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  1. Tactical Advance

    Around the Verse - Rebel Yela

    A massive battle on Yela, flight improvements, and trouble at CryAstro in this week's update.
  2. Tactical Advance

    Tac gets a shout out from Montoya

    Yes, this was posted on the forum a while back.
  3. Tactical Advance

    My first time building a PC

    Alibader nice setup. I had SLi made not difference edited in 4K. CPU thread for video editing. Looks like your PC spec is set for the next good few years
  4. PTU 3.2 is live to all backers

    1. Akanoes


      You mean "open to all backers"? cause it's still in ptu, not live ;)

  5. Man one day without internet & TV


    1. Cleaned PC

    2. Bought a new carpet 

    3. Deep clean of my room

    3. Clean windows 


    Even thought about going to the gym lol.


    1. Akanoes


      Don't worry, the rise in activity and thoughts of gyms leave as soon as the internet returns ;)

    2. The_Director


      What’s a gym? :P

  6. Internet is down for me been having issues dropping in TS over the past few days. Ping me on the forum if you need me.

  7. Tactical Advance

    4 years with the ORG!

    Congrats AirBorn
  8. Tactical Advance

    Subscriber Stuff for May

    The shotgun the best in PU.
  9. Tactical Advance

    Where's wally - Crime stat

    Me and Elford went to rest my crime stat and I die at the terminal. If only I had a gun on my second visit
  10. Tactical Advance

    Mini event in 2k - Us playing SC tonight

  11. Tactical Advance

    Mini event in 2k - Us playing SC tonight