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  1. 3 weeks and we get 2 new ships in game...


  2. @FallenVoid1 WELOCME to the org


    1. FallenVoid1


      Thanks! Good to be here!

    2. Bursar
  3. New Director Of Military - Corbin_Jones


  4. Clock updated on the forum

    1. MasterZerek


      For Some Reason i dont have permission to view this post...? 


  5. PTU WAVE 1 has started

  6. Looking forward to 3.5.1....


  7. Join me on Twitch - Tactical Advance 3.5 - The journey To A Million UEC 



  8. Forums back online update caused a issue

  9. Thanks to the people that showed up for the event last night. I was fun :-D

    1. Cain_Vect


      Yae thanks everyone it was realy fun. hope the game get more stable in the next patch so more people can get involved with out crashing. Good work setting it up Slaine. It was awesome

  10. Just bought the IPB licence we this will fix spammers 

    1. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Yer soon as I said that a spammer hit the forum lol 

    2. Bursar

    VOIP is currently off by default and will need to be enabled on the Comms section of the mobiGlas by clicking the bell icon.

  12. TS will be back at soon working on it


    1. Osi


      cool tac, thought it was just me until sleepy mentioned it.

  13. Freelancer MAX is so cool

    1. Mekanikol


      I'm digging it too. 120 SCU in a medium sized ship? HELL YES.

  14. Levski THE BLACK HOLE.........

  15. Anyone want to buy me a GTX2080TI? LOL


    1. FriendCalledFive


      Let me think about that for a while...

    2. solarfire


      So, Ngreedia is doing paper launches like $hintel now?

    3. Bursar


      I remain to be convinced the latest release is worth the cost. Especially when it's main feature has yet to make any impact in games themselves. Alternatively if you want the best on no budget and dont mind not having anything to play that uses the new tech - be my guest :)

  16. You can update you TS


  17. TS is online do not update client

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