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  1. Is that tealy a thing exchange cargo for extra guns ? Cuz then im happy!
  2. Cargo runs in a ship that can defend its self with no problem, that ppl will think twice before trying to steal my cargo
  3. Hey guys im in need for some advice. I have a Carrack en a M2 hercules for buy back i dont have the money for both. Im looking for a Ship that is a flying fortress with a lot of guns to use as a transport ship. Both have guns and allmost the same amount of cargo but i dont know whats beter. only thing i can think of is that the Carrack has a hanger and a rover inside. show me what you guys are thinking, or that i even need to take a look at a diffrent ship.
  4. yeah will try again tommrow to see if the box wont disapear random or fall to the core of a planet :P or i just need to get beter at dog fighting to make some cash!
  5. Lost yesterday 14k now i have 20 credits left, cant do anything!
  6. im going from daymar drugslab to yela in a cutless black of freelancer
  7. HeyHey Back from a very long break, starting playing yesterday . But playing today i keep dieing for no reason, walking into a pol dead. landing ship getting out dead. droping a packets dead. How can i fix this problem?
  8. are there ships the org is still in need of other then my ship chooises ?
  9. Oke guys im in need of a new Ship woehoe! but i dont know what. ATM i have a: Freelancer MAX (dont know if i want to upgrade it to a MIS so this will be the first qeustion) Cutlass Black Misc PROSPECTOR Im in need of a ship that can take care of its self and transport or mine/farm goods I want to fly it be my self or with a friend (max 3 ppl) and i will automate all the turrets but the most importen thing is i want to be helpfull in the org. Have €500 to spend im thinkin about: Constellation Andromeda cuz its a medium
  10. what a warm welcome Got my self a Max, and allways upgrade it is something beter comes out!
  11. Hey guys Back from a long time inactivatie in hope for 3.0 will bring more gametime! But i have a problem Im in look for a ship that you can use with only 2 players I allrdy have a prospector for when where no play together so i can just mine my heart out but now in need for a ship for 2 players , we both like the idea of transporting/hauling stuff but it needs to be able to fight back! first i bought the Hull-C i liked the idea of that amount of guns and cargo,but i just think its why to big for 2 players and i dindt like the idea of having cargo out side of the ship. Im look atm at Freela
  12. I like the Idea of fuel and cargo hauler all in one that can defent it self with the big guns, i want to buy it but can one person handel this ship? i know you need more ppl too get 100% out of the ship but is it possible to do everything solo ?
  13. I feel so useless with just one ship between all these lists damn! Got my Sabre atm but thinking of upgrading it to a redeemer or a big mining ship
  14. The choice is getting harder and harder, but thanks for the information and options.
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