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  1. I agree - we need to know more about how shards will communicate, and there are tons of possible versions ... but meanwhile not much we could do (the only thing I am sure about is - missiles will be always competitive .. in case missile boat lock some fighter and drop 10 size 3 missiles on it .. this fighter isn't going very far
  2. At the moment Carrack is $400 while reclaimer is still $350 ... so I guess it isn't possible to upgrade Carrack in Reclaimer
  3. CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    Rephrasin what one of internet lawyers said - dismissal is not a valuation of whether case is right or wrong it is a statement on whether valuation is needed or not
  4. Cases are very tough topic. I got Corsair 750D now, but I'm not extremely happy, as I had to become creative with CPU cooling placement ... still decent case, so I guess Corsairs in general should be ok for cases
  5. PSU AX860 - Owner query

    Had the same discussion couple of months ago with my friends .. ended up going EVGA 850 P2 route .. bought individually sleeved cables for it (from EVGA as well) .. and can't complain about anyting PSU related so far.
  6. Downtime Notification: Insurance Claim Hotfix

    same here same here lol
  7. Unfortunately I lost my money at the second run .. so only could say couple of things 1) grim hex landing parts are not working well with freelancers 2) you know have better chances to respawn at location where you die ( grim hex, levski etc. ) so in case of crash try to respawn once and see whether there is something to save or not
  8. CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    solarfire ... your video is about crytek's response that was already re-responded by CIG as far as I understand (hence - out of sequence)
  9. CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    you most probably are going to get your wish ... while _most_ of the claim could be dismissed w/o hearing, couple of points require details
  10. Errm .. so every time you open GQC it puts your last post in GQC ? Are you talking about the funny glitch last text you typed in the editor is copied in the editor here ? If yes - it is browser sided buffering issue that stalks current release of ipboards .. ignore it
  11. (whispering) what is GQC ?
  12. yep .. but those are "intentions of the patch" ... one just doesn't expect intentions to realise
  13. TL;DR - in case you are NOT a concierge you'd need to play through squadron 42 and get a token that will allow you to purchase F8C .. and remember F8C is not F8A
  14. New Road Map for 2018

    I think back in time those were more about mechanics ... now 610 is better than Carrack and phoenix is better than 890 and hull c is better than banu to test mechanics with minimum overhead

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