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  1. Star Trek: Discovery

    It's ok worth watching.
  2. My dog died.

    Hi, Some of you know that my dog of 15 years was diagnosed with cancer last year the day after my birthday. In the past week's she started having seizures. The seizures part was not a major issue, it was what follows the disorientation that can last 4-6hrs running up and down. On Friday she had one and then the following day a second being so close she did not recovered and struggled to hole here weight and started twitching. She was still in good spirits playing with her ball in the gaps and eating like an horse. I know if she had one more she would not be able to walk so yesterday I made the decision to put here to sleep. I going to need a week to get over what's just happened and get used to not having her with me. This has affected my content on my YouTube channel and here in TA.
  3. How to Join Tactical Advance: Tactical Advance is steadily growing and many of our members that have been quiet for some time have been returning in anticipation of upcoming major updates. It is important that everyone understands that TACTICAL ADVANCE must be selected as your MAIN ORGANIZATION on your RSI account. We do not allow members to carry an affiliate status with Tactical Advance. Please, if there are any questions about this, please contact any Director, Assistant Director or councilors from Exploration, Industry, Military or Diplomacy. *You must be 18 years of age or older to join* 1. Register to our website and familiarize yourself with our community. teamspeak.tacticaladvance.co.uk 3. Apply to Join https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TADVANCE and fill out an application https://goo.gl/forms/YV5wgtzITA75kmJd2 4. To get your membership tag on TeamSpeak, log in and our staff will get you sorted out. http://forums.tacticaladvance.co.uk/topic/1049-official-teamspeak-info-for-new-members-password-inside/ 5. You may log in to our TeamSpeak anytime as a guest and talk the members and ask questions before you decide to apply, feel free.
  4. AWS and Star Citizen https://aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/?sc_channel=psm&sc_campaign=FB_AWNS_Lumberyard_August2017&sc_publisher=FB&sc_country=Mult&sc_category=MULTI&sc_detail=UsedLumberyard&linkId=40515854 Good job
  5. AWS to be the next gen gaming engine?


  6. All, We now know that the FPS will be going to the PTU, rollout will be based on you SC citizen number. When it comes out I want to cover the FPS and make some video, the bad news is I'm 300k. If you can help me out I am looking for the person who has 1 as the citizen number lol Joke. This is like charlie and the Chocolat factory. I just need the lowest possible. Thanks TA
  7. TeamSpeak Update

    All, We've made some change to the way permissions are added in TeamSpeak, you will need to do the following. login into TeamSpeak using your forum user name You will see a message from the Tactical Advance Security check your email to activate your account on TeamSpeak If you have any problems PM MG_Longshot or Roy Thanks TA
  8. New PC build

    Looks good mate
  9. Meet the RSI Constellation Aquila

    Did anyone buy one?
  10. Star Marine TA Team

    Might be worth creating a Club and linking it here.
  11. 2017 Live Stream

    All, Thanks to all the people who turned up last night we had a great turn out. I am Looking forward to the next event. TA
  12. Gamescom Livestream

    The Gamescom Livestream is tonight we'd like to invite you to watch it with us on our TeamSpeak. If you don't like people talking over the Livestream there will also be a muted channel. After the Livestream some of us will hop on Star citizen for some fun and of course you are free to join here as well. At 2am UTC there will also be a racing event. We hope to see you tonight at 7pm UTC! Feel free to turn up early to have a chat. TeamSpeak Infomation -
  13. MIA

    This makes VR look a little bit disposing
  14. Added new widget to the homepage Facebook here we come.  (Status Update)

  15. Like the new profile view looking good.

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      Oh yea..i get a notification

    3. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Ok.  If you make an update on your profile, it shows here.  If you're subbed, you get notified of the post.

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  16. All, Our host has had a issues working on getting TS back soon. Thanks TS
  17. TS will be back up soon

  18. ANTHEM? What do you think?

    Looks so far what do you thing?
  19. UTC Clock added

    All, I added a UTC Clock to the forum. You can miss it lol. Thanks TA
  20. Server updates

    All, I am running a few updates on the forum server. Expect a few restarts. TS will not be affected. Thanks TA
  21. UTC Clock added

  22. Hay people how are we doing?

  23. Cool bought it?? I have it
  24. I downloaded it. Will give it ago soon
  25. Questions about Flying an Avenger

    The 300s has been confirmed as removed from the game,

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