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  1. Peripherals

    at this stage you could use two joysticks of any kind as your setup .. trouble with 3d pro it doesn't have tons of buttons unfortunately meanwhile we have an event now
  2. Physx

    phys-x is not card specific - it could be done by cpu in case of gpu absence, but I doubt that it is anywhere near bottleneck by now
  3. I'd rather say - first - sell cargo, second - go for fun ... ship w/o cargo for now is a minor hindrance
  4. Ship destroyed on pad?

    normally you BUY at Levski and sell at Olisar (strut A)
  5. Ship destroyed on pad?

    It could be that shooting is forbidden around Arc Corp .. but normally it is just a 2500 m zone .. so if someone has decent guns and is not afraid to get crime rate he could shoot from outside of safe bubble ... but most probably you can't shoot only around arc-corp (like 500m ) and not 2.5 km out of it ---- anyway - just one more good reason to fly levski
  6. 3.0 ooops

    back in time I had most of my money in a freelancer that spawned upside down ... was barely able to get into and fly out .. but I did it and I'm proud
  7. 3.0 ooops

    as soon as you have unusable ship in any port I'd STRONGLY recommend to change servers. Here is my story - I got a broken ship on olisar, so I asked a friendly starsitizen to move me out to grim hex ... claimed ship there and flight back to Olisar in it .... to my HUGE surprise I wasn't able to get green light for landing as Olisar was sure I already requested a platform . Luckily I remembered where my ship was originally (not working one) .. and IT WAS STILL THERE .. so I was able to land close to it w/o crime penalty .. but it isn't for everyone lol.
  8. 3.0 ooops

    I tried to get out of the room 5 times before giving up (there was no cargo in my pigamas )
  9. 3.0 ooops

    it is actually the sign that server is almost dead ... i once got a server that put me back into bed every time I tried to open a door
  10. First Cargo Run

    to "remove" something just clear up binding
  11. First Cargo Run

    Game behaves really weird when you have controls setup for both mouse and joystick ... remove one which is unneeded set and you'd be fine with either (at least I am )
  12. ...that involves violation of EULA among other things .. and this violates EULA as well nope .. they promised some modifications possible .. as long as I'm not mistaken word "full" was never used judging by current situation I foresee rather "you'd need to rent your own amazon server with preinstalled SC and you'd be given some mod tools )
  13. Errm ... mixed feelings here ... while I totally trust backers - high poly models are property of CIG and source of money making for the game in the future .. releasing them officially wouldn't be quite logical ... but as I said earlier - I completely understand where people are coming from
  14. I'd say minimal requirements are still 2GB, but yes 1GB could be too small: Windows 7 (64bit) with Service Pack 1, Windows 8 (64bit), Windows 10 – Anniversary Update (64bit) DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 2GB RAM (4GB strongly recommended) Quad Core CPU 16GB+ RAM SSD strongly recommended (c) https://robertsspaceindustries.com/download
  15. nope ... not a videocard issue - settings issue (I need to figure out which one does it, but I have exactly same problem after playing with configs now ) .. try to remove user.cfg completely and see whether it solves it.
  16. 3.0 Pictures & Videos (ptu and live)

    My cat is very sick ...
  17. Star Citizen Config Tool

    If I'm not mistaken (which isn't unheard of at all ) user.cfg changes work for windowed mode ( so you'd have star citizen occupying part of your screen .. not the whole screen in lower resolution ) .. I doubt it will work in full screen mode
  18. Pledge Buy Back

    Gigowatt - game lied to you .. you have multiple opportunities .. you could only use 1 of them in any given 3 months period
  19. Production Update

    They have some real stuff to show now, so they drop the ball on ships completely
  20. My PC build

    you didn't mention mobo ... I'd say if it is possible at all - make stripe (raid 0) 256 GB out of your 128 x2 ... and ensure that you back it up to 1Tb frequently enough
  21. I'd say - check userbenchmark - no harm I hope http://www.userbenchmark.com/
  22. List of active members?

    well ... we could easily do it here ... if someone is active in PU please leave here link to your profile https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Roy_U And don't forget to FOLLOW everyone in the thread
  23. Drakin - TrackIr was always about free look only .. I don't believe anyone ever was able to get decent performance in 2-3 hours session with "head positioning" based shooting
  24. I'm able to fly with mouse and keyboard on this one, but I have to say it is a challenge ... couple of ideas: 1> in case you are flying something not very nimble - don't try close dogfight (or use decouple a lot) 2> understand and use radar more than visuals .. for freelancer I can't see enemy most of the time

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