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  1. Tactical Advance

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.3 PTU .745418 available

    Great news
  2. Tactical Advance

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.2d PTU

    The other point is 5000 aUEC for a claim!. errr what do I spend my money on a claim for an m50 or reclaimer? They need to lower the fee for smaller ships and higher for bigger.
  3. Tactical Advance

    Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.2d PTU

    All, A patch is being worked on we should see this soon. Been loads of updates as you can see its on D so far. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/4/thread/star-citizen-alpha-3-1-2d-ptu-743849-patch-notes
  4. Tactical Advance

    my Build is finished

    Don't waste your time with SLI or Crossfire I just move away. Most games I played had issues due to the SLI/Crossfire spent a lot of time trying to fix and download different drivers. The top card will be fine. Worth sending back the second card and buy a super chair to sit in.
  5. Tactical Advance

    85X V.S 100i V.S Avenger Titan thoughts?

    The 100i has cargo the x85 does not. To me, the 100i looks like a good option. Might be able to get a person in the cargo area as well (-:
  6. We need a patch to fix 3.1.  All ships are flying in hanger )-:

    1. FriendCalledFive


      Patch is in testing on PTU

    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      I did try 3.1.2 

  7. Tactical Advance

    Stability & Persistence.

    This has been known for some time and makes more sense in PTU builds no so in the live later on. Once we get all the features and arma, dying in a larger ship will be much less frequent making it viable for a larger ship. For now, just use small ships if your running cargo until the crashes have been resolved or the auto login added to the game.
  8. New Video on the Reclaimer


  9. If your struggling to launch SC select the US servers seems to work for me.

  10. The Terrapin is not a limited ship we will have loads of opportunities to buy one later on. You're better off just waiting.
  11. We doing Arma again.   Join TS

  12. Arma anyone?

    1. The_Director


      I could join in a hour or so, what mode do you plan on playing?

    2. Aselwyn1


      we played wasteland. 

    3. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      And die many times lol

  13. Tactical Advance

    Pics from the last Org Event

    Great pictures. High quality.
  14. Tactical Advance

    Calling Dibs

    Terrapin for the win.
  15. Tactical Advance

    The age old question. AMD or Intel.

    CPU old or new with 4 cores and 4 threads make little difference in SC and other games. GPU's for the FPS gain. If you have an I7 go got the bigger GPU.
  16. Tactical Advance

    From Stability to Insanity

    Sounds like you need to put in a warranty claim.
  17. TS is online

    1. FriendCalledFive


      As you are discussing TS, I tried to type a smilie in chat on TS and it doesn't show when you hit enter. Are smilies disabled?

    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      I don't think.  I have not tried it before.


      Will check it out

  18. Tactical Advance

    Star Citizen Ship Sizes

    (Update 2017-18-12) (updated 2015-05-11)
  19. Bought a new GPU GTX1080 G1.  Not happy with the price but ow my its a massive upgrade for me. 

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    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Had a water-cooled R9 290.  I did a PC reinstall yesterday all the games I play other then SC I can play at 4k 60-70fps.  SC is more playable.

    3. FriendCalledFive


      Sadly SC doesn't push GPU's much yet, but that does mean for now you can crank all the settings and run it at much higher resolutions with DSR without affecting performance on a 1080.

    4. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      4K for me runs the same as 1080.

  20. Tactical Advance

    Problem with "General Questions & Chat" section

    The forum software saves your post in the replay if you do not post it. It's not a bug its a feature. I believe after a set time it drops the text. This is in place to save you from losing a load of content from a possible internet issue or something else. Save me a few times.
  21. Tactical Advance

    My under desk mounted joystick

    You could cover the wood with some speaker carpet. Good job.