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  1. TeamSpeak is down.. well at least for me for a few weeks, this is what I get when I try: <22:41:32> Trying to resolve hostname tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com <22:41:33> Failed to resolve hostname 'tacticaladvance.dyndns-ip.com "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope"
  2. if thats true, thats so awesome! Upgrade out of the Herald just to get it back annnd get a Freelancer?! current build / Fleet is: Sen (w/ package) RED Mercury (MSR) Reclaimer
  3. I upgraded my Harold with LTI to the Mercury. Will that give the mercury LTI? Did I make a huge mistake!?
  4. Ship Upgrades - Herald to Mercury Star Runner Upgrade <shrug> maybe premature ship slide, with the info that I have however, the MSR feels its going to be a great daily driver for me.
  5. I'm so overwhelming ecstatic The Reclaimer is in Alpha to be tested and to test other things with its presence. <<<<<>>>>>
  6. I own a Reclaimer, would it be a wise choice to also get the Vulcan seeing that most likely will use the Reclaimers resources (the grounded up bits and bobs) for repair purposes or is it redundant and a terrible waste...seeing as I would have to melt the Cutty Red & Herald to scrap the funds together??
  7. I really like the capabilities and play style the Sentinel has. However, At this moment, I think I will earn / buy it in game tho
  8. STANDALONE SHIP - ANVIL HAWK LT CUTLASS RED Drake Interplanetary (DRAK) ALSO CONTAINS Lifetime Insurance ANVIL Hawk Model ANVIL Hawk poster got the RED LTI now, many thanks all!
  9. Concerning the Cutlass Red w/ 60 month ins.... should I melt, get the hawk LTI then upgrade back to the RED? Also, hope they make the Cutlass Red into spawn points, anytime you die, and you use someones red, the owner gets money.
  10. Wallet screams a bit during Anniversary sale, So far my Fleet consists of: Cutlass Red w/ 60 month ins, (may decide to get LTI on it ) Reliant Sen 6 Month Ins (game package) Herald (LTI) Reclaimer (LTI) Trying to position all my ships with the goal of making money while trying at the same to also keep the Org 's possible needs in mind. Edit: this is my 69 post
  11. yea, and the poor Redeemer fans...
  12. Under Drake forums / We lost the Falcon: Phenomenal post here Concerning the Corsair said it best in my own humble opinion. (small part of me thinks that this might not work out due to it being --One ship that can do it all--) Jonathan Vane "What I Imagined was three automated turrets. Either controlled from a gunners station or that can be computer controlled (server blade). Low profile gun mounts. twin S4 turret mounted slightly forward of midship on top. Two twin S3 turrets mounted in serial behind it, but the rear two turrets each mounted on a rail that ru
  13. Business model. Create a poll to gauge interest on three spitball ideas. Generate conversations / Interest. Make all three.
  14. Also, the toilet in the Cutlass is in the back section near the right side-doors, seat-belt not included. In my humble opinion, I feel this is wrong, the "head" / lavatory should be in the habitat area of the tank. I'm a timid tinkler and can't imagine for the life of me performing the sacred act of spending a penny in front of or in the same area as my Bounties ...that's just weird.
  15. This Nov Anniversary sale, if the Cutlass Blue is on/for sale, should I get pick it up ...With the current state the Cutlass is in? Or for around the same amount, get the Taurus and install prison cells in the cargo bay if that's possible and still have room for other cargo than humans on the same trip?
  16. Maybe, just maybe the Taurus rework will be wider for it Leave the ship in orbit and jet down in a burnt orange pickup truck for frozen concentrated orange juice that I've been jonesing for.
  17. Question: Can a MPUV Cargo ship fit inside a Connie Taurus?
  18. Hi all! Question here regarding the Redeemer gun-ship/drop-ship. On the drop-ship side of things as it stand right now, wouldn't the Retaliator with the many more drop seats mod be more advantages = more troops thereby making the Redeemer obsolete in the dropin' Marines (Semper Fi Do or Die) - regard? - Long distance fighter that can drop just Six troops? No UEE tactician would ever sanction the mission/ give the green light for the Redeemer. Side note: I am hoping for a cargo mod tho, so I can store all the extra ammo!
  19. I know Concept and all.... But, I don't see under AE [Additional Equipment] a slot for some sort of Leaper Jump Engine. Perhaps it will be an after market add on -not part of the LTI- and will be some minor inconvenience to buy and equip or wait until that part comes in stock in order to leave that system. Or, wont have one at all (system locked) and will have to be ferried over in concert to set up a mining Settlement / Colony ...LV-426 anyone?
  20. Gauging from what we see here from that link 1st pic with 2 dudes underneath it.... looks like a decent size ship ~ bigger than a freelancer! ...Is that a docking ring on the bottom or some sort scanner / Direct-tv Dish? Do you all think this ship is gonna be pretty easy for a green-horn miner to acquire in the verse that you could earn this ship in 2-4 days maybe a week of play?
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