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  1. Tactical Advance

    Carrack is back on track!!!

    We have seen them before on older videos. Saying that the quality of the video is better then the sc one
  2. Update time based on the current build
  3. Tactical Advance

    My simpit (not finished)

    The definition of I am going to be climbing into some gaming tonight has taken a whole new meaning
  4. Tactical Advance

    Hesitant ship-decision

    The main point is the ships is not coming out for some time and the mechanics will be even longer. Might be worth getting something else to use now for the next few years then buy it back (on the last data SC define)
  5. Tactical Advance

    Destiny 2 is temporarily free to download on PC

  6. Levski THE BLACK HOLE.........

  7. Tactical Advance


    Man down
  8. Tactical Advance

    Overclocking GPU

    Yes its really east happy to help you in TS
  9. Tactical Advance

    discord new ToS

    What does this mean without watching the hole hr?