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  1. Questions for Guild Meeting

    We was doing a ship list forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/3964-tac-full-member-list-and-full-ship-roster/ but we are hoping people CIG do it for us on Spectrum. As everyone changes their ships so often and most people would add their ships and almost never update the list. If we would have a member/officer to do this it would be a fulltime job. Even then it take people updating the list. Also somethings like military capital ship we might not want on the list for everyone to see. Also some people might not want other people to see what ship they have. On TS we do have illustrates next to the name say if the are a officer, director or even if they are just a member of a division. We even had it on the forums for a little time but after the update I don't think they are working or they been turned off to be worked on.
  2. SC Ship Concept

    It will still have recoil. Newton's third law of motion, for every action there is an opposite reaction. You would not have friction because the round would not touch the barrel. But the force of the round being push out the front, would be the same force pushing the ship back. Having the engine behind the gun would stop most if not all of that. I don't know it you have worked out where to put the maneuvering thrusters. But have you thought about putting 1 on top and one on bottom of the barrel to stop the vertical recoil. Also it might help with aiming. Thinking about A8
  3. SC Ship Concept

    Could be because of the slow rate of fire. Every time you fire the gun it turns you around so you can run away after every shot.
  4. SC Ship Concept

    It looks great.
  5. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    The Hawk and Warlock EMP come under weapons. Like you said. But I still think the Ravens EMP a size 1. I think it just think take a size 4 missile rack to hold a size 1 EMP. At most it a size 2, I don't see it being able to hold a EMP as big as the one in the Warlock. Problem is the stat page has so many things that wrong, you never know what right. We just have to hope they work it out over the next couple months and keep it up to date.
  6. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    Sorry I didn't see where it said the EMP on the raven was size 4. As far as I know it is no size 1, 2, 3 or 4 now for components, It is just small, medium, large and capital. It a component attached to a size 4 missile mount. Not that it a size 4 component. I think the Hawk EMP has the same effect as one of the EMP's on the Raven because they are both small EMP's just the Raven comes with two, and the Hawk comes with one. Sorry you are right they are like weapon sizes numbers. Thought they was more like components. But still do not say they are size 4 just that it has 2 of them. The Avenger warlock has a size 4 EMP but that takes up all the back room. So I still don't think the Ravens are size 4. As the Avenger EMP generator looks a lot bigger.
  7. Q&A: Aegis Hammerhead

    I think you are right. No point fighting a losing battle if you don't have to. The quality of the AI modules will 100% come down to cost. They will also never hit everything (I don't think cig will want that). I also think that CIG might make it so Chaff and Flares (or something else) will affect how good they are for a short times. Like with the missiles where they break the lock. Also think the range will not be amazing. Even if you can have all 6 turrets run by AI modules, I think we should have at least a couple gunners on the ship. To replace crew if they need to get off. Say the pilot needs to get off, the Co-pilot becomes the Pilot, and one of the gunners move up to Co-Pilot. Then the AI module takes over for the gunner. As long as a AI turret can be taken over by any player or NPC that sit in it, I don't see why this would not work. Having more people on the ship means you have more people to help repair the ship if needed. And if you do get boarded by Vanduul or pirates, you have more people to fight them off. Also if someone needs to get off because their kids need them it no problem.
  8. Q&A: Aegis Hammerhead

    I think this ship is even better for escorts mission now that you only need two gunners. That could free up a lot of people for other jobs.
  9. congrats on the new ship. If you ever need a gunner let me know.
  10. I got myself a Reclaimer, Hawk and unmelted my terrapin.
  11. Do you still have time to do it? sale ends today don't it.
  12. YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    I think they just move the other ships to RSI, MISC or AEGIS, or one of the others. They knew that the Drake Capital ship would win. They are giving the pirates a mobile base because they don't have the UEE land claim. I think Drake will get the salvage ship at some point. But I think the other might get moved. But that ship going to be as big as a Javelin if not bigger. I say it going to be $3000 when they sell it.
  13. Congrats LordSeb. Lets hope your a better doctor, than I am pilot.
  14. Not a ship I would pick. But if that game play interest you go for it. What type of fighter was you thinking of? Something fast or something tanky. Fast I go Mustang Delta or Gladius. If you want something that can take a lot of damage F7C Hornet. Wild card Hawk, I know it only has size 1 and 2 weapons. But I like that it has 6 of them, so if one get shot off it not the end of the world. I so like that it come with a EMP to start. They are all under £105. Have you thought about a 315p or freelancer DUR. 315p fast and has some good weapons. DUR has great range and some good weapons and missiles.
  15. So nothing on the Polaris . But the Orion is now 340 meters so not all bad.

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