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  1. Tactical Advance

    Destiny 2 is temporarily free to download on PC

  2. Levski THE BLACK HOLE.........

  3. Tactical Advance


    Man down
  4. Tactical Advance

    Overclocking GPU

    Yes its really east happy to help you in TS
  5. Tactical Advance

    discord new ToS

    What does this mean without watching the hole hr?
  6. Tactical Advance

    Overclocking GPU

    Thought I would start this thread. I overclocked my GTX1080 130+ core 555+ on the memory it made quick a difference. I created my own fan profile to keep the card at max 60 can hear the fan at all. What's your overclock?
  7. Anyone want to buy me a GTX2080TI? LOL


    1. FriendCalledFive


      Let me think about that for a while...

    2. solarfire


      So, Ngreedia is doing paper launches like $hintel now?

    3. Bursar


      I remain to be convinced the latest release is worth the cost. Especially when it's main feature has yet to make any impact in games themselves. Alternatively if you want the best on no budget and dont mind not having anything to play that uses the new tech - be my guest :)

  8. Tactical Advance

    Ship Potential.

    If you have the cash go big and solo
  9. Tactical Advance

    A dark theme for TeamSpeak 3

    Dark style and icon pack which looks surprisingly similar to another popular voice communication software. https://forum.teamspeak.com/threads/134169-Release-Dark-A-dark-theme-for-TeamSpeak-3 I use this as well, download the icons as well.
  10. Tactical Advance