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  1. Hi guys and girls. As we have no club for the Reclaimer I post this here. Disco just posted on the forums, that the Reclaimers snub ship the Cutter, is still a thing and is happening. Not being worked on and no times for when they start working on it. Just the are still doing it. So good knows for Reclaimer owners. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/about-the-runabout-of-the-reclaimer Edit: if you put it top, most voted. Disco post should be top.
  2. Here is a good video as well.
  3. RSLtaken

    What ships do people have

    I have a Orion and Prospector. But I don't mined being crew.
  4. Hi SpaceGod, or should I just call you God for short. As you love the idea of the Starlifter that a given to have in your fleet. Starfarer will be a great ship to make money early game. Or at least I think so, but as the game play not in who knows. As you have no out lay to get cargo. Other than the fuel and time to get where you can harvest gasses. The Andromeda is a great ship. But here the big one should you swop the Aquila for the Carrack. Are the willing to use NPC's when you cant get the people?. How much do you think you use it, what % of your play time exploring? Carrack will be a great ship, not for me and I think some people on spectrum have over hyped it. But it will be a great ship. But it might be more limited in what jump point it can use, because of size. So that might mean take the long route to get where you want to be. But it have everything you need to explore in one ship, a one stop shop. Aquila will also be a great ship as well for exploring and could use shorter routes (smaller jump points). But will not have some of the stuff the Carrack has. But will need a smaller crew and be a lot cheaper to run. Just thought of it so put it here. The Carrack will cost more in game, so buying it now will save you that grind later in game. I think if you are going to use the Carrack a lot or you just really like the ship and have the money to spare, go for it. Wait until the ship is in game then use the CCU. If you find out you don't like it. You can just melt and get the Aquila back.
  5. My new computer should be ready in a couple days, if you want we can try then.
  6. RSLtaken

    My simpit (not finished)

    Fatie89, that looks great. Now you just have to make me one.
  7. RSLtaken

    Crappy setup

    That a nice setup you have. I have always wanted a multi monitor setup.
  8. RSLtaken

    Hesitant ship-decision

    What game play you are interested in? I see you have a Orion and a Aurora MR. So you do have a starter ship, so something you can use day one of the game. I can also see you are interested in mining. Prospector and Freelancer MAX will be easier to get in game. In price and finding them for sale. They are good ships and will have you early game. BMM is a great ship should have long range and good amount of cargo. Also have a shop you can sell your items at in area you might not have many shop to sell to. So meaning you are the shop and you have no middle man taking a share of the profits. Prospector and Freelancer MAX are good solo ships. If you don't want to deal with having NPC crew or finding a real crew. BMM will be a great ship for longer runs. Will also save you grinding in game to get one, if you real want one. As for the start of the game, I don't mind lending you a medium ship until you have you the money to rent/buy one in game. I also think a lot of other people will do the same.
  9. RSLtaken

    Cheap Game Packages

    If you want a Game package with 72 month insurance now is the time to get it. They are limited in number but still a lot there at this time. Hornets, Aurora, Mustangs, Cutlass, Prospector, Connie and others. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16859-Game-Packs
  10. RSLtaken

    This is how you fly.

