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  1. Request: Upvote important modding thread!

    Star Citizen will be a 1 server, 1 system that you will be able to host and mod. This is going to be 3-4 years down the line.
  2. New - Vanduul Blade

    New Vanduul design. This is the Vanduul Blade.
  3. New - Vanduul Blade

    The main point is the art style. It looks much better the current vanduul ships. I hope the rest of them will follow this style.
  4. Very clean and professional

    Thank's Shadow very kind of you.
  5. Star Citizen Config Tool

    If i can get a few more FPS it will be worth it (-:
  6. Star Citizen Config Tool

    Hello, This still works let me know what works well. I am going to try a few configs and share them. http://sc-configurator.grimsi.de/ TA
  7. Looking forward to getting back to ATV

  8. Pledge Buy Back

    I would get the M50 just because it looks good.
  9. Humm. We know the SSD makes a difference but looking at FPS with ram. You can login 5-6 times each time the FPS will be different, mainly due to the server your on.
  10. Hope you all have a nice xmas

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lumpy


      Merry Christmas to all TA.:party:

    3. Bursar


      Happy thingy and dont get all wossname :)

    4. Naraul


      Have a good one Tac :party:

  11. sq42 here we come

    1. FriendCalledFive


      It is still likely to be months away, I wouldn't get too excited yet, we are working on CIG time!

    2. Tactical Advance

      Tactical Advance

      Nop move until tomorrow.

    3. Osi


      Well that Xmas special about sq42 was pretty impressive, and im really hyped now... plus I got the big tonk for Star Citizen too!  But I went back to see the family for the Christmas hols, might be back in action from the 28th December onwards.  If I dont see / hear from you guys until then hope you all have a great Xmas! I'll try borrowing my bros laptop for the org. Meeting later today, as apparently ts3 isnt free anymore for mobile devices.


      Take it easy.



  12. Graphic Desgin

    We always need help on design within the organisation. Pop in TS and ping me in Poke chat when you have a second. At work to 8 pm UTC anytime after. AirBorn4Life looking for some help too. Thanks TA
  13. PTU Launcher update today.

  14. New PTU patch FPS is better still no doors lol


  15. All, Bragging time. How low do you go? Thanks TA
  16. This helped me a little http://sc-configurator.grimsi.de/
  17. Get your Land Claim Licenses.....

    1. Bursar


      Got mine :) 80 Sq Km, 1 big 1 small - I will be patrolling it with the obligatory dungarees with only one shoulder strap and ancient shotgun to deter any interlopers :) I think this is actially that start of our potential network.

  18. Anvil Hawk is now on sale ($80-90)

    EMP works in a blast radius. For example, using near a door opening to gain entry or taking out a small part of a ship.
  19. Starfarer 3.0 - The Cow of the skies.

    I am sure over time as more feedback comes in SC will add some aids to landing. As the ships get even bigger the task gets very difficult.
  20. Code 10000: Code 10000 happens when the game client isn’t able to find us due to something preventing the game client from being able to find our servers. These will almost always be an issue that is client side. Code 10001: Code 10001 happens when the game client is having issues connecting to the authentication service. Code 10003: Code 10003 occurs when the game client can connect to the authentication service but either has corrupted persistence cache data, or is unable to reach the database to get its persistent data. Code 20000/30000: Code 20005/30005 happens when a login attempt fails due to invalid data. Many of these can be fixed by doing launcher troubleshooting such as ensuring that the game folder has read and write permissions and running the launcher as admin to generate new login information. Code 20000/30000: Code 20000/30000 is our general timeout message. You’ll get this message when your connection to the game server times out, but you’re still connection to the backend platform service is still active. In almost all cases, this is due to an actual game server crash or an issue within the game that can disconnect you. An internal example of the latter occurred on our QA environment (this never made it to public) when one client would exit the game and all other clients were forcefully disconnected. Code 20003/30003: Code 20003/30003 is a version mismatch which occurs when the server checks the version of the game installed and finds that there is an older version of the client. The way to resolve this is to Verify Files or, in very rare situations, fully reinstall the game. Code 20004/30004: Our matchmaking service contains several different rules to assign clients to servers. This response occurs when the matchmaking service puts someone into a server that is full. In most situations, the service should not assign you to a server that is already full, but we’re finding edge cases where this gets returned. We’ll continue to isolate, identify, and fix these as they come up. Code 20007/30007: Code 20007/30007s occur when the game client receives information that it isn’t expecting. A good example is when a bad asset in the game exists, such as when we discovered that Cutlasses were disconnecting all clients on the internal QA server because of an invalid ID. Code 20008/30008: Code 20008/30008 is defined as an authentication error. This infrequently can mean authentication in terms of your account ID and password, but for the most part indicates a backend data mismatch. Code 20009/30009: Code 20009/30009 occurs when someone successfully connects and authenticates into a game server but times out when verifying the session. We hope this small insight into code errors has been helpful in understanding the nature of these disconnect codes and how it can help you provide more accurate information to Issue Council reports.
  21. Current error 150006 news



  22. How to install PTU 3.0

    Can you send me your login mate
  23. Star Trek: Discovery

    It's ok worth watching.
  24. My dog died.

    Hi, Some of you know that my dog of 15 years was diagnosed with cancer last year the day after my birthday. In the past week's she started having seizures. The seizures part was not a major issue, it was what follows the disorientation that can last 4-6hrs running up and down. On Friday she had one and then the following day a second being so close she did not recovered and struggled to hole here weight and started twitching. She was still in good spirits playing with her ball in the gaps and eating like an horse. I know if she had one more she would not be able to walk so yesterday I made the decision to put here to sleep. I going to need a week to get over what's just happened and get used to not having her with me. This has affected my content on my YouTube channel and here in TA.

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