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  1. Honest question, carrack or 600i? The 600 is a smaller ship that can still hold a ground vehicle if needed...
  2. The_Director


    That's nearly the same case as mine! Thermal take though.
  3. @Lumpy thats what Ive been learning as well. (Note today I was able to get 1:20 per lap. progress!) @Wolfwood I did finish the buttons section, see quote: As for immersion, I agree! However I have to create a case that would change Tac's mind, and since he is planning on doing next to no dog-fighting there was not much point. Right now I am trying to figure out how to change my button layout for racing. The button I should be pushing for afterburner is also the same toggle for cruse control and they are conflicting.
  4. Joysticks. Is there a place for handling a spaceship sim outside of using the traditional keyboard & mouse? Or is it just a fancy way of d**k sizing? Often times I look into players gaming rigs and I find a bejeweled PC, where the RAM has RGB lighting, wireless mice with removable weights, or PC cases so large they use the case as their desk. So when I informed Tac that I had just purchased and received a set of Joysticks, he scoffed! (rough quote) I flared my nostrils, increased my heart rate! How could he offend me in such a manner!?!? The very idea
  5. I have two NZXT X62 water coolers for my CPU and GPU. With Blender testing I cannot break 46c, though I dont have a way to measure sound. Now to be fair I am living inside a 95% underground basement, and I dont think the room will get much warmer than 60f over the summer.
  6. fun video but not really any substance we "hardcore fans" dont know about.
  7. Hello all, I am looking at upgrading my PC for its next round of hardware, last year was adding 2 new water coolers for my CPU + GPU, and this year is when I ditch DDR3 and upgrade to a new CPU + motherboard. That being said, I would love some advice on the best combo at the best price. Right now I am looking at the I7-9700, however I am wondering if the i7-8700 would work just as well... I currently have an i7-4760k @ 4.0 GHZ, so any upgrade will be a huge boost in performance. I also need a new motherboard, and would love to hear yo
  8. I have the Logitech G930, which is a wireless headset. One of the rods connecting to the speaker snapped about 6 months ago but the second rod is still holding out just fine. I think I've owned if for two years now. The battery is ok, lasts about 5 hours before it needs recharging. Not the best at sound and the "bass boost" is pathetic. If your the guy with a load of cash and appreciate high quality sound, go Bose. Otherwise TA's advise is good too :D
  9. The Issue I have with most ships is that their play-sets are not fully developed, or the ships themselves are not fully baked. (Begin rant) Such as: Connie - Great if you have a friend to do...? low storage, too slow & weak for a real dogfight, and there are better explorer ships out or make a fleet with the same cost as a connie. Mercury Star-runner - (My ship) Does a little of everything, but the only ship to have a dedicated "hidden cargo compartment". This actually boils my blood a good bit, why make a "feature" that only ONE ship in the entire
  10. As always, I’ll take any 600i or 890 jump donations to the poor mans T_D fund any day :D
  11. I am actually thinking about the carrack. It’s such a large ship and if I trade everything for it it will only cost me $75
  12. Good point. I wonder if RSI ever deletes inactive accounts?
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