pads and two repair bays will give a lot more flexibility than the Idris. What ships you thinking of putting on it? You do know people probably have their own ships they can take. So you don't have to fill it.
  13. I have a couple questions about the event. 


    Why do you have to have a Valkyrie? Can we have a Hoplite or cutlass as they have seats in the back. 


    As the Valkyrie slow and for the crew size not much fire power per person. 


    Do you have to take the ground vehicle with you. Or can you pull it at the closest outpost. As I cant think of any ships that can hold the Ballista at this time.


    What if the ship holding the box get destroyed?


    I don't know about other people but I cant post on that message.  

    1. Corbin_Jones


      you should be able to post on there bud. i will see if others can.


      and the reasons you say is why the valkyre.... want it to be more a ground combat than anything else. also, its up to you and your team the way you use.... everything! and if the box is destoyed then the game will switch, but not saying what that is until that time

  14. 2 price tag might succeed 2000 euro (yes i live in europe where on some strange way the ships are higher up in euro then dollar while dollar is a few cents under euro value so somewhere we get screwed by sandy) I think like in the UK you have a pay tax. Unless it had more work on it I don't think it go up in price. If it do will not be by much. As they keep it close to the Idris price.
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