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  1. Hi welcome to the Org. 3.5 is a little buggy at this time but hope to see you in game soon.
  2. Thanks for doing the all that work to get that info.
  3. Celebrate with Aegis Dynamics April 4th, 2949 Esteemed Chairman's Club Allies, We are excited to announce that ticket sales for our upcoming Concierge event will go on sale Friday, April 12th. Due to the exclusive and intimate nature of the celebration, tickets will be available in extremely limited quantities, and as such will be offered in three waves, each suited to specific European time zones: Friday, April 12th: 8:00 UTC (10am CEST, 1am PT) 13:00 UTC (3pm CEST, 6am PT) 18:00 UTC (8pm CEST, 11am PT) We look forward to you joining us on Saturday, August 24th, in Frankfurt, Germany at celebrated brasserie Depot 1899. It promises to be an evening brimming with the finest provisions, compelling discourse, and exciting announcements. Desmond Kilson Outreach Associate "The future is closer than you think."
  4. I think they got the ship from the back end. As if you look at his list in ship manager the 325a is not in it. Also he cant get the state for the ship in ship manager.
  5. I have a 325a upgrade I can use if someone cant help, I can use that. Edit: the 325a is not in game.
  6. So they are asking for a $2.1 million bond for if Crytek losses they cant do a runner. Don't mean CIG will get it 100% even if they win. But means if CIG do win they can go after it and Crytek cant claim they don't have the money to pay after. Because we all know Crytek needs money that why they are doing it and them odds of them going in to receivership or going bankrupt is high. But I think it just as much about peeing them off. Crytek don't have large amounts of spare money. So might have to take a loan or other forms of investment that could cost them more and more over time. As this could drag on for months or even a year or two. That a lot of money for them to have tied up for a long time and a lot of interest payments if they do have them to make. If they have to get a loan for that money and they have it over 50 years at 1% interest rate, that $1,750 just in interest every month. If because of their crappy track record they have to pay 2% interest that $3,500 every month. meaning they are not going to want to drag it out for ever hoping CIG has enough and give up and give them money to go away. Because at the end of this Crytek might win. But even if they do win they still might not get anything. So they had 2.1 million held in that bind for months or years for nothing. If they loss they risk losing that money, and if they had to find investment to get that money face having to find a away to pay it back on top.
  7. I do think we have a lot of price changes after them CCU's go away.
  8. As of 1st of May, all $0 CCU will be removed from your account. Thought this might be helpful for some people to know. Zyloh-CIG@Zyloh-CIG $0 CCU Update pinned discussion Today at 15:56 Hi everyone, Way back in May of 2017, we mentioned that we planned on expiring all unused $0 CCUs from our system before Alpha 3.0 hit the live servers. Obviously, we’re far beyond the release of 3.0, which we feel has provided an ample amount of time for the community to utilize these CCUs. The original messaging is attached as an image for reference. We’re now ready to move forward and will be rolling this change out in two phases: One week from today, on April 3rd, we will be removing the ability to obtain any additional $0 CCUs. Then, on May 1st, we will be removing all unused $0 CCUs from our system. Ultimately, this is another step in our ongoing efforts to optimize all aspects of the Star Citizen experience. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/1/thread/0-ccu-update-1/2016768 Zyloh-CIG@Zyloh-CIG Today at 18:23 It means that if you obtained $0 CCUs and they remain unused on your account, they will become expired/removed on May 1st.
  9. Celebrate with Aegis Dynamics March 22, 2949 Esteemed Chairman's Club Allies, Throughout our storied history, Aegis Dynamics has crafted countless vessels that went on to be piloted or commanded by you, the venerable members of the Chairman's Club. In martial ventures, as well as industrial and commercial endeavors, we have enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship. We want to thank you for your unyielding brand loyalty with a VIP gala event to be held on Saturday, August 24th, 2949 in Frankfurt Germany, located on Earth, within the Sol system. Join us as we celebrate a legacy of fruitful cooperation with food, drinks, stimulating conversation, and a first look at an exciting new project from the masterly minds here at Aegis. Tickets to this ultra-exclusive event will be available on April 12th on a first-come-first-serve basis. Stay tuned to the usual channels for further details. We look forward to seeing you soon. Desmond Kilson Outreach Associate "The future is closer than you think."
  10. Good luck with that. When are you hoping it get it finished?
  11. It up to you. If you have the money, do you plan on melting the other ship to help pay for the new ship. Do you want LTI, do that matter to you. Upgrading, you keep everything in the base package you are just changing the ship. So that all flair and insurance. If you melt it down the road you get all the money, but you can only buy back the base ship. So no good if you ever think you might melt it later and us that money to try a different ship. As you cant get it back, you have to wait until it on sale again. If you buy a new ship, well it a new ship. Warbond is new money only. So if you are planning on melting the ship and putting it to the new ship, you will have it without LTI (if that matters to you). You can always buy back the ship if melted down the road and you change your mind. But it more down to where you are and what you are trying to do. It is no right answer, it more down to you and what you want out of it.
  12. I might get one I waiting for the Q&A on it.
  13. So it a SH with new weapon load out and skin. Saying that I did get it because I like that weapon loadout and nice to have it with LTI later in game. So I don't have to mess about buying the weapon and mounts in game later.
