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  1. There is a bug at the momment we are working on a fix give me a bit to fix it. Did you sign up here? https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/tadvance
  2. They are two different roles in game. What do you want to do in SC?
  3. Not got one. Would expect some the other ship to go down in side as well over time.
  4. I going to go back to it played for 10mins and not gone back yet. I have it on my ToDo list
  5. GPU Score 324 Ultra High CPU Score 156 Think the CPU is low becuase when i play im streaming or recording. I got CPU Score 181 when i had the gtx1080
  6. Been using the 2080TI now for just under a month, i had the gtx1080 before and i can see 10-20fps more. I gotten a huge upgrade in all other game 99% are at 160fps MORE POWER....
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