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  1. The_Director

    FINALLY got the PU to run again!

    lol more like 16gb just for the game and another 2-4 for your OS and background programs.
  2. The_Director

    Voting for Prospector ad competition ends today

    Good video, kept thinking the guy was going to crack and say a joke or something though lol
  3. The_Director

    EVE Online sold to Black Desert Online owners

    Interesting, wonder if they have any new games planned, or if this is just a merger for the time being.
  4. The_Director

    Rhyming With the Prose

    Nutty?!!!?!?! You back man?!?!?!
  5. The_Director

    Star Citizen: Around the Verse - A Cyclone of Color

    CR just updated that post. livestream is now live for everyone, but they will cut back on how much they were planning to do. personally I wish they stuck to their guns on this, I was and still will pay for the ticket, as flying over there is no good and I still believe in SC and CR’s dream.
  6. The_Director

    Star Citizen: Around the Verse - A Cyclone of Color

    So... I have to pay for the livestream?
  7. The_Director

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    Just got the skin, I love it!
  8. The_Director

    So....what ship do you have?

    Ill glady play you Tuesday for a 890Jump tofay
  9. The_Director

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    just purchased the ship, very happy a ship better than the terrapin while fulfilling the same roles came out!. Its honestly a no brainer to me. The Terrapin is a nice little ship, but it belongs down in the $120 range of the price zone. When your spending close to $200 it needs to have enough beds for the crew, and some storage space to hold more than your toothbrush. Now i can run info, cargo, data runs, and assist in attacks, all inside a roomy ship and not some depressing 2x2 box. (sorry terrapin lovers) Oh, and explore! i could fint tons of fuel pallets, collect tons of data, and the entire crew could sleep in the same shift!
  10. The_Director

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    So it’s what the terrapins and herald was supposed to be lol
  11. The_Director

    new ship?

    Has to be consolidated outlands. It’s an symmetrical.
  12. The_Director

    Generation Zero

    EPIC soundtrack
  13. The_Director

    Q&A: RSI Apollo

    Honestly I think the q&a is too vague. And most q&a’s are. They don’t know how respawn will work, since no one has done it this way. The terrapin is still useless, the storage for a Hull series ship is unknown, and who knows how far a 315p can actually travel exploring. So ya. All things SOON tm
  14. The_Director

    My Journey to Star Citizen

    Make sure you get at the very least 16gb of ram. The game already pushes 16gb, and you will need a little extra for your OS to live on. Also get an ssd decated to just Star Citizen, the game grows like 10gb every update, lol you just might need 500gb by launch. i own a GTX 1070, I get an average of 26-30 FPS on SC, though I expect that will improve whenever they go to optimize the game.
  15. The_Director

    No Man's Sky

    NMS is a poor game, I’ve yet to play the latest update, but it’s just one level, with a billion reskins.