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  1. Is that tealy a thing exchange cargo for extra guns ? Cuz then im happy!
  2. Cargo runs in a ship that can defend its self with no problem, that ppl will think twice before trying to steal my cargo
  3. Hey guys im in need for some advice. I have a Carrack en a M2 hercules for buy back i dont have the money for both. Im looking for a Ship that is a flying fortress with a lot of guns to use as a transport ship. Both have guns and allmost the same amount of cargo but i dont know whats beter. only thing i can think of is that the Carrack has a hanger and a rover inside. show me what you guys are thinking, or that i even need to take a look at a diffrent ship.
  4. yeah will try again tommrow to see if the box wont disapear random or fall to the core of a planet :P or i just need to get beter at dog fighting to make some cash!
  5. Lost yesterday 14k now i have 20 credits left, cant do anything!
  6. im going from daymar drugslab to yela in a cutless black of freelancer
  7. HeyHey Back from a very long break, starting playing yesterday . But playing today i keep dieing for no reason, walking into a pol dead. landing ship getting out dead. droping a packets dead. How can i fix this problem?
  8. are there ships the org is still in need of other then my ship chooises ?
  9. Oke guys im in need of a new Ship woehoe! but i dont know what. ATM i have a: Freelancer MAX (dont know if i want to upgrade it to a MIS so this will be the first qeustion) Cutlass Black Misc PROSPECTOR Im in need of a ship that can take care of its self and transport or mine/farm goods I want to fly it be my self or with a friend (max 3 ppl) and i will automate all the turrets but the most importen thing is i want to be helpfull in the org. Have €500 to spend im thinkin about: Constellation Andromeda cuz its a medium to large ship that can hull cargo and has to turrets that is great Starfarer Gemini It can hull cargo and farm gass and 1 more turret then the Andromeda( no cover on his belly doh) but its a bit big for 1 to 3 man ship. the other ships if been looking at are the Redeemer and Retaliator bace cuz of the turrets/firepower, but sadly no cargo space i dindt include the hall series, was looking at the hull-C but the fact that cargo is outside is a big problem. but who know if you can convince me. If there is money left i allso will be a good fighter/escort ship! will need help with that allso :P Hope this will give you something to work with, i will nog buy anything untill tonights classified reveal but dont expect mush from Consolidated Outland Thanks in advance and sry for my bad english
  10. what a warm welcome Got my self a Max, and allways upgrade it is something beter comes out!
  11. Hey guys Back from a long time inactivatie in hope for 3.0 will bring more gametime! But i have a problem Im in look for a ship that you can use with only 2 players I allrdy have a prospector for when where no play together so i can just mine my heart out but now in need for a ship for 2 players , we both like the idea of transporting/hauling stuff but it needs to be able to fight back! first i bought the Hull-C i liked the idea of that amount of guns and cargo,but i just think its why to big for 2 players and i dindt like the idea of having cargo out side of the ship. Im look atm at Freelancer MAX and MIS, the Redeemer, Constellation Andromeda, Cutlass Black and even the Reclaimer. So in short looking for a ship with firepower that can transport en escort things, that can be used by 2,3 ppl and can land on planets! Still like the idea of the hall-C with the amount of guns but the outside cargo is just nog for me/ Hope that you guys can help me find a good ship for what i want, even if you say i just have to wait for something beter. Thanks in advance sry for the bad grammer Dutchy out!
  12. I like the Idea of fuel and cargo hauler all in one that can defent it self with the big guns, i want to buy it but can one person handel this ship? i know you need more ppl too get 100% out of the ship but is it possible to do everything solo ?
  13. I feel so useless with just one ship between all these lists damn! Got my Sabre atm but thinking of upgrading it to a redeemer or a big mining ship
  14. The choice is getting harder and harder, but thanks for the information and options.
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