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  1. Good luck and I wish you all the best.
  2. If you buy a Ballista you need to get Warbond to get the LTI. That means adding new money.
  3. I like the Starfarer G and have one. As for will it make you enough money to buy a 600i in 3 to 6 months in game, we have no idea at all. The game play is not in and we have no idea how easy or profitable it will be. But if I had to guess I would say it be easier to get a 600i using the Starfarer to make money, than it would getting a Starfarer using the profits of the 600i. As you are more interested in exploring I would say go 600i. As we have no idea how long it take to get that ship in game. This will mean you do not have to grind for that ship in game and lets you do the game play you want sooner. I have to ask, but is that the only ship you have?
  4. The first ship with size 7 missiles is a ground vehicle. Have they changed the way missile sizes work. I thought everything after size 4, so size 5 on was a torpedo. Is anyone thinking of getting one.
  5. Cant you do a mission or two to get some money.
  6. What ship are you using? Where are you going?
  7. I have not been playing a great amount and when I do I mostly just mess about. So I want to ask the people who have been min-maxing their loadout in game what do you think is the best loadouts. By that I mean what the best power plants, coolers, shield generators and quantum drives. Thought it might help me and other people that own one of the ships or thinking about buying one.
  8. And everybody's celebratin' Prepare yourself for the ultimate in opulence as the Origin Celebration takes off next week, featuring the new and improved 300 series, ship customization, and complimentary test-flights .
  9. That Prowler looking good, 20 people it can drop off not bad.
  10. I found this video and thought some people might like it.
  11. Good to hear they are working on the damage. Also what to see what they do with the harvestable items.
  12. Hope CIG do and I think they will, as Chris will want it running as good as he can get it on everything. From what I under stand a lot of game are optimized for both but one a little more than the other. But that could because a lot of reasons. They had more one type of card because X reason so just got optimized because more people at the company was using it. They had backing from one of the companies so spent just that little long working on that company cards or got a little more help from that company on the best ways of optimizing for their cards. Better driver support for that game. What engine the game is based off might help one card or the other a little. But in the real word it probably a little of everything. I do think everyone should be ok AMD or Nvidia, RTX or Vega. Unless the new cards come out next year and have a 100% jump in performance and CIG want to use all that again, then I think we all need to buy new card. But that not going to happen.
  13. I think CIG did say they are doing Vulkan. The Vega 64 is a good card, great for the money. But do not base everything off one game. As it might be closer in other games. As the 2080 ti had a 29 FPS drop in performance going from DX11 to Vulkan, I hold them number with a grain of salt. Might be Nvidia card are just that bad with Vulkan at this time. Or could be that game was made to run as good as it can on that hard wear used in AMD cards, affecting how it might run on other cards. Would like to see the 2k number and what number you get on DX12 if the game supports that. Also when No man sky Vulkan support comes out of beta you can see the FPS numbers in that. But Vulkan is meant to be good, more games that take it up. The more Nvidia will be forced to improve drivers for it. So I see that 20% gap with 2080 and Vega 64 being a lot less to about even. So still getting 2080 performance for a couple hundred cheaper not bad.
  14. Welcome to the Org Nerragal
  15. Hi welcome to the Org. 3.5 is a little buggy at this time but hope to see you in game soon.
  16. Thanks for doing the all that work to get that info.
  17. Celebrate with Aegis Dynamics April 4th, 2949 Esteemed Chairman's Club Allies, We are excited to announce that ticket sales for our upcoming Concierge event will go on sale Friday, April 12th. Due to the exclusive and intimate nature of the celebration, tickets will be available in extremely limited quantities, and as such will be offered in three waves, each suited to specific European time zones: Friday, April 12th: 8:00 UTC (10am CEST, 1am PT) 13:00 UTC (3pm CEST, 6am PT) 18:00 UTC (8pm CEST, 11am PT) We look forward to you joining us on Saturday, August 24th, in Frankfurt, Germany at celebrated brasserie Depot 1899. It promises to be an evening brimming with the finest provisions, compelling discourse, and exciting announcements. Desmond Kilson Outreach Associate "The future is closer than you think."
  18. I think they got the ship from the back end. As if you look at his list in ship manager the 325a is not in it. Also he cant get the state for the ship in ship manager.
  19. I have a 325a upgrade I can use if someone cant help, I can use that. Edit: the 325a is not in game.
  20. So they are asking for a $2.1 million bond for if Crytek losses they cant do a runner. Don't mean CIG will get it 100% even if they win. But means if CIG do win they can go after it and Crytek cant claim they don't have the money to pay after. Because we all know Crytek needs money that why they are doing it and them odds of them going in to receivership or going bankrupt is high. But I think it just as much about peeing them off. Crytek don't have large amounts of spare money. So might have to take a loan or other forms of investment that could cost them more and more over time. As this could drag on for months or even a year or two. That a lot of money for them to have tied up for a long time and a lot of interest payments if they do have them to make. If they have to get a loan for that money and they have it over 50 years at 1% interest rate, that $1,750 just in interest every month. If because of their crappy track record they have to pay 2% interest that $3,500 every month. meaning they are not going to want to drag it out for ever hoping CIG has enough and give up and give them money to go away. Because at the end of this Crytek might win. But even if they do win they still might not get anything. So they had 2.1 million held in that bind for months or years for nothing. If they loss they risk losing that money, and if they had to find investment to get that money face having to find a away to pay it back on top.
  21. I do think we have a lot of price changes after them CCU's go away.
  22. As of 1st of May, all $0 CCU will be removed from your account. Thought this might be helpful for some people to know. Zyloh-CIG@Zyloh-CIG $0 CCU Update pinned discussion Today at 15:56 Hi everyone, Way back in May of 2017, we mentioned that we planned on expiring all unused $0 CCUs from our system before Alpha 3.0 hit the live servers. Obviously, we’re far beyond the release of 3.0, which we feel has provided an ample amount of time for the community to utilize these CCUs. The original messaging is attached as an image for reference. We’re now ready to move forward and will be rolling this change out in two phases: One week from today, on April 3rd, we will be removing the ability to obtain any additional $0 CCUs. Then, on May 1st, we will be removing all unused $0 CCUs from our system. Ultimately, this is another step in our ongoing efforts to optimize all aspects of the Star Citizen experience. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/0-ccu-update-1/2016768 Zyloh-CIG@Zyloh-CIG Today at 18:23 It means that if you obtained $0 CCUs and they remain unused on your account, they will become expired/removed on May 1st.
  23. Celebrate with Aegis Dynamics March 22, 2949 Esteemed Chairman's Club Allies, Throughout our storied history, Aegis Dynamics has crafted countless vessels that went on to be piloted or commanded by you, the venerable members of the Chairman's Club. In martial ventures, as well as industrial and commercial endeavors, we have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship. We want to thank you for your unyielding brand loyalty with a VIP gala event to be held on Saturday, August 24th, 2949 in Frankfurt Germany, located on Earth, within the Sol system. Join us as we celebrate a legacy of fruitful cooperation with food, drinks, stimulating conversation, and a first look at an exciting new project from the masterly minds here at Aegis. Tickets to this ultra-exclusive event will be available on April 12th on a first-come-first-serve basis. Stay tuned to the usual channels for further details. We look forward to seeing you soon. Desmond Kilson Outreach Associate "The future is closer than you think."
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