    You just want to kick him out a ship 1000 times and watch him fall. I think we should kick the two of you out and we can have people race to see who can do it faster. Or if someone can save the both of you.
  11. Got the new Xi-an ship, Arrow and 325A (ready for the rework).
  12. November 24th, 2018 This month, our friends at Aegis Dynamics have asked us to pass along another message to Idris-P owners and those amongst our ranks who consider themselves enthusiasts: A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM AEGIS DYNAMICS The Idris-P's legacy of excellence as an ardent peacekeeper speaks for itself. But sometimes, keeping the peace is not enough. Aftermarket kits, initially produced for UEE government agencies seeking an improved patrol/protection plan, will be offered to all Idris-P owners. On Aegis Dynamics' featured day at the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (26th November), all Idris-P owners will be badged and given the opportunity to upgrade at any time, into perpetuity. However, a limited amount of Credit SKUs will be rolled out and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis: Wave 1 at 16:00 UTC, Wave 2 at 22:00 UTC, and Wave 3 at 04:00 UTC. For your convenience, we have provided a Q&A regarding the upgrade kits below. Also, look for further details during this year’s Anniversary Special. We thank you for your loyalty to the Aegis brand and hope you enjoy testing all 26 of our flyable ships, wherever in the 'verse your journey may take you. Desmond Kilson Outreach Associate Idris-P Aftermarket Kit Q&A What is the purpose of this Aftermarket Upgrade Kit?This kit is designed to adjust the role of the Idris-P by providing equipment tailored to dealing with the swarm threat of carrier-type ships. By increasing the Idris-P’s anti-fighter capability, and adding a size 10 weapon, it allows the ship to be more aggressive offensively. What does the Aftermarket Kit change about my Idris-P?The equipment in this kit provides three changes: First, all four standard remote turrets can be replaced with the included Automated Behring M2C Point Defense Systems (2x S4 Hardpoints each). Next, a single Missile Turret equipped with two A&R Harrow Anti-Ship Missile Launchers (8x Size 3 Missiles), can be mounted in lieu of a standard Behring M3C ASA Turret. Finally, the kit provides a Size 10 Hurston Dynamics Exodus Laser Beam. Why beam weapons now?Beam weapons were originally off the table, but during development, we have been R&Ding different ways to approach them that avoid the traditional gameplay concerns with ‘hitscan’ weapons. We envision beam weapons the same way as analogue guns are to the Gatling guns in the ballistic weapons family: an incredibly high fire rate but generally low damage per ‘shot’, compared to, say, Laser Cannons that deliver a volley of fire rather than a stream. Of course, ‘low’ damage is a relative term when talking about the S10 Exodus. How will beam weapons compare to energy or ballistic ones?Beam weapons provide a much quicker projectile, therefore require less maneuvering to keep them trained on a moving target at range - a key benefit when firing from a relatively slow platform like an Idris. Another benefit, like all energy weapons, is the lack of physical ammunition requirements. A useful feature when mission endurance is required. Does the Kit make my Idris-P more powerful than an Idris-M?No, the Idris-M is still the best option for destroying big ships; out of the box, the railgun is much more powerful when the shot lands and its power requirements play better with the ship’s other systems. The M also has stronger armor and higher performance default components. Will I be able to have shields at 100% while firing the Exodus?The Exodus will require a significant amount of power to fire and it’s unlikely that all ship systems will be able to run at 100% whilst doing so (particularly when fire is sustained). Will the upgrade influence cargo capacity?No. The equipment involved in these upgrades does not impinge on the Idris-P’s cargo spaces .
  13. Congrats on the new ship.
  14. RSLtaken

    My New/Old build (Completed in August)

    That a nice computer you have there.
  15. RSLtaken

    Star Citizen has reached $200M in funding

    After the game go live they might. But I don't think they will. Looks a lot better having 2.1 million accounts, than having what 1.5 million, 1 million or even 800 thousand backers. They want to show off how big and how many people like the game. I can see them wanting them numbers, accounts and money made to look as big as they can.
  16. This is interesting. So smaller ships are faster out of quantum, bigger ships are faster in quantum. So this could make ships like the Kraken and Idris help full in moving small ships faster long distances. Not just saving with less fuel stops, it just faster.
  17. RSLtaken

    Herston Map

    Thanks for the info.
  18. RSLtaken

    Almost finish

    That a nice build.
  19. RSLtaken

    New Build

    Thanks for the info.
  20. RSLtaken

    New Build

    Hi all. I am not that good with this stuff, so thought I ask for help from people that know more about this stuff. So I have some questions and thought I ask to get the opinion off people who know what they are talking about. Is the price to performance justify the price of the 2080ti over the 2080? (or should I just get a 1080ti) It will be water cooled with a EK block. Do you think Star Citizen will be optimized for more cores and be able to use them more affective. I know you will always have one core that have a higher usage. But want to know or have they talked about having it spread over all cores. As some games are limited on how many cores they use and are not that good at spreading the load on the ones they do use. Basically what you think about getting a Threadripper 2950x (or 2920x)? Or should I just go for a 8 core CPU like a 2700x or 9900k? I heard the i9 9900k is running over what Intel say it should stock with most motherboards out of the box. So basically OC out the box. Giving higher temps because of the higher voltage. Have anyone got a 9900k and seen that? (not a big problem as long as you have good cooling) Was think case LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic, Motherboard (that depends on what CPU I get), RAM Corsair Vengeance pro 3200 MHz, GPU (depends at this time), PSU Corsair RM850x, M.2 Samsung 970 EVO, with a extra SSD for all the stuff I don't want on the M.2 and give me a little extra room (Samsung 860 EVO). Thanks for any info or tips you can give me. Like I said I don't know much about this stuff, I just use them. Sorry to so long.
  21. RSLtaken

    New Build

    Sorry forgot to put the resolution 2560-1440. It is 144hz but it G-sync, so as long as it can stay above 60 FPS I am happy. CL? I don't know what that is.
  22. RSLtaken

    New Build

    Thanks for the info. Wish I could wait but my computer died the other week. So more of a replacement and if I can fix the old one I have that as a back up/second computer.
  23. This could be helpful info for people who are using ships with large shields.