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  1. Just to add to this, there is a chance that there wont ever be a hard release, instead they would let each version update become more persistent, till they decide they have stable gameplay. So not only should you get the ships that you want to fly now, but they just might also be getting the UEC that will persist to go and buy that ship that might cost a bit more.
  2. Teaser Ship Speculation Thread

    Snub scout, just a scout ship, small short range with high speed, variants could be stealth, range and standard is my guess.
  3. Minimum Crew On Multi Crew Ships

    Why would operating a scout be difficult? Why two crew? Y’all know what a boon scout is right? just think a static tube extending from the ship in the FRONT that picks up fuel from the gas giant rather than a rubber hose flying around however it pleases...?
  4. Also, on the last page of the PDF they provide for the Pioneer there is a discount code for the aurora. SOURCE However i have been unable to get the coupon to work... if anyone knows why
  5. Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    $975... If its really what we think it is...
  6. Ships, Careers, Roles - RSI

    With the new system i really want to get out of my terrapin now and more towards an exploration ship.
  7. What is this?!

    Hmmm decently looks cool!
  8. 3.0 Evocati

    NEWS The Anval Carrwk has entered white box stage! (info collected by the Star Citizen Space whale video, at the last five minutes or so)
  9. 3.0 Evocati

  10. 3.0 Evocati

    Ya citizencon will be the release party... I hope there is some sq42 to wet my appetite.
  11. Origin X1 Q&A

    Hmmm, I think i made a really good choice with the X1 Force (the force must be with me :P ) But more importantly, this was a very well done Q & A session.
  12. Lol they should start doing promotions with PC makers... (oh wait that are doing that!)
  13. Star Trek: Discovery

    Ive yet to see this show myself, but from what i can see its like every other TV show. The pilot is just to introduce the names of the characters, the basic lore backbone and a little excitement. The actual episodes from here on should properly define how the show will go.
  14. With the face shield being exposed (in space you would have to have a space suit) i would guess this is a space bike. Can anyone confirm the difference between space bike's and ground vehicles? Currently: Space LTI (cannot work with ground) Ground LTI (cannot work with space) And Space Bike's (???)
  15. They are changing things up. If its a ground vehicle, then its a ground LTI (meaning you cannot upgrade to a higher ship) If its an space vehicle then its an space LTI, and can only can be traded with space vehicles.

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