  14. Concierge can see. As my sub run out last month and I can see it. Edit: also they just sent out a chairman club email about it.
  15. Depends what Idris and what ships you have with them. But carrier should not be in the fight. The should be sitting back and refuel, rearming and then sending ships back out. Yes the Kraken got some bite with them 2 size 8 weapon and the other size 6 and 5 turrets. At beast you don't want to put that in a fight with a Idris. Idris P I think it be a fair fight, Idris has better armor and shield, but less fire power. Idris K only if it can close the distance to the point where they can use that size 10 weapon or take that main weapon out with is smaller ships. Idris M with it better armor and weapons on top of that, Run and then keep running. Again a guess and we see in game. Yes the Javelin would kill the Kraken easy and it kill a Idris easy to. That thing will be hard to take down at the start of the game. I think it be less trying to kill it and more trying to cripple it ability to fight to the point where they pull it back to get repairs. The size 12 torpedoes on that thing will make the Polaris size 10's look small. Then them size 8 and 6 turrets all over the ship. You don't want to part your weak armored Kraken next to that.
  16. We do have Krakens. Yes it not the best carrier out there but it the best we can get at this time. Yes it is only 6 small ship and 2 medium ship it can hold at a time. Not bad compared to all other ships players can buy at this time. I think FoggyEagle is right. If you use it with other Org's jointly then running and crew needed would be much less. This org has what 1,300 members at this time. Yes that will grow before the game go live and I am hoping by a lot. Even if we grow to 3,000 member Org how many will be on at the same time giving time zones. How often would we need a Bengal Carrier? If the crew cost of the ships on the Bengal is not added to that 1,000 man crew, then you are talking you could need 1,300 people to man and fly it and all the ships on it affectively. Most capital ships can hold at least 1 fighter. As fighting any large force will probably be helped by having capital ship or close to capital ships (hammerhead) small fighters will play a large role but not something like new Star Wars, where they can cripple capital ships with ease. So with Starfarer that I think CIG said a bit of time ago could refill was it 20 fighters, Then the Kraken that can hold 8 ships at the same time, then other capital ship holding 1 to 3 ships. You could have a sizeable force of fighter with our fleet. Even more so if you swop then in and out when at half fuel. Yes it means your movement if slowed a little on longer trips. I think the Pegasus would be the sweet spot for us as a Org if we don't want help for other Org's. Bengal I think will be to costly and need to much to run. Not after we got it repaired and working, that probably will not be easy if we cant take it to safe space. But I am just guessing at this time, as we are only got odd little things they have said years ago, to go on. So I might be wrong and we might be able to handle it. If we can or we cant, I bet we need a lot of UEC to repair and run that monster. It would be good to see the enemy turn and run when that thing jumps in and one or two shots a Javelin with that main gun.
  17. Hopefully we will get one. But I think we be better off selling it to a ORG we are friendly with, than spending million or billions of UEC and weeks of time fixing it up and guarding it 24/7. Like you said thousand crew and I think that was not counting the crew needed for the ship it holds. I did hear somewhere the UEE would claim it if they find you with it. You can hand it over (might get a finders fee, but just a guess) or they take it. That why I say sell to a friendly Org. Unless we get good reputation with the UEE military opening up option and mission for them. High paid mission for the UEE. I think the Panther you are talking about is the Pegasus now. Escort carrier next thing down from the Bengal in the UEE fleet, that we know about at this time.
  18. What hotas do you have and have you thought about getting two sticks. I know a lot of people have two T1600M's. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/computer-accessories/game-controllers-and-joysticks/thrustmaster-t16000m-fcs-space-sim-duo-joysticks-black-10177686-pdt.html
  19. I would say get the ships you want to use the most. If you want and have ships that overlap with the needs of the Org and you are nice enough to let them use them or use them yourself, Then that be great. But don't have to buy ships because you think they help the Org. As for combat. I think the 325a will be not bad as a combat ship. Not so much taking a SH or Sabre head on one on one. But fighting as part of the group I think it be good. Even if it not I can always lend you a fighter or you could help crewing one of the capital ships if you want. We will always want crew.
  20. I never played Eve. But from what I hear and have seen in videos. I say it want be as bad as Eve, but it will have a lot of conflict and will have a lot of politics. But the limited factor will be the NPC's. UEE would wipe out full Org's and it would not even be much of a fight. Even Large player orgs will be out numbered and outgunned by NPC pirate groups running areas and NPC companies. Unlike Eve we are not the big dogs running 100's of start systems. What we will have is groups like PACT, where Org's group together for defence and offensive options. Also for trade and financial gains. Letting us make more money faster and get stronger ready for when we need to defend our interests. Because at some point we will need to and I think it will not be that long in to the game. Where Orgs or groups of Orgs will try and see who they can push about, and get to do what they want. I think we should stop them even trying as soon as we can. If that a show of force or a full on attack on them. So I don't think we be fighting for control of start systems. I think we be more fighting for areas in start systems. But that more down to size and time to travel. But I see Orgs and groups of Orgs with 10's of thousands of members fighting over stuff. With probably 10's of thousands of hired NPC helping in the fighting. Spread over multiple systems attack resupply point, convoys and any group of ships that moves to far away from the main force.
  21. 1440p I would say any would be good. But as you are going 4K if you want the FPS I think you have to go for the best you can get.
  22. Think we have to stick to a freelancer
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