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  1. Just finished episode 9, totally hooked. This show is awesome!
  2. I couldn't find my car keys the other day, deleted my user folder and there they were!
  3. Hey guys, for the younger amongst us and those that maybe never heard of or played the game, the trailer above was for a Space Flight SIM back in the day! This still in my mind is one of the best trailers ever for a game, even though showing its age! This game, the story and how it played is what gets me so excited about what Star Citizen can be! It's a long trailer, but give it a watch, trust me! Flip
  4. This has given me THE best idea for a friend's stag do. Mortal Combat/street fighter characters. Of course the stag will be a woman character
  5. My fleet including ship names! Sabre - Lucifer's Shadow Vanguard - Nyctophobia (fear of darkness) Freelancer MIS - Tears of Gaia Super Hornet - Galatea 325a changing to a Xi'an Scout named Sgian Dubh (scottish ceremonial dagger) Avenger - Agoraphobia (fear of large spaces)
  6. If you need a pilot I will put my name forward as someone who will take the seat if needed! I have applied to the military and have yet to find my role in there yet. However I do plan on being a balls to the wall fighter pilot and hopefully having a squadron of my own to lead. If I am not out front flying escort for you and command allow me position as a capital pilot then I will gladly pilot your Idris! I appreciate you offering me such a position on something so magnificent Flip
  7. Hi guys, Thought I would share my experience with you which may help if anyone gets in a similar situation! Up until last night I had some pretty bad luck with Arena Commander crashing me out on Vanduul Swarm high waves (the 17th was painful) therefore not being able to complete it. Imagine my despair at hitting wave 18, half way through my wingman dies leaving me with little ammo and 3 elites left.... 3 rounds in each gun wasn't enough to kill even one of them so I decided to pick the biggest asteroid and circle it and try and get them to smash into it and suicide! IT WORKED!! WAVE 18 COMPLETE! All 3 of them over a period of 5 minutes hit enough asteroids to suicide, so do not give up!
  8. Just checked out a few trailers for it, looks pretty decent! It's a long time since there's been a decent sci-fi series!
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