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  1. SC Ship Concept

    Last one for the night
  2. SC Ship Concept

    The ship is roughly the same size as the terrapin with the barrel retracted, ill have to double check though.
  3. SC Ship Concept

    Yep. Maneuvering thrusters will be a challenge as i dont want anything on the rail gun itself, but i do need to deal with how to balance the gun. Maneuvering in an atmosphere shouldent be a issue, most ships in SC lack any true winged surface and instead rely on VTOL engines. I would love to hear on what you think i should do, VTOL engines (2 on each side) or just several maneuvering engines? or another method? The Terrapin is the ship ive pinned many of my ideas on for the ship, as they both specialize very well, one being the spotter and the other the shooter.
  4. SC Ship Concept

    Well you would be correct if this was an cannon, but this is a rail gun, which is nearly recoil free! The remaining recoil is handled by the barrel retracting a small amount (I have a animation to show later) and finally there is a small engine bay directly behind the gun which is tuned to handle the recoil. The reason why a rail gun is nearly frictionless is because the bullet is riding along the rails without touching. Now one the US Navyhas developed a rail gun and it did show recoil so I’m not sure where my math goes bad...
  5. SC Ship Concept

    Hey everyone! I've been working on another side project, which i am calling the Anvil Lance - a short range ship with a long firing range weapons. Simply attached to the side is a Railgun with an extending barrel, for distance engagement with static/near static targets. I still have things left to do, such as actual rear engines, maneuvering thrusters as well as the interior, but i hope to hear come feedback if y'all interested. First Round: Shown when the UV unwrap was completed: And now the completed first pass, with the barrel retracted: First pass, barrel extended: And a zoom in on the cockpit (incomplete) Hope you injoy, feedback welcomed! T_D
  6. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    The terrapin was originally a fleet scout with the tools for long duration/range missions. Since then the dev's have dumbed down what it can do to be simply a fleet scout (no long range) So yes it can still travel large distances, but not nearly as long as what was once thought, making it truly a military scout ship, with no exploration in mind at all. The issues... Max crew 2, max beds... 1. Yep, one can sleep while the other pilots. ( i think all other ships with beds have enough beds for all crew members) Zero cargo. you can bring along food, some armor suits (maybe) and your gun, but you cannot bring back anything larger than a cup or spoon. The Freelancer Dur is better in almost every way. It has more computing power, it has the same radar size, it has Medium range/fuel tanks/quantum/jump drive. It also has actual cargo to bring back that statue of a rare alien species. The Freelancer is also better armed, it can hold the same guns as the terrapin AND hold some missiles. it has double the shield generators as well. Oh, and its a mere $125 compared to $195 thats $75 you can spend on a 315P, which costs $65, you have $10 spare! (hint get credits) The advantages of a Terrapin in comparison? Ok. There are a few here, the first is that it is still in production and subject to change, also the Freelancer Dur is due for a update pass, but with almost every ship, once in game it can only go up or stay the same specs. The terrapin can turtle, which is a questionable defence tactic as its actualy not very good at hiding from radar. Also the radar dish while the Dur has the same thing is most likely much better tuned to find items than the Dur's 'bolted to the side of the ship'. Same with its computing power, better at scanning for ships. Most likely not better at scanning for precious materials, the Dur would win that i think. Basicly i picked the best comparison in the price range and there is a ship that can match the Terrapin. for way less. When something is cheaper that means you can: A. get better modules B. buy more ships to round up the weakness of that particular ship. C. with that spare cash spend it on actual tools you need to complete the mission. (food weapons fuel paycheck bonuses) ---------------------------------------------------------- To round this all off, what IS it good at? Well, it is a FLEET scout ship. That means it flies ahead, turtles up and reads the stars for any enemy ships that might be flanking. It can also look for asteroids for the fleets miner to collect more fuel to fund the fleets needs. The terrapin will have to come back to the fleet to refuel eventually, so you will need 2 terrapins to keep a lookout. From what i can gather the radar dish is tuned to find other ships, the terrapin is what you need to beat the enemy at their own game. Or, spend your credits on a few extra fighters... you could get 2 Gladius and again, some change left over for upgrades... I own the terrapin. i hope the development cycle fixes its shortcomings. its such a expensive ship that i think its turtle mode and anti ship radar just might be better than expected. (also i can be totally wrong on everything i just said) T_D
  7. Q&A: Aegis Hammerhead

    when it comes to AI, i have to ask, which overheats first? A.I. or A.I Crew members? Then ask who is a good shot. Its no good having a PC melt while targeting a ship thats just out of range. Then there is the price of a good crew vs a good quality blade.
  8. Q&A: Anvil Hawk

    "A balance pass is scheduled for 2018" which at that point all will become clear. My notes on this ship: oh hey i cant catch anything im too slow. Pew pew wow i cant hurt anything except the snub fighters... which can out run me... oh wow my target is on foot? let me get... darn. left my exosuit in my Avenger... (On land) Pew pew, Help medic! im hurt! shame i dont have an Avenger where i could store a full medical kit... darn i really liked that leg. (on land) pew pew, oh hey i got him! shame i dont have a medical kit to stabilize him till i collect my bounty.... well oh well at least i payed more than buying an avenger... (on land) Now sir, please kindly walk back to my ship, where i left undefended from counter attack from your friendly pirates... Shame that is... Well at least my Avenger could do no better. Unless i had an spare Reliant, which could hold an extra crew member (though it would be slow and all of that) Hmmm..... Wow there are alot of ships that simply do the same thing only better... why, its like sending a terrapin to do advanced recon! how ridiculous... (btw i have a whole list of issues with the terrapin if yall interested in hearing them)
  9. Just upgraded the X1 to a M50, I won’t be doing any more upgrades unless it’s combing my terrapin and m50
  10. Medical Condition

    The Grim-Grand Wallet Riper - spend a 1,000 or more on the game. - (no more ships worthy to buy!) Cold Feet - Almost buy the ship that gets a size boost 2 weeks later. Penniless - All of the good ships cost too much (my problem)
  11. YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    i voted for the front and back pocket ship, it would be the first ship that could be truly a hanger away from your hanger. But if i had my vote, i would of picked the Drake Skycrane. That ship would of been much better for gameplay.
  12. I’m thinking about the misk reliant mesko news van...
  13. I will always take donations for a 890 Jump! And no i only have the terrapin and x1, a combo value of $250 and i dont want to add more than another $50 for a total of $300...... dang ive already spent alot on this game.
  14. cant really decide... i was thinking about getting a fighter, as the terrapin is a fleet scout not an exploration ship (which was what i wanted it to be) but ya idk. i was also thinking about getting an m50 to sooth my Origin sweet tooth.
  15. I have the terrapin (which I also want to change) ant the x1 some money (under$50) and with the news of landing plots idk what to get!

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