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  1. No Man's Sky limped onto the market a few months ago, but now designer Gareth Bourn has left Hello Games, joining the ranks of Foundry 42 to work on Star Citizen's ambitious single-player campaign, Squadron 42. Bourn has been working at the Cloud Imperium Games subsidiary company for a couple of weeks now, after joining Hello Games back in 2011. Line of Defense developer Derek Smart tweeted something not too long ago, saying Bourn had "Quit quietly from one sinking canoe to a sinking luxury cruise liner", with Bourn thanking him.http://www.tweaktown.com/news/54989/mans-sky-designer-leaves-joins-star-citizen-studio/index.html
  2. Vindicare

    No Man's Sky

    No Man's Sky collector's edition still hasn't shipped Read more: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/54936/mans-sky-collectors-edition-still-shipped/index.html
  3. this will be good! yay! this being said! i'm not boarding the train hype guys, let it come out, let the good reviews come out and well see. pre orders nevermore movement!
  4. Vindicare

    TS DOWN!

    Ok! Who borked our ts? Ryker was it you!? STAHP IT!
  5. Vindicare

    Who got Titanfall 2?

    I HAZ IT!
  6. Vindicare

    Infinite Warfare

    Might give ir a try some month from now, bought battlefield 1 and titanfall 2 , both have vbery good multyplayer but no one in TA is playing
  7. Vindicare

    Graphics Card Upgrade Question

    amd? god forbid! aniway thats only on one game, dx12 actually is a bit of a mess now, it takes a huge effort on the part of developers to get within dx11 perfomance levels. "DX12: Matching DX11 GPU Performance Not Trivial on All Architectures; “You’re the Driver Now”" http://wccftech.com/remedy-dx12-matching-dx11-gpu-performance-trivial-architectures-driver/ http://wccftech.com/rise-tomb-raider-dx12-vxao-called-worlds-advanced-ao-solution/ so it's still way too early to measure anything, at least untill proper new game engines come out in force, because i dont see how normal developers will be able to program in dx12 native. if you can wait you should buy a new generation card like Pascal, but god knows when they will come out.
  8. Vindicare

    Black Desert Online - Server Choice

    Alustrin it is then.
  9. Vindicare

    Naval Action!

    The game has similarities to eve, and i think thats on purpose by the devs. you can play alone but the things you can do are severely affected. Like Eve the game shines best when you join a big highly organized clan. Im now on the British faction on the EU server with SLRN Clan.
  10. Vindicare

    Master of Orion - By Wargaming - worth it?

    ho i will buy it im shure. but let it come out first and see reviews etc. wargaming is swimming in money they dont need my pre order lol.
  11. Vindicare

    Alpha 2.2.0 Patch Notes

  12. Vindicare

    Guess Who...

    old man and trainer will be mark hamil right?
  13. Vindicare

    Alpha 2.2.0 Patch Notes

    it was a joke! i also use a gamepad for some games