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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions! It is appreciated! Going to take some time to look through these and see what may work best for me. Hopefully I'll be playing with you all soon. Thanks!
  2. Hello all. Long time org member, but I haven't been very active yet. I have been following Star Citizen for a long time, but until this last week, have not had a rig to play the game well at all. Well, I am all updated and can run the game quite well and am enjoying it for the first time. I have wanted to get more involved with the org for some time now, but without being able to play it just wasn't something I really had the opportunity to do. My question is about mics and headsets. I am an older gamer and am used to text chat in most multiplayer games. I've not had any expe
  3. Thanks for the response and the link! What are everyone's thoughts on the current asteroid hanger that comes with the cutlass? Any good, or is it kinda boring like most are now that they are smaller?
  4. So, I know this discussion is a week or so old, but I think I figured out a plan. I think I may grab the cutlass now to see what it is like when the rework comes out. Just a couple of questions about this: Do we know if the rework will come out with 3.0? I know it is supposed to be soon, but is it supposed to be that soon? Also, I am thinking of just grabbing the ship straight for $100 instead of upgrading my Avenger as this would give me two ships and a new hanger. Any advice on this? Is the VGF hanger any fun now that they are all a bit smaller? Would having an Avenger and Cutlass be
  5. Thanks, Yodel, that is a really good idea. I know that it is more of an outlaw ship, and while I have no interest in playing an outlaw, the general load out of the ship does seem to really fit what I would be interested in. I can't wait to see the rework of it as well. If I do upgrade, it may be a good idea to go cutlass first and then I can always upgrade again to freelancer if I like. I appreciate the idea!
  6. I have enjoyed it a good bit any time there was a free fly and I could try it out. I like the look of it too. What do you mean by properly fitted? Are there guns you recommend buying for it?
  7. Thanks for the responses! They help a lot. I am really glad to know that the aiming pip is off. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I was so much worse at hitting things than I was before. The flight model is really not my cup of tea and I figured it would change some eventually, but I was pretty certain I was still just as good at pointing my mouse at things. Nice to know not every miss was my fault! With your talk of other ships like the 300 series, I have thought of possibly upgrading to a freelancer, especially when 3.0 come out to enjoy more of the relaxed exploration and tr
  8. Hey all, I have been thinking about posting this for a while, but didn't want to sound as if I am complaining. However, I have been having a real hard time with Star Citizen since the new flight model update. My only ship is an Avenger Titan, which I have previously enjoyed very much. However, now I seem to barely be able to fight with my ship at all. I fly with mouse and keyboard, not for any specific reason, but just because I always have (I do have a relatively decent joystick I could use). Therefore my gimbals are not locked and I can only either shoot with the main chaingun or the tw
  9. Very sorry for your loss! So sorry to hear this! Take as much time as you need!
  10. I watched a lot of videos too and noticed it was buggy. I also didn't really like the resource collection part. Seems like some areas have a lot of resources and others have nothing at all. A good one to watch though. I like the graphics and the general idea. Maybe it will turn out to be something fun when they add some more too it.
  11. Yeah, it certainly is a nice looking ship! I do think I will eventually get a HOTAS for Star Citizen, but may wait a bit to see how everything ends up. One thing I probably do need to do is learn more about COMSTAB and decoupled mode. That will probably give me more options in fights and things. I don't even know what COMSTAB does to be honest I've been enjoying learning dogfighting and things so I'll have to work on those next. Thanks!
  12. That is all really interesting. I still wonder if the SH is the ship for me, but I can definitely see how either going all gimbaled or all fixed weapons would make the sabre a lot more deadly. When you use all fixed weapons, do you find that it is easier to use a joystick than the mouse and keyboard?
  13. So I was taking the Sabre out for a few test flights over the last few days. I was really excited about the ship. I love the look of it and it seems like it would be a great ship to fly. However, after flying the Super Hornet a few weeks ago I just didn't like the Sabre as much as I thought I would. Don't get me wrong, it's a great ship and I still think it is my favorite visually. However, I felt like I slid around in it a lot and it seemed harder to control than other ships. I know the flight model isn't done yet and the sabre is a fast ship. It just wasn't as maneuverable as I though
  14. I just hope one day I'll be able to walk around Port Olisar as smoothly as that guy did and without laggy stuttering All in all though, very neat stuff!
  15. Yeah, I like the idea of the game but there are plenty of games like this out there that don't have a subscription. I'll probably keep an eye on it, but can't see myself playing this one.
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