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  1. After you copy your account and download whatever is needed - don't be disappointed if you are not in the game right after you clicked on needed buttons .. it takes some time to start ( people are waiting from 10 to 100 seconds ) But when you're in - you could do many interesting things .. enjoy 100+ fps ... and try to visit ArcCorp and Hurston ... GL
  2. Roy

    PTU 3.3 is open for all

    Be patient ... take some tea and wait ... as I mentioned above - it could be 100+ seconds before your time to get in the PTU come )
  3. Roy

    Gatlings on the turrets!

    My only concern is - gatlings wouldn't have enough ammo for long patrols .. even with all extra ammo boxes (
  4. It is definitely something that should be reported using IC
  5. Roy

    3.1.3 is Live

    for those who are also playing in PTU ... 3.1.3d is live 3.1.3e is still on PTU
  6. with 8700K having 970 is sad ... it is nice card but 4GB could limit things
  7. intel 8700K is very good cpu .. what about video ?
  8. taken from https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/11240-StarShip42-FleetView-A-3D-Fleet-Viewer
  9. Warbond is "just" - cash only ... while LTI is "first time ever" or at least "rare occasion" .. at least in 2018
  10. Roy

    Hey sorry I've been away RL problems

    check your pm please
  11. You are welcome, and sorry for bad news . On the positive note - you could buy any new ship that is CHEAPER than freelancer as a warbond LTI version and later upgrade it to freelancer. This would give you cheaper than "classical" and LTI freelancer.
  12. Roy

    Hey sorry I've been away RL problems

    Welcome back AthomSmasher, visit TS and search for some help to link your RSI profile to your forum profile and TS ... should be quite an easy path.
  13. There will be freelancer upgrades, but it is one of first ships and I doubt warbond will ever happen
  14. I'm afraid warbond freelancer variants are not happening anytime soon
  15. Roy

    Stability & Persistence.

    Just FYI all - maybe worth a pin as well. Some interesting bug hits the SC universe today - any ship that you didn't use after 3.1 starts is no longer present in your hangar in game ... investigation is under way (it isn't lost "overall" most probably ). https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/4/thread/known-issues-sc-alpha-3-1-0-live-738964
  16. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/Star-Citizen-Scavenger-Hunt-Rules hopefully it will not be a joke .. GL everyone
  17. Actually no ... videocard isn't really loaded at the moment as well ... I think the bottleneck is on server / network side (latency not throughtput) mostly now which is promising
  18. Oh ..just in case anyone is interested - due to some discussion I measured fps for my processor ( 1800x ) limited to 2.4 Ghz (no turbo allowed) instead of standard 3.6 Ghz ( turbo up to 4.0 Ghz allowed ) ... in Alpha 3.0.1 there was no substantial difference in average and/or top fps ( 1440p with Nvidia 1080 as videocard )
  19. I agree - we need to know more about how shards will communicate, and there are tons of possible versions ... but meanwhile not much we could do (the only thing I am sure about is - missiles will be always competitive .. in case missile boat lock some fighter and drop 10 size 3 missiles on it .. this fighter isn't going very far
  20. At the moment Carrack is $400 while reclaimer is still $350 ... so I guess it isn't possible to upgrade Carrack in Reclaimer
  21. Roy

    CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    Rephrasin what one of internet lawyers said - dismissal is not a valuation of whether case is right or wrong it is a statement on whether valuation is needed or not
  22. Cases are very tough topic. I got Corsair 750D now, but I'm not extremely happy, as I had to become creative with CPU cooling placement ... still decent case, so I guess Corsairs in general should be ok for cases
  23. Roy

    PSU AX860 - Owner query

    Had the same discussion couple of months ago with my friends .. ended up going EVGA 850 P2 route .. bought individually sleeved cables for it (from EVGA as well) .. and can't complain about anyting PSU related so far.
  24. Roy

    Downtime Notification: Insurance Claim Hotfix

    same here same here lol