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  1. TeamSpeak is down.. well at least for me for a few weeks, this is what I get when I try: <22:41:32> Trying to resolve hostname tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com <22:41:33> Failed to resolve hostname 'tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope"
  2. if thats true, thats so awesome! Upgrade out of the Herald just to get it back annnd get a Freelancer?! current build / Fleet is: Sen (w/ package) RED Mercury (MSR) Reclaimer
  3. I upgraded my Harold with LTI to the Mercury. Will that give the mercury LTI? Did I make a huge mistake!?
  4. Ship Upgrades - Herald to Mercury Star Runner Upgrade <shrug> maybe premature ship slide, with the info that I have however, the MSR feels its going to be a great daily driver for me.
  5. I'm so overwhelming ecstatic The Reclaimer is in Alpha to be tested and to test other things with its presence. <<<<<>>>>>
  6. I own a Reclaimer, would it be a wise choice to also get the Vulcan seeing that most likely will use the Reclaimers resources (the grounded up bits and bobs) for repair purposes or is it redundant and a terrible waste...seeing as I would have to melt the Cutty Red & Herald to scrap the funds together??
  7. I really like the capabilities and play style the Sentinel has. However, At this moment, I think I will earn / buy it in game tho
  8. STANDALONE SHIP - ANVIL HAWK LT CUTLASS RED Drake Interplanetary (DRAK) ALSO CONTAINS Lifetime Insurance ANVIL Hawk Model ANVIL Hawk poster got the RED LTI now, many thanks all!
  9. Concerning the Cutlass Red w/ 60 month ins.... should I melt, get the hawk LTI then upgrade back to the RED? Also, hope they make the Cutlass Red into spawn points, anytime you die, and you use someones red, the owner gets money.
  10. Wallet screams a bit during Anniversary sale, So far my Fleet consists of: Cutlass Red w/ 60 month ins, (may decide to get LTI on it ) Reliant Sen 6 Month Ins (game package) Herald (LTI) Reclaimer (LTI) Trying to position all my ships with the goal of making money while trying at the same to also keep the Org 's possible needs in mind. Edit: this is my 69 post
  11. yea, and the poor Redeemer fans...
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