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  1. Be patient ... take some tea and wait ... as I mentioned above - it could be 100+ seconds before your time to get in the PTU come )
  2. After you copy your account and download whatever is needed - don't be disappointed if you are not in the game right after you clicked on needed buttons .. it takes some time to start ( people are waiting from 10 to 100 seconds ) But when you're in - you could do many interesting things .. enjoy 100+ fps ... and try to visit ArcCorp and Hurston ... GL
  3. My only concern is - gatlings wouldn't have enough ammo for long patrols .. even with all extra ammo boxes (
  4. It is definitely something that should be reported using IC
  5. for those who are also playing in PTU ... 3.1.3d is live 3.1.3e is still on PTU
  6. with 8700K having 970 is sad ... it is nice card but 4GB could limit things
  7. intel 8700K is very good cpu .. what about video ?
  8. taken from https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/11240-StarShip42-FleetView-A-3D-Fleet-Viewer
  9. Warbond is "just" - cash only ... while LTI is "first time ever" or at least "rare occasion" .. at least in 2018
  10. You are welcome, and sorry for bad news . On the positive note - you could buy any new ship that is CHEAPER than freelancer as a warbond LTI version and later upgrade it to freelancer. This would give you cheaper than "classical" and LTI freelancer.
  11. Welcome back AthomSmasher, visit TS and search for some help to link your RSI profile to your forum profile and TS ... should be quite an easy path.
  12. There will be freelancer upgrades, but it is one of first ships and I doubt warbond will ever happen
  13. I'm afraid warbond freelancer variants are not happening anytime soon
  14. Just FYI all - maybe worth a pin as well. Some interesting bug hits the SC universe today - any ship that you didn't use after 3.1 starts is no longer present in your hangar in game ... investigation is under way (it isn't lost "overall" most probably ). https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/4/thread/known-issues-sc-alpha-3-1-0-live-738964
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