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  1. Silas

    Alpha 3.1 - Aegis Reclaimer

    I'm so overwhelming ecstatic The Reclaimer is in Alpha to be tested and to test other things with its presence. <<<<<>>>>>
  2. I own a Reclaimer, would it be a wise choice to also get the Vulcan seeing that most likely will use the Reclaimers resources (the grounded up bits and bobs) for repair purposes or is it redundant and a terrible waste...seeing as I would have to melt the Cutty Red & Herald to scrap the funds together??
  3. Silas


    I really like the capabilities and play style the Sentinel has. However, At this moment, I think I will earn / buy it in game tho
  4. Got the Reliant Sen for my touring ship 😉
  5. STANDALONE SHIP - ANVIL HAWK LT CUTLASS RED Drake Interplanetary (DRAK) ALSO CONTAINS Lifetime Insurance ANVIL Hawk Model ANVIL Hawk poster got the RED LTI now, many thanks all!
  6. Concerning the Cutlass Red w/ 60 month ins.... should I melt, get the hawk LTI then upgrade back to the RED? Also, hope they make the Cutlass Red into spawn points, anytime you die, and you use someones red, the owner gets money.
  7. Wallet screams a bit during Anniversary sale, So far my Fleet consists of: Cutlass Red w/ 60 month ins, (may decide to get LTI on it ) Reliant Sen 6 Month Ins (game package) Herald (LTI) Reclaimer (LTI) Trying to position all my ships with the goal of making money while trying at the same to also keep the Org 's possible needs in mind. Edit: this is my 69 post
  8. Silas

    YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    yea, and the poor Redeemer fans...
  9. Silas

    YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    Under Drake forums / We lost the Falcon: Phenomenal post here Concerning the Corsair said it best in my own humble opinion. (small part of me thinks that this might not work out due to it being --One ship that can do it all--) Jonathan Vane "What I Imagined was three automated turrets. Either controlled from a gunners station or that can be computer controlled (server blade). Low profile gun mounts. twin S4 turret mounted slightly forward of midship on top. Two twin S3 turrets mounted in serial behind it, but the rear two turrets each mounted on a rail that runs from one side of the ship over the top to the other side of the ship. Like the moving turret on the back of the Javelin. Turrets can move to affect fire. Each of the back two slightly off center to provide intense forward or rear fire. Can be slung to the sides for side and and shooting below. Another pair of fixed S3s mounted in the cheeks of the ship. One torpedo tube Size 6. holding 4/5 torpedos in a stacked magazine.. fire one.. the next drops in. No missiles. Oversized engines... able to out run a 600i Shielded cargo Optional rover - 4 man / turret / 2 SCU cargo. Fast. cross between a cyclone and an Ursa. Scanning equipment for exploration... maybe not as good as the Aquila equipment... but its better in certain ways.. than others (long range detection to aid in smuggling / danger avoidance) Extended range tanks No sub fighter Initially developed to explore dangerous space , tough cargo runs, and do Search and Rescue in hostile situations. but makes for a nice.... blockade runner/smuggler/ hunter-killer / dangerous space expedition A juiced Mill Falcon. You know she's gotta be fast to do the kessel run in under 12 parsecs "
  10. Silas

    YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    Business model. Create a poll to gauge interest on three spitball ideas. Generate conversations / Interest. Make all three.
  11. Also, the toilet in the Cutlass is in the back section near the right side-doors, seat-belt not included. In my humble opinion, I feel this is wrong, the "head" / lavatory should be in the habitat area of the tank. I'm a timid tinkler and can't imagine for the life of me performing the sacred act of spending a penny in front of or in the same area as my Bounties ...that's just weird.
  12. Silas

    Cutlass Blue

    Thanks RSLtaken
  13. This Nov Anniversary sale, if the Cutlass Blue is on/for sale, should I get pick it up ...With the current state the Cutlass is in? Or for around the same amount, get the Taurus and install prison cells in the cargo bay if that's possible and still have room for other cargo than humans on the same trip?
  14. Silas

    MPUV Cargo

    Maybe, just maybe the Taurus rework will be wider for it Leave the ship in orbit and jet down in a burnt orange pickup truck for frozen concentrated orange juice that I've been jonesing for.