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  1. I think your there or there about. Although I'm not sure why the Avenger will start with a base version jump point scanner as it doesn't have a exploration variant. What we need to remember is any ship (with in reason) should be able to carry any scanner but some will be limited to the amount, scanner size and equipment/ship placement.
  2. We can't compare in terms of exploration without knowing what it capabilities each ship has in this setup. The only measuring stick we have for that is the price. I'd imagine the higher the price, the more capable the ship. Everything else is second.
  3. Last chance, the twitch stream will raffle a terrapin on the hour, everyhour, while live. (SUNDAY)
  4. are you sure thats not REC? Ship package UEC isnt added until later.
  5. Just melted a few ships and got the Mega explorers Pack for now. At least id have it in my melt list
  6. CR on twitch stream saying that it could take up to 40 minutes to cross Stanton in quantum and he'd like something like a player having the abilty to spend a hundred hours in the stanton system If they wish. Day4
  7. 125 melt and yeah your right then alpha is pointless now
  8. wow thats a great saving on a pack that i already have most of the ships for. Thanks for checking. But id lose these items from my original and only Freelancer Package *Highlighted Starting Money: 5,000 UEC Lifetime Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Engineering Manual Legacy Alpha Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Digital Star Citizen Manual
  9. Am i doing something wrong or are the prices discounted on packages? Mega Pack costs 895 yet the ships individually cost 1045, plus you get both game packages and 20k credits. Expl pack costs 495 but agin individually cost 580. Again with both packages and more credits... can someone double check!
  10. I love the look but I need to think about this. Firstly, as an explorer is it better than a DUR and secondly, as a miner is it better than a Prospector. Right off the bat I'd have to say no to either of these but I do think it's a sexy ship and I'm trying to find a good reason to buy it.
  11. BOOM!! http://www.gamespot.com/articles/how-star-citizen-plans-to-do-much-of-what-no-mans-/1100-6442819/
  12. are we going to see the release of the rover tonight.......... hype hype
  13. yeah the door and ramp has that millenium falcon thing going on. \and even the legs are similar
  14. So good points here. How this can relate to SC is simple. There are always going to be disappointment, regardless people's expectations are too high and it hard not to get carried away as SC continues to deliver time and again. For me I'm sure we will have the best single player game out there. In a controlled game they will deliver but I'm sure the SC multiplayer verse will disappoint many. So many things will need to come together but if we can limit our expectation on a few things then I'm happy. For me it's; Number of players in a instance - As long as I can fill a ship with a few players I'm happy, even if it means most of the combat is PVE to help reduce impact on server use I'm not worried. Anything above what we have then I'm good. I want huge battles with players but I'm not expecting it to happen as big or as smoothly as we all want. Decent interaction with NPC crew and crew stations - Again, as long as they fill a purposeful role everything above this is fine with me. But interacting with NPCs could either make crew stations over simplified or not fun. Balancing this is hard but I'm willing to reduce my ship sizes if need be to keep my game fun. Exploration - As you can see with NMS, this is the hardest role to deliver upon. I'm sure they are going to get Industry and Combat right but I'm trying to reduce my expectation when in comes to exploration. It's hard to find the balance between original limited one off exploration finds and the number of players that want exploration. Im happy if the other two work but this is where this game will get measured for me. If we look at Elite D and NMS, they have both failed (so far) to deliver on a rich and diverse universe that has a lot of depth to it. This is where I believe SC WILL and MUST deliver. But they may not deliver on everything and we need to be prepared for that.
  15. Theres a raffle for a large ship on twitch! In under 1 hour.. not sure which one yet.
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