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  1. Pre-load is available now from Uplay/Steam.
  2. Some PC info is starting to come in now that the PC NDA is lifted: - Graphics blow consoles out of the water, but is a slight downgrade from the old trailers (less trash, clutter, ect. in the world). - Complete HUD customization similar to other popular MMOs. HUD is modular. HUD elements can be moved to second or third screens (multi display). - PC version has text chat and prox VOIP. - Uncapped frame rate, multi display support, shadow/fog/lens flare sliders, and a ton of advanced display settings not found on consoles. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGQQCHlDHU4 PC Gameplay! http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3o13rh
  3. It still drifts more than it's initial release, but it's much improved.
  4. Sorry, that code is for North Americans. I forgot to mention. The beta will be available for pre-load 48 hours prior to launch and is ~26GB.
  5. Login and Redeem this code: AGENTORIGINS now at http://ubi.li/e9v3u to unlock your 4 Free Division Agent Gear Sets! (North American website ONLY). Each gear set will give your in-game Division Agent a unique look and includes skills that will help you take back New York.
  6. BoredGamer has a page dedicated to useful links you can browse through to get started. I know they helped me. http://redacted.tv/threads/star-citizen-resources.437/
  7. Some new gameplay footage is being released by authorized YouTubers... there is still some NDA going on but it's much better than the leaked Alpha stuff:
  8. Patch notes state the Vanguard is more maneuverable than intended, but it flies really right now. Lets hope the maneuverability nerf isn't too bad and it gets a corresponding increase in speed to compensate.
  9. And of course they talked about it on Ship Shape today: http://youtu.be/SGU3kq7bQv0?t=17m7s
  10. I thought I was looking at a Sprinkler with bottons for a second there.
  11. I am excited to look at it in hangar (the WIP stuff the showed a few weeks back was gorgeous), but I am even more excited to see how it flies. I won't mind if it has light armament and armour as long as the shields are solid and it's nimble as hell.
  12. From the Monthly Report: "We completed the white-box design of two ships; the Xi’an Scout and the MISCReliant. The Xi’an Scout white box was completed by Tech Design Lead Kirk Tome, while the Reliant white box was completed by our item guru, Matt Sherman." "Chris and Josh have since moved on to the Xi’an Scout, and aim to finish that up later this month." Who else is excited to see this beauty soon?
  13. I think it's Class VI, since it's called Marine Armor, but it doesn't look that bulky (like you could still pilot a ship in it).
  14. Plus the patch notes aren't 20 pages long with these smaller interval releases
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