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  1. Nothing about those things in the video. I guess Spectrum found captain's quarters on the mid deck, near the kitchen
  2. A detailed interior plan: https://picload.org/view/dclpdggr/vergleich.png.html
  3. I've said it before, for me, the real development started around 2015, when they established more offices (Frankfurt) and hired more people to at least optimistically even make this game. So 3 years later, I can say that they have a decent alpha going with a lot of really important updates planned this year. Now if one thinks that they started development around 2012, then I can totally see that persons frustration with the delays and half of a decade of waiting for something cool.
  4. First step is to join the Medical Club. Let's have these discussions there.
  5. I melted a lot of stuff and got an ALMIGHTY ENDEAVOR. There are only 3 ships in this game that I dream about and this is one of them. I realized that I hate the Freelancer now. Damn you Drake, damn you Josh Coons... All in all, no regrets :D
  6. Quick flyby: A central corridor, labs? Side corridor? Habitation, science? Habitation, labs? Medical? Garage, cargo modules (HUGE!): Snub hangar:
  7. This is a log of the most important things that CIG has said about medical profession that I could dig up. It is written in a chronological order for everyone to read in one place. It is interesting to see how stable they have been (I hope at least some people will find this helpful) x) This is a lot, but necessary. 05 Feb 2013 DEATH OF A SPACEMAN Without the risk of losing something you’ve worked hard towards, the sense of achievement is cheap. I want to feel the effects of physical damage on my character, loss of limb or other mishaps that can happen in the danger of space. If my character has been through several wars, I want to see the scars on him/her – perhaps a cybernetic arm because one was lost in firefight or the wrong side of a dogfight. I want to be able to walk up to another player in a bar and SEE that he or she is a grizzled veteran with the battle scars to prove it. This is the kind of detail, texture, and immersion that I want to achieve with Star Citizen. The life and death cycle of humanity is what has brought us our history, our need to “make a mark” in our time, to push forward. If I want a living, breathing universe that has a lot of the dynamics of a real world immortality for all is problematic. The flip side is that while perma-death is realistic, it is not a lot of fun if the first time you’re on the wrong side of a dogfight you lose everything and have to start again. I want Star Citizen to be immersive AND fun. When you’re happy with how you look, you will exit and return to the UEE recruitment office and officer. You’ll fill in your name on the MobiGlas form and also specify your beneficiary in case of death: this could be a family member, son, daughter, uncle, aunt or someone entirely new (although not another player character). When you venture out into space proper, you do put your character at risk, but it will be a long term one, not an immediate one. I see each character you play having the ability to “die” multiple times before the character is finally put to rest. Medicine has the ability to bring people back from what would be considered dead in today’s world. If you lose a dogfight and your ship is going to blow, you have a few seconds to eject. If you manage to eject safely and someone doesn’t blast your ejected avatar, you won’t have even used a “life”. If you don’t manage to eject in time, or someone blasts your ejected character (which carries a harsh penalty if you do this in “civilized” space), your badly charred and almost dead avatar is recovered and you wake up in a med bay. This is also true if you are killed in a boarding action and your teammates can’t or don’t recover you. If this happens it is assumed that your dead body was evacuated into space and then recovered. Every “death” creates wear and tear on your body. Depending on where you were hit and how you died, your character may require a new body part, which can either be cybernetic or organic. Eventually after too many deaths, your character’s body will just give out, and instead of waking up in a med bay, you’ll be attending the funeral of your fallen character from the eyes of the beneficiary you specified when originally creating your character. If your old character has done something noteworthy (akin to an in-game achievement), his headstone might read “Here lies Chris, discover of the Orion 2 jump point, slayer of the Dread Pirate Roberts, and a Citizen of the First Order.” There will also be opportunities to regain some lives or do a reset. Some of this could be through in-game missions or it could just involve paying a lot of money to a specialist on a remote med planet that is doing stem cell research. Your avatar is really just a visual representation of your in-game character, and because Star Citizen is skill based, the loss of your character is more a cosmetic and textural outcome, especially as almost all of the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate pass on to the beneficiary that you specified when creating your original character. Reputation and faction alliances pass on to your new character, but slightly diminished. If your original character was a pirate, then the new one will also be aligned with pirates, but not as much and will still be on the UEE watch list. What I like about this system is that it creates a sense of mortality and history. No one’s character will die right away. It will take some time to get to that point, but players will feel a sense of risk and so will think twice before needlessly risking their lives, as they don’t want to burn through their “lives”. You’ll also be able to see visually how battle scarred someone is – perhaps having an eye patch or a cybernetic arm could be a badge of pride that you’ve been to war and survived. This will hopefully create a competition between players to see how much they can achieve in the life span of their current characters. The ones that achieve greatness via killing a Star Citizen unique NPC or taking part in a unique event, like discovering a new jump point or system, are