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  1. New Director Of Military - Corbin_Jones


  2. Good luck hope to see you in SC one day (-:
  3. Don't just level the playing field, level the competition. self-propelled air defense system Close Quarters Combat A powerful remotely operated turret outfitted with dual size-2 ballistic Gatling guns keeps all occupants protected should the enemy attempt to get up close and personal. Watch the Skies Packing eight size-5 missiles and two whopping size-7 destroyers, the Ballista is outfitted with a custom artillery system to annihilate targets of nearly any capability in the air and on the ground alike. Mobile Sanctuary The heavily fortified interior of the Ballista keeps operators and personnel safe in the heat of battle. The cabin sports a utilitarian design that's perfectly suited to combat and comfort. Get the Ballista Heaviest Artillery With a firing range of over 2000 meters and a relatively tiny electromagnetic signature, the Ballista is capable of obliterating virtually any ground or air target before it knows what's hit it. Heart of the Defender The utilitarian-yet-roomy cabin allows unfettered access from the driver's seat to the gunner's station and keeps you safe while you monitor the mayhem you've wrought. Ready for Anything A powerful remotely operated turret outfitted with dual size-2 ballistic Gatling guns keeps all occupants protected should enemy ships attempt to get up close and personal. Media Technical Specifications The Ballista packs its massive payload into a relatively slim package and can run with a skeleton crew, allowing you nigh-limitless defensive options. Length 16m Width 7m Height 5m Max crew 2 ARTILLERY SYSTEM MAX CAPACITY 8x S5 Missiles2x S7 Missiles https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17153-Anvil-Ballista
  4. 3.6 has a hover mode do you like it?
  5. Hello everyone! We are happy to continue testing on our next release of the RSI Launcher. You can download the latest launcher here: https://install.robertsspaceindustries.com/pre-rel/RSI-Setup-1.2.0-rc.7.exe Changes: New: Universal launcher: Use the same launcher for LIVE and PTU. Game update is checked at Launcher startup and when “Launch Game” is clicked: No need to wait for game update notifications. Launcher auto-update was checked every 10 minutes. Now it also checks for new version when “Launch Game” or “Install” button is clicked. The download speed is now displayed while updating the game. Fixes: All installation errors should now be displayed to the user. Players should no longer see a wrong version number after an incremental update. Launcher UI should no longer freeze after quitting the game. Please note, this will replace your current RSI Launcher and can now be utilized to access both LIVE and PTU environments through their respective channels. Once testing has concluded, please feel free to remove the RSI PTU Launcher from your system https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/4/thread/rsi-launcher-1-2-0-testing-notes-1
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