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  1. Yep, nothing to hide. We are transparent about the processes in this org , no need to hide behind closed doors. Also I honestly don't think it's even bad, people move on. It's unfortunate that they were such vital members and pillars of the community but the core of TA is still here. This post wasn't to ADMONISH them, it was to highlight to loyal TA members that what makes Tactical Advance , Tactical Advance, is still very much alive. I agree with the other posters that we should move on , but it was important for us to not gloss over it like it was of no consequence. It hurt, but we are still here, and we aren't going anywhere but space.
  2. Yep. It is no different no matter where you go, wait and wait. Soooooooooooon(tm)
  3. TA, Your organization is NOT falling apart. There is a re-balancing going on due to some longstanding issues created by people with deep-seated machinations of power. If you have been on the forums over the last couple weeks, you will have noticed we have parted ways with a rapid fire group of people. These individuals while amazing assets to the organization, in the end failed to understand one very simple concept, its not about you its about the org. I'd like to state that I was a fan of every one of the players who recently left, but I am completely disappointed for the REASONS they left. The underlining issue with every single one of these departures is power, and their idea that they should be in control of more of it. So lets go over that shall we? While your dedication to the organization SHOULD be recognized and appreciated, we should not be promoting and placing people in key positions of power because they had more time to create a shiny thing. Everyone here appreciates the hard work that these individuals put in, sacrificing their time and energy in making this organization better. That does not mean however that they are great leadership material. The leadership we have in place at this very moment are there because they have proven time and time again to hold the ability to BE leaders. This is not to say no one will ever be given more responsibility down the road, but we are so far off from the start of the game that its impossible to see who will best fit those roles. The players that left, did so because they wanted to play a different type of game, a politics game. They wanted to scheme and maneuver their way to the top, and so they left for somewhere they felt they could do just that. I don't fault them for that, its up to them to decide whats important to them and how they want to spend their time before the launch. On that however I have to say TA does not need those sort of members. Whats even more unfortunate is that many of them showed qualities and dedication that could have been useful in leadership roles down the line, but were unwilling to see this org to game launch. We are all here because we believe in the vision that is TA that we WILL bring to fruition come game launch. A vision of an organization who's steadfast determination and unity will create one of the greatest orgs this game will see. Now I do not speak for anyone else but myself, but I can tell you that I have been to MANY different organizations, and I trust the people in charge as well as the people under them here to bring about that vision. I hope you do as well. -Grumpycat
  4. Blah.. the HR thing was stupid , but you shouldn't fault leadership for trying out new things. I don't expect them to be perfect about everything, just to hear me out when I tell them they aren't being perfect. I doubt you will find an organization that doesn't have these types of issues, trust me, I've been in a lot of them. Tac is still leading the way in this org and thats mostly all I care about, I dont need tons of people diluting the power at the top leading to eventual coups or something, or worse yet poor management of the Org. The executives we have are there for a reason, and the responsibilities are divvied out fine imo. Good luck to you, but I think you are wrong, and I am annoyed to see you and all these others go to some supposed "greener pastures" while taking a dump on the people you leave behind by airing dirty laundry and than splitting.
  5. Please be WARNED: The coupon does NOT reduce the COST of the ship by 10%, it actually reduces the VALUE of the ship by 10%. Whats the difference you ask? If you melt the ship, you only get the lower value back AND you have lost your coupon. So whatever you use it on, make sure its not something you will later want to upgrade or melt. I suggest a javelin.
  6. Welcome, Always good to forge bonds with great players and organizations early on. Hope to talk with some of you on comms soon.
  7. Hey Team, Seriously need more Naval Action folks. Its a fun game and takes a ton of teamwork. Let me know if you are interested. -Reika
  8. Love my RGB fans. My PC will be a fricken rainbow
  9. Most of the parts have come in! Just waiting on some case fans. More pictures to come tonight/tomorrow with it built! http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rMyLhM
  10. Sure! You giving me another $700 to buy one?! *Edit*
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