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  1. Roy added a post in a topic Opinions on Discord   

    I'd love to have discord with voice , authorizations, design and integration capabilities of teamspeak  .. when it happens I'd jump to discord (providing it still will be free) .  For now it is a great solution for small organizations w/o need of coordinated actions between structured divisions .. hopefully in the future it will evolve into something bigger and better.
    Simple test to do:
    Imagine you have four squads:
    1. Mining ( multiple ships, some of those capable of fighting )
    2. Exploration ( checking space for more mining in the area )
    3. Military patrol ( tasked with immediate protection of mining and exploration in the area )
    4. Emergency response team ( military + medics + repairs + ... )  responsible for the sector
    Leads of Mining and Exploration squads shall have :
    - communication channel to the corresponding group members (1)
    - communication channel to each other (2) and
    - to military patrol lead  (3)
    Military patrol lead shall have communication channel to the officer on duty of emergency response team (4) ... etc.
    This communication (voip) structure is easily solved within teamspeak by whisper lists ... unfortunately it is not possible to solve it at all in discord as of now. 
  2. Roy added a post in a topic Greetings   

    Sorry I had a chat with my keyboard .. it wasn't her .. it was her auntie
  3. Roy added a post in a topic Lets address the elephant in the room   

    I believe everyone who registered is considered part of community (not necessarily part of the org). While we have nothing to hide, I agree with Rich - there is no good reason to burden people who just came with some stories about past. Hence my suggestion - let this topic sink
  4. Roy added a post in a topic Greetings   

    Welcome on-board Rich ... but hey .. why do you have my keyboard
  5. Roy added a post in a topic Lets address the elephant in the room   

    poking nato to the side with an index finger ... ok ok .. I could be mistaken and you could disagree, but I'd still keep saying that you did a very good job as a military director .... as for moving forward - I can't agree more - let the whole thing cool down and have a look at what is what w/o stirred emotions .. and more likely than not we'd be able to find a lot of common grounds (I tend to believe that most of the people have lots in common )
  6. Roy added a post in a topic Idea, deputation   

    I agree with what was said above - in case it's not related to the director of their division - they could talk to him, and in any case they should either talk to TA or to exec(s) directly  ... in case someone for any reason can't catch up with anyone - I, as one of developers for community, will try to find a way to create a mail/pm box accessible only by execs, for questions / requests / ideas.
  7. Roy added a post in a topic So long, farewell, something something goodnight   

    RSLtaken - he joined the same org as Nato, so I have to join you and Drakin in not understanding the motivation ... could be me being a bit too tired
    in any case I wish RedWolfOfDeath the best in the verse
  8. Roy added a post in a topic I'm fucking off.   

    wth Max ... you obviously have all the rights and means to do whatever you like to, but is something really so bad that you leave us ?  I'd love to have a talk to you in our teamspeak if possible.  In any case - all the best to you in the verse and in RL.
  9. Roy added a post in a topic R9 290 to GTX1080 for 2-4k   

    As far as I see in discussions - you'd definitely wait for 1080ti at least for 4k
  10. Roy added a post in a topic Opinions on Discord   

    vXViper - no worries .. spectrum should have similar to discord's chat capabilities
  11. Roy added a post in a topic Sound of the IDRIS GUN!!   

    Yeah, after some discussion on one of other forums - the uniform agreement was - it's a fun made thing, not a real deal .. but still - very very nice.
  12. Roy added a post in a topic Greetings from NJ (Don't hold it against me)   

    Welcome onboard captain
  13. Roy added a topic in General Game Discussion   

    Free X-Com: UFO Defense
    Very old and still nice game for free .. 1 day 20 hours left to grab
    • 3 replies
  14. Roy added a post in a topic Banu Merchantman corridor art 2017   

    I think it's not the main corridor, only some part of the way from captain's quarters to the bathroom is shown
  15. Roy added a post in a topic Project STARFACE   

    Thanks, we'll see when it's released