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  1. Alright fellow TA members, I really hate to say this, but I'm no longer with this org. I will say I did have some good times in here and made a lot of good people. The reason why I'm leaving is...well to tell you the truth, is that I felt like I would not get very far in the org. I say that as the fact that with a prior history of what happened in military screws my chances of really being part of the org. For those who don't know, when I an officer in the military, I took a short break as there were two members who were trolling me to the point that I had to take a break. Thinking that would be ok to take a short break to calm myself down, I told Nato ahead of time what was going on and that I would do whatever responsibilities he would like me to do that didn't involve me signing into the TeamSpeak. Well, needless to say, I was told that that was not becoming of an officer and that I had two choices. Either step down as an officer and make some BS story up, or get kicked from the military with no chance of returning to the military. After that, things were kind of tense and I didn't feel the punishment fit the crime. I did feel like sharing ideas, or coming onto TS really that much. I sent out a resignation letter to Nato stating the reason for leaving the org and told people I would leave for the time being. I was off for a few months and was told by a member that people missed me and that I should come back online since I'm missed. I asked a question if there was any reason for me to come back at a later time or if there would be issue. Unfortunately, they took it as I wanted to come back without really giving it much thought and re-added me to the org. I felt ok knowing that my time in the org would change for the better now that some people weren't trolling me hardcore. Unfortunately, I felt I was invited back more so to show new recruits that our org is very productive with active members on all the time. Essentially, I felt like I was a pawn for recruitment advertising and that once the game came out, I would be kicked from the org silently with not many people caring or even noticing. It did not help that there was a rumor that spread around that I was kicked from the org when I was left of my own free accord. It didn't help much that it not only was Nato not allowing me back into the military, but I seemed to be ignored by many officers and directors when trying to apply to higher then peon positions. It's one thing to not need officers when content isn't available, but to announce officers were needed in industry and not even given an acknowledgement that I had applied and that they didn't need me right now, made me feel as if I indeed was brought back for numbers sake. I tend to stay below the radar and not really engage in much mostly due to the fact that if I was active a lot, that I could be kicked when the game fully releases compared to staying below the radar and having the high-ups not notice that I was still in here. I know it sounds somewhat quite frivolous that I felt like that, but there was nothing telling me otherwise of that. Then the org meeting happened that made it seem as if this org was having some trouble and that it was only brought to our attention as a few directors were leaving the org. Not saying I'm mad at being kept out of the loop, but I think this issue should've been addressed sooner rather then later. I had fate that this org would be able to solve it's problems within the next few months, however noticing low numbers through weeks of being on TS, there weren't a lot of people on nor where there that many officers or directors. And the ones that were on, choose to chat in other rooms instead of the lobby which I when sitting in there, I had a few instances of 'fetching' officers to come into the lobby to tell new recruits the in's and out's of the org. Something I will say I was happily to do when more then just directors had that job of bringing new recruits into the org. But that seemed to fall apart and we are unable to help new recruits if a director was not on or was afk when they came in the room making it feel as if there was little power we have in the org. It actually made me feel as if I would never have the opportunity to achieve a rank again rather it be this week or when the game comes out. I'm now part of a new org which I'm sure people can guess which one it is. I was planning on giving TA a few more months, but seriously, I just wasn't sure I should given the past relationship I had with this org. I will say that I would like to stay in touch with people in this org and come into TS every once in awhile to chat with people. As it stands now, I'm resigning from this org. Good luck in the future and I hope the two orgs can have somewhat of a lasting peace between each other. The very last thing I would want is to be in a war amongst those who I would hate to destroy.
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