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  1. In terms of story, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, hands down. In terms of just being a game (game play) definitely Fallout 4 (I can't put the goddamn thing down lol). As for MMOs, League of Legends and Warframe. Biggest disappointment of the year? Star Wars: Battlefront. Most anticipated 2016 releases? Persona 5, Fire Emblem: Fates, Black Desert Online, Star Citizen: Squadron 42, Ark Survival Evolved, and Final Fantasy XV (in that order). Game I wish I played the most? Final Fantasy: Type 0. Lol I review video games for my college paper, so I put a lot of thought into this stuff.
  2. Our server info should be in this thread (idk if its current).
  3. Hey guys, I noticed that Ark Survival Evolved is pretty popular here at TA, so I've been keeping an eye on it. Its 40% off (from $30 to $18) on Steam right now until January 4th. Maybe if you're interested pick this one up, it looks pretty fun (multiplayer survival with dinosaurs).
  4. I haven't heard of any plans for TA with regards to this either, but I would chalk that up to details about territory control being virtually nonexistent at the moment. I think its safe to say that TA will want territory/bases to call its own, be it mining fields, planets, space stations, buildings, gigantic persistent space-carriers, etc. but until we know the cost/benefits of acquiring and maintaining such territories, its difficult to plan.
  5. I can handle the gender locking, although I'm not a fan either. For most mmorpg's I see my first character as my avatar (and as such it is male). Later on, I'll make a female character (I figure if I'm going to grind through a game a second time, I may as well have something nice to look at lol). I don't see why they wouldn't offer the option to change gender though, its simple stuff... I haven't played around with the character customizer much, but it seems pretty detailed; maybe there's a way to age the tamer a bit?
  6. I've been keeping my eye on this one for a couple of years, and it looks like its finally coming stateside. A short summary for anyone who's unaware, its an mmorpg with the combat of Tera Online, the in-game systems/occupations of Archage, and graphics comparable to the Witcher 3. It looks like the localization is the real-deal to, with in-game systems being re-balanced for Western gamers, and an English voice-over being developed. First, I'll post a link to founder's packs: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/preorder/ This guy has a pretty good youtube channels for guides telling you about the world, in-game systems, and classes. If this game at all interests you, and you want more info, maybe take a look. https://www.youtube.com/user/Domeran/videos My personal recommendation is that, if you're at all interested in Fantasy MMORPGs (such as Final Fantasy XIV Online, Tera, Archage, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Elder Scrolls Online) then give this one a look (it has some of the best action combat/graphics I've ever seen in an MMORPG). Purchasing a founders pack isn't at all necessary, as there will be a wipe after each closed beta. That said, with the most expensive option being $100, they're actually fairly cheap compared to what similar games have offered, and seem to come with some decent perks. I personally bought one, as I think this game will become one of my main MMO's (along with League of Legends, Warframe, and, once it releases, Star Citizen). EDIT: Oh yeah, let me throw this here as well... Some youtuber (you may have heard of him, a guy by the name of Tactical Advance, sounds familiar somehow) actually made a video about this one September of last year (during the Korean closed beta). Maybe take a look at this one as well.
  7. Bengal Fights be like... Spoilers, and if you haven't seen the series (its fkin amazing) don't watch this.
  8. I almost bought a Cyberpower PC about 5 months ago, decided to go with IBuyPower though. I remember that the Borealight was my favorite of the cases offered by Cyberpower, the thing is freaking beautiful. This is the case I ended up with from IBuyPower, its a Thermaltake Urban T81
  9. I didn't see the livestream, but I heard from BoredGamer's summary of Reverse the Verse that supposedly the Constellation would have superior firepower in the case of a single pilot (due to its forward firing arc/more of its weapons being available to the pilot) but if fully crewed, the Retaliator would have the edge. They said that in ballance, they wanted in a fight between 3 hornets and a constellation, for the 3 hornets to be heavily damaged, and the constellation dead. With the Retaliator, 1 hornet would be dead, and 2 heavily damaged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-iX0lK80Pw He goes into this around 5:50 Going beyond this I expect the Retaliator to be better for combat mainly because that's its focus (at this point, I'm getting into theory). Whereas the Constellation will getting all sorts of modules (as a general-purpose ship) I'm figuring that the Retaliator's will be much-more combat focused, providing more combat utility ( modules like the already existing torpedo bays and the dropship module, with room for 12 soldiers, 2 heavy weapons, an armory, and a titan armor charging station). Also, those gigantic torpedos seem built specifically to take down large multicrew ships like the connies (although I suppose the Phoenix's point defense system might prove a counter). If the Retaliator wasn't carrying those giant missiles though, I could see the Constellations having an edge.
  10. Saw this online, got a kick out of it, figured I'd post it here (I'm not in the PTU yet, probably won't be for ages, so this was interesting to see). I realize that stats are subject to balancing and all that, still found this interesting. From the descriptions, I personally feel like the Retaliator will end up being considerably superior to Constellations in most combat settings, especially with its combat-focused modularity (such as the drop-ship module). Anyone agree, or disagree, maybe just have thoughts?
  11. Wow, that looks really good I was considering getting a Freelancer Mis a while ago, this may have just sealed the deal...
  13. I just bought into Star Citizen with this sale. All together, I've purchased an avenger titan (with LTI) and ccu'd that to an avenger stalker (so I can use it). I then purchased one of the discounted aurora starting packages, and an Archimedes for the LTI. I also purchased 2 ccu's to hold onto for the future, one from the constellation taurus to the super hornet, and one from the superhornet to the Saber (which I can't wait to fly). I also purchased about 100 of the free ccu's so I can try out a bunch of ships later. I was going to try to limit myself to spending no more than $75 on Star Citizen per month, clearly this month I've failed T_T
  14. The second video is no longer available, can you recommend another? I've been disabling my safeties for combat for the extra performance, and I'd like to hear what someone more experienced has to say on the subject.
  15. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/Packages/Star-Citizen-Starter Just over 2k are left, buy them quick if you want them, they won't last long. Also, so many people are trying to buy them that the store is a little buggy now. Buy 1, check out, place the order, and you should get some kind of error. If that happens, go to billing and subscriptions and pay from there (unless you already confirmed your credit card via Stripe, if you did you could end up paying for it twice). Be careful not to place duplicate orders, if you do, cancel them from billing and subscriptions.
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