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  1. We are opening a special PTU with the player cap increased to 60 from 50. This is an experimental setup and the build is identical to live, just with 10 more players. Our goal is to collect performance and stability data while making additional cap adjustments, but any oddities that you see would be helpful to know about as well. Please reply with any issues, new performance bottlenecks, or negative impacts that are new to PTU and not currently on live. Please include screenshots and videos where appropriate. It's important to note that this is merely a test, and is not representative of any definitive incoming changes. Your help would be much appreciated! -Baior Lead Player Experience Analyst
  2. Each quarter, a new Buy Back Token will be distributed to your account, providing you with an opportunity to reclaim a ship that you had melted previously using store credit. 2020 Schedule: Q1: January 8 Q2: April 6 Q3: July 6 Q4: October 5
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