recorded in the Galactapedia and become part of the universe lore and history. I realize this game is not going to fulfill everyone’s personal vision of what they think it will be. There will be some things in Star Citizen’s game design that WILL take people out of their comfort zone. That’s a good thing. Q. What qualifies as a “death”? Not ejecting before your ship blows up, taking a head shot during boarding, having your ejected pilot or escape pod targeted and destroyed while floating in space. So expect to wake up in the med bay at least half a dozen times if not more. And getting to this point won’t be common unless you are participating in a lot of boarding actions or flying in areas where there is no law and order. We will monitor player’s disconnects and if we feel like you are “gaming” the system we may enact a “death” penalty on you and decrease your internal life count. Pilots who shoot down ejection pods will have trouble navigating civilized space because the police will be on their tails… and they’ll have trouble in the lawless regions, too, because there will be heavy government bounties on their heads (in addition to any player bounties that might be added.) You can activate your rescue beacon at any time, and when there are no hostiles within a certain distance the game will fade out, then fade up with “… a little time later” and have an in-engine cinematic of your pilot / pod being tractored in to a rescue and recovery vehicle. The game will then cut to the last planet you “saved” on, and you looking at your new replacement ship (assuming you have insurance). A head shot is more likely to be fatal than any other injury! Boarding a ship is an extremely risky proposition… you can gain a valuable prize by capturing another player’s property but you’re putting yourself at the most risk possible. It’s possible you’ll just lose an eye or a jaw… but there’s also a very small chance you’ll take a laser to the brain and be dead forever. Taking a head shot while defending a ship is usually less fatal: defending ships will allow their casualties more immediate access to medical facilities. There will also be an upgrade system surrounding your “battle damage”; if your character loses an eye or an arm and you would like a natural replacement rather than a cybernetic-looking implant, you will be able to pursue these in certain markets. Additionally there may be certain medical procedures or limb / organ replacements that can increase your lifespan (effectively add a few lives back) Waking up in a med bay with a new limb should be a rare occurrence unless you really like to live in the most dangerous and unregulated parts of the galaxy. The fear of permanent death will cause some anxiety which will add to the overall experience… but it will be more than countered by the potential rewards. In a world where everyone is vulnerable, no one has an advantage. 17 Mar 2014 10FTC-012 There will be benefits for ejecting out of a ship just before it explodes. The benefit of ejecting rather than going up in an explosion is it sort of saves a life so to speak. You don't always respawn at the same level of health, and as time goes on, your body takes wear and tear. Every time you get killed in a dogfight, you'll end up waking up in a medbay,--Think of it like Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back--and maybe you've got a little bit of a prosthetic arm, or you've got a scar here. that happens so many times, your body just can't get built back up or revived benefit of ejecting is that you get to try and preserve a life on the Aurora you will also, if it's about ready to go, you just would have to get out of your seat and go out the airlock manually verses hitting an ejection button. 14 Apr 2014 10FTC-016 we're gonna have localized damage on the characters. We actually have a whole body/limb damage system. when you get killed out in space, and you revive in the med bay, as you take more and more hits, then maybe you get a prosthetic arm or a robotic arm or something like that. we've got medpacks and even a med bay he would lose a life and do the death of a spaceman, but if you could take him back to the med bay and fix him up, it saves him. you'll also want to be taking your wounded comrade back to a medical facility to fix him up within a certain period of time, because if not, he will die and lose a life. 28 Apr 2014 10FTC-018 if someone gets killed in a boarding action, and if members of your team who are trying to board the ship or vise versa, manage to recover the body and get it back to a med bay some of the bigger ships will have med bays or you've got a certain time limit to get the body to a med station or something like that at a station or on a planet If you manage to do that, you have a chance of saving the life of that player. Maybe in a boarding action you'll fail so you'll lick your wounds, grab your fallen comrades, get them back on your ship then high-tail off somewhere to try and heal them, maybe go to some shady pirate doctor so you can get fixed and not lose your life. if you abandon your friend there, I think what we'd probably do is you lose a life we'd probably allow you to vent or put out of your ship that wouldn't preclude, if the person actually lost their life, being able to respawn on a planet. They just at that point separate in terms of characters, we probably don't want a body just magically disappearing on board a ship. 12 May 2014 10FTC-020 we're already an infirmary in the Idris and there will be some other ships that will have medical facilities on them. when you're boarding, if you get wounded or injured, especially if you take a critical hit, if your friends manage to drag you back and get you patched up, you won't actually lose that life. It will take you a bit of time before you fully bleed out and lose a life or die, so one of the game mechanics will be taking your wounded comrades back and getting them fixed up. you've got some shot up team mates or you're shot up yourself, then you have to go and find some medical facilities in a certain period of time before you will bleed out and lose a life. could either happen aboard a ship, or depending if you're a pirate, maybe some sort of dodgy back alley doctor 09 Jun 2014 10FTC-024 I think the limbs will