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  1. We need a patch to fix 3.1.  All ships are flying in hanger )-:

    1. FriendCalledFive


      Patch is in testing on PTU

    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      I did try 3.1.2 

  2. New Video on the Reclaimer


  3. If your struggling to launch SC select the US servers seems to work for me.

  4. We doing Arma again.   Join TS

  5. Arma anyone?

    1. The_Director


      I could join in a hour or so, what mode do you plan on playing?

    2. Aselwyn1


      we played wasteland. 

    3. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      And die many times lol

  6. TS is online

    1. FriendCalledFive


      As you are discussing TS, I tried to type a smilie in chat on TS and it doesn't show when you hit enter. Are smilies disabled?

    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      I don't think.  I have not tried it before.


      Will check it out

  7. Bought a new GPU GTX1080 G1.  Not happy with the price but ow my its a massive upgrade for me. 

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    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Had a water-cooled R9 290.  I did a PC reinstall yesterday all the games I play other then SC I can play at 4k 60-70fps.  SC is more playable.

    3. FriendCalledFive


      Sadly SC doesn't push GPU's much yet, but that does mean for now you can crank all the settings and run it at much higher resolutions with DSR without affecting performance on a 1080.

    4. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      4K for me runs the same as 1080.

  8. Looking forward to getting back to ATV

  9. Hope you all have a nice xmas

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    2. Lumpy


      Merry Christmas to all TA.:party:

    3. Bursar


      Happy thingy and dont get all wossname :)

    4. Naraul


      Have a good one Tac :party:

  10. sq42 here we come

    1. FriendCalledFive


      It is still likely to be months away, I wouldn't get too excited yet, we are working on CIG time!

    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Nop move until tomorrow.

    3. Osi


      Well that Xmas special about sq42 was pretty impressive, and im really hyped now... plus I got the big tonk for Star Citizen too!  But I went back to see the family for the Christmas hols, might be back in action from the 28th December onwards.  If I dont see / hear from you guys until then hope you all have a great Xmas! I'll try borrowing my bros laptop for the org. Meeting later today, as apparently ts3 isnt free anymore for mobile devices.


      Take it easy.



  11. PTU Launcher update today.

  12. New PTU patch FPS is better still no doors lol


  13. Get your Land Claim Licenses.....

    1. Bursar


      Got mine :) 80 Sq Km, 1 big 1 small - I will be patrolling it with the obligatory dungarees with only one shoulder strap and ancient shotgun to deter any interlopers :) I think this is actially that start of our potential network.

  14. Current error 150006 news



  15. AWS to be the next gen gaming engine?


  16. Added new widget to the homepage Facebook here we come.  (Status Update)

  17. Like the new profile view looking good.

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    2. bog


      Oh yea..i get a notification

    3. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Ok.  If you make an update on your profile, it shows here.  If you're subbed, you get notified of the post.

    4. bog
  18. Hay people how are we doing?

  19. Off to bed.  Been making a few changes on the forum.  Looks a little cleaner!


  20. Its been a long weeks only 1 day to go before the weekend.