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  1. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic Follow the White Rabbid!   

    Thanks man  I must say, I'm really thankfull for such a warm welcome from you and everyone else here who wrote me  it's really great to be here and talk to you on TS  can't wait to enjoy the verse even more people  
  2. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic Questionable org activities   

    Well I expect that I will be ambushed by people like this a lot of times  but I'm not affraid, you just have to count with many more things like that and prepare for it  For example I will be preparing my routes carefully, taking every possible places of ambush into my mind. Then I will ask anyone from our organization to scout the places and someone from military division to cover me if needed  Im pretty sure that we do not need to be affraid of players like that with such a good people like we have here
  3. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic PTU is now LIVE!!!   

    If you need someone to help you on your ship, just let me know!
  4. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic 10 for the Chairman episode 71   

    When I heard about those alien planets I just couldn't stop smiling that's a reason why you have to be an explorer
  5. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic PTU Account with Constellation andromeda   

    Dont you want to create a video about Aurora LX? I know that you have made videos about Auroras in the past but what to say  would love to know your oponion on it
  6. WhiteRabbid added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    For Aurora owners
    Hi guys I hope that I'm posting this into the right section. The problem is a bug which appears in Aurora after sitting in the cockpit. Can you look on this report and reproduce it if everything is ok and you have the same problem?  I would really appreciate that, btw I have added video to the report

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  7. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic So....what ship do you have?   

    Thanks man  I was already told that by the guys on Teamspeak and it's really great  but I will buy for sure atleast freelancer so I could help more people with it  Aurora will be good for exploration but nothing more  btw I will be pretty glad to help someone and coop on their ships
  8. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic My PC for game reviews :)   

    Thanks for the info  I'm already smarter than before
    Well that sucks man :/
  9. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic My PC for game reviews :)   

    What's wrong with WD Green?  I thought they are practically the same? 
  10. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic Follow the White Rabbid!   

    Once again thanks for the warm welcome people
  11. WhiteRabbid added a topic in Show Your PC build   

    My PC for game reviews :)
    It's not the best one but hell it's mine  Worked hard to buy it
    Case: NZXT Source 340PSU: Seasonic S12II-620Motherboard: Gigabyte H97M-D3HCPU: Intel Core i5-4690RAM: Kingston 16GB KIT DDR3 1866Mhz HyperX Fury Black SeriesGraphics card: Gigabyte GTX980 Windforce 3X Gaming OC 4GBSound card: integrated Gigabyte HD 7.1-Channel Realtek ALC892Hard Drive(s): WD Blue 1000GB 64MB cache and SSD Kingston HyperX Fury Black 120GBOptical Drive(s): none 
    Monitor: LED BenQ GW2265MSpeakers: A4tech Bloody G501 7.1 HeadsetKeyboard: A4tech Bloody B120Mouse: A4tech Bloody Sniper ZL5 
    Operating System: Windows 10 (64bit)
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  12. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic Few questions ...   

    Well there are some presets for few types of flightsticks but not for my. Seems like I have to set it up myself from the scratch :/ 
  13. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic Around the Verse Episode 2.09   

    That club meeting area looks just amazing and Freelancer? Omg I know why I want that ship
  14. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic Hello Everyone Obewan here   

    Well man that's pretty interesting "resume" of your life. Welcome here you sound like an interesting person
  15. WhiteRabbid added a post in a topic Follow the White Rabbid!   

    Well I can't quite decide yet but I am thinking about exploration or industry division  what do you guys think is best for my Aurora LX and in the future I hope Freelancer?  Btw was today on teamspeak with few of you guys and it was just amazing  I'm really glad to be a part of this organization with such a great people