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  1. Anvil Lance

    Hey everyone! I've been working on another side project, which i am calling the Anvil Lance - a short range ship with a long firing range weapons. Simply attached to the side is a Railgun with an extending barrel, for distance engagement with static/near static targets. I still have things left to do, such as actual rear engines, maneuvering thrusters as well as the interior, but i hope to hear come feedback if y'all interested. First Round: Shown when the UV unwrap was completed: And now the completed first pass, with the barrel retracted: First pass, barrel extended: And a zoom in on the cockpit (incomplete) Hope you injoy, feedback welcomed! T_D
  2. Anvil Lance

    Hey guys, a bit of an odd request but here it is: As you all know, i've been working on the Anvil Lance and its almost finished! However i need to start working on the commercial and rendering those takes a great amount of time! So if you are interested in helping me out you could add your PC to my "Sheep It" render farm team. Link. How it works is basically you download the client and your PC will start to render frames for the animation. It does slow your PC down however you can stop at any time, I suggest rendering when your not home for example at work. You can check out the Sheep it FAQ if you are unsure what Sheept it is and if its safe to use. (I assure you it totally is!) Thanks to the general team at sheep it i was able to produce the video in the previous post in 6 hours (it would have taken my PC 13 days nonstop otherwise!) If you have any questions just let me know, Thanks! T_D
  3. Anvil Lance

    lol not quite,still working on the direction, maybe a Death Star?
  4. Anvil Lance

    Hey guys, Here is a cool clip showing a glimpse into the commercial im planning for the ship: T_D
  5. Methinks the case won't even be heard, it will be dismissed on faulty claims on the part of Crytek.
  6. I own the Thermotake X5 (and its HUGE!) but i really like it, i still have yet to add water cooling so its more like a empty cave on my desk right now :D
  7. And they call it a starter ship?
  8. Anvil Lance

    hey everyone, another update done, check it out in the link: Link
  9. First Space-X Heavy Launch streamed in a bit over an hour

    Amazing just amazing!!!
  10. A cool fan made ship

    Naw your cool dude I’m a 3D artist (I’ve made the Anvil Lance). Welcome to TA!!
  11. CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    Well the only issue with that is that it will distract CR from developing and instead going to court. (And secondly I want to see crytek live long enough to make Crysis 4!)
  12. New Road Map for 2018

    Well... Every month they make a new ship sale (or almost every month, where is our January ship?) and lately these ships have been getting more and more polished at the reveal than before. So this makes me believe there are ships awaiting in the wings that will make it into each update that are simply not shown yet. Also the 890J was only going to be released because they want it to be used to define the Origin ship style... Then they chose the 600i to be the ship that defines Origin. So ya only when the 600i is ingame is when they will work on the 890J. I simply cannot comment on any of the other ships because Origin, Why anything else? (though i agree with the BMM, they increased the size of the ship so i doubt that in May we will see anything other than a white box)
  13. New Road Map for 2018

    Me thinks they simply Didn’t update from the last roadmap. And to be fair the carrack is a huge ship that will define exploration. The 600i is a light weight in comparison.
  14. Anvil Lance

    Hey guys ive updated the first post on Spectrum, please head over and take a look at the latest version, and if you like comment and give your opinion on what you like and more importantly, dislike! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50172/thread/anvil-lance Thx T_D
  15. Spectrum website update

    ATV at the end i believe
  16. Hey all, Please go to THIS thread and up-vote it, the modding community has been awaiting a more streamlined method of receiving SC's game assets (besides cracking the game code) and this thread is sponsoring a up-vote request log. Thanks! T_D
  17. Request: Upvote important modding thread!

    Well right now modders can already gain access to these models, its just through a complicated method, and CIG would never let anyone take the game engine (the parts that matter, you could try to use lumberyard but CIG has it customized to their needs already) Ive already taken apart SC code, but its complicated, requires me to use 3rd party software to unzip a few files or read the file code. And finally CIG has already promised us that SC can be fully modded, the only difference is that you must run your version of SC on a private server so that your mod doesn't affect the real game.
  18. Anvil Lance

    Final version of the landing gear:
  19. New - Vanduul Blade

    It turns the vanduul from a pirate-like species into a highly developed species - from scrap parts to a masterpiece. i hope some of the older designs get a reworked based on this design. It appears much more modern than what’s currently in-game.
  20. New - Vanduul Blade

    Its interesting, that ship isnt nearly complete, the right wing (at the bottom of the image) contains no details, and half of the thrusters are also white-boxed. However they just might mirror the other half of the ship as the left side appears to be more complete.
  21. Around the Verse - Austin Studio Update

    #butcanitplaycrysis #butcanitplaystarcitizen
  22. My PC build

    Hey everyone, I just bought a Thermotake x5 PC case, so i thought i would add my PC specs! Intel i7-4790K MSI GTX 1070 with 8GB ram 18GB DDR3 ram (1 2GB, 2 4GB 1 8GB) (found the 2GB as a spare laying round) Windows 10 (Pro if that matters) 2 128GB SSD's (one operated my OS the other SC :P 2* 500GB HDD (currently one but i found another in storage - have to wipe it first) 1 1TB HDD Currently not water cooled (long term goal) Would love to hear your recommendations! T_D
  23. My PC build

    Whoops! mb it is an MSI z97s sli krait edition (black and white) I might do a raid setup but right now i need more storage than i need speed, my first SSD is dedicated to to OS and small quality of life programs, while my 2nd SSD is for running SC (as long as SC stays under 120 GB OFC (which it wont)) Then i have a 500 GB HD which is mostly just standard Steam/Origin/Uplay games and my latest edition is a 1TB hardrive for productivity such as my blender projects/videos/animations. Here is my benchmark using the same program as FC5 http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/6702012
  24. Production Update

    Not exactly, the Terrapin is already hangar ready (not that they do hanger ready mind you) by now they must be on the polishing phase, and i am sure there are a few more ships that are back from their 2nd 3rd 500th pass and ready for 3.1

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