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  1. Приятно видеть грамотную игру . Добро пожаловать в ТА, и конечно же - ФПС в СС будет интересен Nice to see well executed strategy in a FPS, welcome onboard. And of course FPS will be lots of fun (even for an old timers like myself)
  2. RSI Spectrum Titles

    I think it was one of mini-games (too lazy to google today, sorry), but you are definitely missing Pirate Aggressor
  3. Signature generator??

    Part of the problem is - we need a designer for the update ( it will be more than "lift and shift" for sure )
  4. Signature generator??

    As a result of our move to the new site generator doesn't work any more .. we will have update or replacement soon enough (but most probably after start of 3.0)
  5. @Waor, it was misread indeed, and I apologize for it. We will figure it all out soon (tm) enough
  6. 600 (or whatever it will be) can't be bigger brother of 890 as it is 1/2 price
  7. Speculative ships?

    what do you mean ? ship stats page on RSI always is accurate ... except some typos ... on the mentioned date ...
  8. Speculative ships?

    my understanding was - RSLtaken has a hope that CIG would make a list out of actual information .. I doubt it would be outdated
  9. Speculative ships?

    I really hope that this information will be classified
  10. Impact of the delays etc..

    This will never happen. At best we could hope that project will be somewhat interesting
  11. no-no .. the game is free forever, but there is no timeline on how long you could grab it in the ad
  12. as you are saying "frozen image" I'd suspect 1) videocard 2) soundcard (most probably build in). Do you have any way to slow down the pc ( forbig turbo boost etc.) ? And perhaps there is some kind of build-in diagnostic in bios ?
  13. http://store.steampowered.com/app/323580/
  14. Lumpy - there are some pieces of software based on holograms ... but I'd say that for now something like the link below is your best bet https://sketchfab.com/tags/starcitizen
  15. Oh cmon ... they mean that they preserve Chinese culture and history, they definitely didn't want to say that everyone else is inferior (all of China knows it w/o saying anyway) .

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