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  1. Hey all, I've rewritten this message almost 20 times today and I've changed my mind about what to do even more but I feel I need to move on, I wish Tactical Advance all the best and will say no more. See you all in the Verse!
  2. Citadel

    Peace everyone o7

    Take care Huniken, All the best!
  3. Citadel


    All the best mate, Take care!
  4. I find BDO limited tbh yes once you pick a class you can change quite a lot but overall still very limited!
  5. Citadel

    TA given credit in "This Week in Star Citizen"!

    Excellent, Nice, Well done Tac
  6. Citadel

    NOOBIFIER Carrack Giveaway

    Also got some CCU's should you already have a Carrack....Definitely one of his best giveaways so far!
  7. Citadel

    Around the Verse - Spectrum and LA Studio Update

    Looking closely at the picture I'm pretty certain that it is a manned turret but I don't think enter/exit animations would be an issue as they could simply give it a drop down ladder towards the rear beneath the turret section of the ship!
  8. Citadel

    Anvil Hurricane

    Ermm that one not so much lol!
  9. Citadel

    Anvil Hurricane

    Ok I must admit I like the look of that A LOT!!!
  10. Citadel

    The staggering size of Star Citizen, visualised

    That's actually pretty cool thanks @zeus_anoxia
  11. Citadel

    Opinions on Discord

    I agree with you both as a heavy discord user myself however for now it suits our needs as an Org and hopefully we wont have to wait too long for spectrum to be complete...There are some ideas floating about for a integrated chat module with TeamSpeak I personally have no idea what those will look like as I'm not a developer but we are lucky to have some who say it's possible! I will say though that if all else fails and spectrum takes a backseat on CiGs radar we should look again at implementing a TA discord to run parallel with TeamSpeak like most of the other big Organisations do!
  12. Citadel

    Lets address the elephant in the room

    I couldn't agree more!!!
  13. Citadel

    Lets address the elephant in the room

    On-wards and upwards...Thanks @GrumpyCat your straight talking is always refreshing!
  14. Citadel

    Live spectrum and 2.6.1

    So far I'm liking Spectrum and can only see it getting better...especially once they release an app for it!