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  1. Roy added a post in a topic Banu Merchantman corridor art 2017   

    I think it's not the main corridor, only some part of the way from captain's quarters to the bathroom is shown
  2. Roy added a post in a topic Project STARFACE   

    Thanks, we'll see when it's released
  3. Roy added a post in a topic Project STARFACE   

    So Optix - are you in or not ?
  4. Roy added a post in a topic Project STARFACE   

    well -  you know - it's possible to have a look at it already now ... I just don't want to start digging w/o good company - see
    that's where you lost me ... it is visible on the screen and clickable from the browser ... so it is most probably html5 app .. and no need to intercept anything .. in worst case ("no api found") whatever we develop will be a legitimate client of the spectrum ... just not a human client

  5. Roy added a post in a topic Project STARFACE   

    Of course they did. At the very minimum they need to make some information from Spectrum consumable by star citizens .. so there always will be a chance to parse  outbound data (not the most efficient way, but still a way)
  6. Roy added a topic in General Questions & Chat   

    Project STARFACE
    Hi all,
    I'd like to organize a group of progammers for analysis of spectrum (when it's released) and developing of some APIs to use it or for use of spectrum's APIs ..  I, most probably, wouldn't have enough time to do a lot of coding by myself, but I'd be happy to assist where needed as well as participate heavily in software design activities :).
    Let me know what do you think    (while I'd be more glad to see TA members in the team - it's open for all star citizens )
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  7. Roy added a post in a topic Resignation   

    Farewell DonnyB, it was a short ride together, but hopefully a good one
  8. Roy added a post in a topic January buy-back tokens   

    @DevilKhan - you know that you don't need a token to buy back with cash, right ?
  9. Roy added a post in a topic And Happy New Year :)   

    depends on line of work .. but personally I wouldn't open the one from zeus with too loud sound
  10. Roy added a topic in Off-Topic Discussion   

    And Happy New Year :)
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  11. Roy added a post in a topic ***MERRY CHRISTMAS****   

    Merry Xmas all
  12. Roy added a post in a topic Star Citizen’s Star Marine hit by wall hack and aimbot   

    For the interest of security I'd pretty much prefer to hear QUESTIONS with REASONS behind them as soon as possible on this forum (preferably in TA internal sections).  Look at this specific example - in ~ 6 hours we (as community) solve the problem completely and now are ready to reply to any possible accusation with 100% confidence ... I know Foggy for some time and I could vouch that his question was dictated by genuine concern. I hope that no offense was taken by MajorLazy as well, as the REASON for the question was explained clearly.    Of course it's good to hope that 100% of TA is good people, and personally I could bet some money that even if it's not exactly 100.00% it is really close to it in reality, but the only way to keep this percentage close to 100% is to be always vigilant and fair ( no "suspicions" of any kind shall be raised, but any facts that could manifest a problem shall be brought either to forums or to the corresponding director as soon as possible - it is basic damage mitigation strategy ( I pretty much prefer to owe a bottle of beer to MajorLazy for the misinterpretation of the fact that he beat the hacker for the first kill, to the big discussion on official forums about hackers in TA ).
    Happy new year all.
  13. Roy added a post in a topic CIG announces deal with Amazon Lumberyard   

    So after reading all of those ( sorry I was deep in outer space for a week ) I guess this agreement was done somewhere around H2 of 2014 .. and in a long run AWS price structure at enterprise level is quite competitive indeed, so having "kind of " Amazon developed networking with AWS hosting is quite logical, and I hope to see tons of benefits (and amazingly low ping) out of it .
    Happy new year to all
  14. Roy added a post in a topic Little question from new member.   

    that's one thing , another one is set of countries of current TA members .. I couldn't find a way to get it w/o parsing logs
  15. Roy added a post in a topic Hey guys!   

    It's nice to see that people are joining .. especially when it's people who helped a lot in the past, and is fun to work / play together with. Welcome.