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  1. The_Director

    Used Video Cards. Worth it?

    Right now I have a gtx 1070 with 8gb of video ram. And a 8 core i7. I get around 30 FPS right now. I am sure that number will improve when they actually start optimizing the game. never buy used, components are infamous for their half life.
  2. The_Director

    Drake Vulture Q&A

    They really need to start nailing their storage questions, because that’s the issue on every ship and they never give a answer that would make me confident in purchasing a ship.
  3. The_Director

    3.5 on roadmap

    Dissent they say the defender is going to be the style guide? Or did I confuse manufacturers... On the nice side, Jump!
  4. The_Director

    New Vulture

    I think if you were to do a wolf pack of vultures you would have 3 vultures, a starfarer (or a ship that can do advanced refining of materials and carry supplies for vultures) and a Hull B or C ship to transport final components/resources to the store. The advantage with the reclaimer is that it's a more complete ship. The vulture can cut and hack, but i doubt it can do it as well as an reclaimer on a smaller scale. In the end this enables a smaller amount of ppl to do a job, Vs having a reclaimer and a starfarer to refuel ships and supplies to stay out longer, and a few dog fighters for protection. (because all of the ships in this wolf pack are far more expensive)
  5. The_Director

    SLAINEuk has ruined me!

    Anyone alive?
  6. No content for sq42 but the radar news is nice.
  7. The_Director

    4 years with the ORG!

    Congrats dude! dang ive only been here 2.5 years... wait TWO POINT FIVE YEARS!!!! Tac get SC moving! lol
  8. The_Director

    Missing Gaps

    We are missing: sports car crane truck/plane anti space tank Motorcycle mobile library- dedicated storage ship power ships for events such as natural disasters
  9. The_Director

    Around the Verse - The Labours of Hercules

    If anything its under priced. it can carry 2 tanks, some supplies or a very heavy loadout. Currently there are not really any ships to compare against.
  10. The_Director

    Around the Verse - The Labours of Hercules

    Definitely a good looking ship! But I thought it looked like a origin ship from the thumbnail
  11. The_Director

    The age old question. AMD or Intel.

    I would suggest just buying several and returning what you don’t use.
  12. Maybe add a most recent post tab to the home page? digging the revisions though!

  13. The_Director

    Around the Verse - A New Origin

    Dang, what do you guys think? Should origin make spaceships this cheap? Does it somewhat soften their market hold on much more expensive ships? I think we we can excuse the 85x as an transport for your 890J...
  14. The_Director

    Around the Verse - A New Origin

    Can you send over screenshots for us poor ‘regular’ citizens?
  15. Dang the alien tech animations is sick!