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  1. Ships, Careers, Roles - RSI

    With the new system i really want to get out of my terrapin now and more towards an exploration ship.
  2. What is this?!

    Hmmm decently looks cool!
  3. 3.0 Evocati

    NEWS The Anval Carrwk has entered white box stage! (info collected by the Star Citizen Space whale video, at the last five minutes or so)
  4. 3.0 Evocati

  5. 3.0 Evocati

    Ya citizencon will be the release party... I hope there is some sq42 to wet my appetite.
  6. Origin X1 Q&A

    Hmmm, I think i made a really good choice with the X1 Force (the force must be with me :P ) But more importantly, this was a very well done Q & A session.
  7. Lol they should start doing promotions with PC makers... (oh wait that are doing that!)
  8. Star Trek: Discovery

    Ive yet to see this show myself, but from what i can see its like every other TV show. The pilot is just to introduce the names of the characters, the basic lore backbone and a little excitement. The actual episodes from here on should properly define how the show will go.
  9. With the face shield being exposed (in space you would have to have a space suit) i would guess this is a space bike. Can anyone confirm the difference between space bike's and ground vehicles? Currently: Space LTI (cannot work with ground) Ground LTI (cannot work with space) And Space Bike's (???)
  10. They are changing things up. If its a ground vehicle, then its a ground LTI (meaning you cannot upgrade to a higher ship) If its an space vehicle then its an space LTI, and can only can be traded with space vehicles.
  11. Luxury with basic black leather, middle with rare animal hide, epic with gold everywhere.
  12. Star Citizen METAGAMING

    Dang, i hope that never happens in SC, i dont mind politics, or even members switching sides but to be so cold as to steal an excessive amount from an 'org, thats harsh.
  13. MIA

    was that a landing or a touch and go?
  14. Origin X1 preview (Dragoncon 2017)

    How do you get in? lol
  15. Q&A: Origin 600i

    Ya this q/a makes me sad.
  16. Akanoes you dident miss anything :( 

  17. Meet the MISC Prospector

  18. Next Concept Ship - August 25th

    Bottom right corner 615g the 600 is a gound speeder?
  19. Next Concept Ship - August 25th

    I would get one but it's an extra $200-235, I can't afford that! (Donations to T_D's entertainment fund would be kindly accepted)
  20. Next Concept Ship - August 25th

    Ya its the 600 for gamescon, its gotta be.
  21. Next Concept Ship - August 25th

    How much was the 890 Jump again? i thought the 600 series would be like in the middle of the 300 and the 900 series... these prices are not middle road...
  22. Game Recording software etc. YouTube

    Before you start there, drop your bitrate to something reasonable say 12,000-14,000, your bitrate is at overkill right now. Keep your final FPS reasonable, say around 30 FPS, yes watchers will see the difference versus someone with a 60 FPS rig, but until you have a full gaming rig i doubt you could really do much better. Don't try to play high quality games, stick to lower graphic games, this will improve quality alot. think Portal 2 or CSGO, BF4 and such. Here is my settings, mind you its been a while and with my rig i probably can do better. Output: Advanced Type Custom Output type: To File Bitrate 18,000 Audio Bitrate: 192 FPS: 30 (locked) So here's how OBS works, while you're recording, it is acting like a second monitor, so your cpu is doing double the workload as its doing the screen your seeing and the "digital" screen thats being saved as .mp4 The drawback is that your CPU or GPU (or both) is doing double what it normally does, so if you can get 60 fps out of Star Citizen, your lucky to have 30 FPS recording. But the software doesnt slow its self down to 30 FPS, it just keeps asking for more than what your PC can give. By forcing the recording down to 30 FPS, you get back your performance, at least a little bit. DISCLAIMER: Its been awhile, some of what i have said is just theory, and better updates and improvements to OBS may fix some of the issues you have. Also, get a real SSD man! T_D
  23. Game Recording software etc. YouTube

    I'll respond fully but from what I understand most times your pc needs to have double the CPU and gpu processing power in order to record.
  24. Around the Verse - Making mobiGlas Matter

    there will be somthing of a panic alarm that could go off, the important thing it to not forget your keys
  25. Around the Verse - Making mobiGlas Matter

    QA loves it when new features come online so they can tell the developers that their babies are ugly and make them cryxD so true

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