be repairable, and they definitely can get damaged during a fight, especially a first person fight to fix them is you would have to take them to a cybernetic repair facility, so there'll be some of those that will be on planets. Potentially there could be equipment for that on a bigger medbay on a bigger capital ship it would be sort of like the mechanical version of what you have to have to do for your arm or limb if it wasn't mechanical we have the same sort of mechanics, like doctors you can go visit on planets, or maybe there's a medbay on a big ship. 28 Jul 2014 10FTC-031 there's actually a whole kind of setup where you can go and get plastic surgery and change your appearance. there'll be places where you can do that, there definitely will be some places where you could do that "off the grid" so to speak in sort of the outlaw planets, you could do that, and it will definitely not be a cheap thing to do 15 Sep 2014 10FTC-037 we're definitely planning on having search and rescue be one of the sort of things that you can do in the universe you would definitely be search-and-rescuing NPCs as well as potentially real players 06 Oct 2014 10FTC-040 in the PU if you die you'll be recovered out in space, taken down to a med-bay on a planet or station, and repaired/recovered to the best of their ability so think Luke Skywalker in the med-tank in Jedi. You might be left a little worse for wear, like a bionic part, scars etc. being the future, your ability to patch someone up is significantly better than today's world there's a certain amount of damage that can be fixed by say, med-packs, but you might be able to do more with a med-bay, and even more with a hospital ship you want to be able to retreat back to your ship and get injured members of the party to medical help as soon as possible (within a period of time dependant on injuries) so they won't actually lose a "life" or "character" in the death of a spaceman mechanic. 13 Oct 2014 10FTC-041 So the intention with the hospital ship is to have the functionality that you would get in a hospital, down on a planet-side (which is essentially where you would respawn, or you would go to fix up critical injuries) be able to be mobile, and be able to be maybe in a system that there wouldn't normally be a planet that has that. The ambulance is sort of the idea which is what we've got with the rescue on the Cutlass Red that's a place where you could go and pick someone up that's badly injured in space in a way that maybe they would "lose a life" if you get them in the ambulance, get them on the bed, fix them up, patch them up, you can sort of save that life. so the Cutlass Red - the ambulance basically - and the hospital ships are both ways of enhancing or increasing your survivability, and making it that you won't lose a life they'll fix you up, or it can be sort of a respawn point 27 Oct 2014 10FTC-043 We are planning to have a fair amount of healing/repair roles in multiplayer combat We'll also have healing/repair roles in space for people/ships to take We'll probably create a game mode in AC to show them off later down the track. 17 Nov 2014 10FTC-045 On the healing and charging for stuff, there are several aspects, like rescue and recovery, then healing etc. I've talked about a transactional job board system where either party can rate someone, and it'll also be the bartering system board where once you're in there, it'd make sure that a mission can only be accepted if the person posting it actually has the credits to pay it and vice versa you'd say "This is what I do, pay me and I'll do it" and the mission board would enforce paying if a person reneged on the service they were supposed to provide they would be forced to refund the credits or perhaps be banned from the services board until they are found to be performing the services/some kind of review process. A bit like the way that Uber works I don't know whether we'd regulate prices for healing or something 21 Nov 2014 HEALING YOUR SPACEMEN the gist is that our game aims to treat dying very seriously. To make Star Citizen’s world immersive and engaging, we crafted a high level design for a system that attempts to treat player death as more than just a ‘respawn and then continue playing’ moment. For health, we have devised a limb-based system with varying degrees of severity, permanence and reaction that we feel makes FPS combat more tactical and interesting. All parts of the body have their own health. this means is that there is no “overall health”; instead, ten different parts of the body (called limbs, detailed below) track their own data and impact the total for each Citizen. The amount of damage an individual limb suffers can be modified by other factors, such as armor and even environment. There are 4 levels of health to each limb, each of which impacts how your character controls (what they are capable of, their response time and so on.) Normal (90% +)– You are fit and ready to fight! Hurt (90% to 50%)– Hurt limbs can cause problems with aiming, walking, or other functions that would require that limb. Limbs can get hurt from being too close to an electric spark, flame, outer explosion, or being hit with objects in the environment. Damaged (50% to 1%)– Damaged limbs are useless and the player cannot use them unless they get them patched up in the field or taken to a mobile trauma system (see: Healing). where the pain is so severe to the player, that no matter what limb is damaged, they will have a hard time being mobile. If one of their legs are damaged, they fall to the ground and crawl. Ruined (0%)– Limbs in this phase are essentially gone. The player will most likely bleed out at this state. This is usually something as bad as your arm being blown off. For example two handed weapons require both arms to be outside the Ruined state. Screen effects are also present to simulate the pain the player is enduring in this state. If the player is able to be healed by a player with medical equipment, the limb is completely gone and cannot be used, but the player can at least move around and continue the fight there are 10 Limbs that can receive isolated damage. Head Torso Right Upper Arm Right Lower Arm Left Upper Arm Left Lower Arm Right Upper Leg Right Lower Leg Left Upper Leg Left Lower Leg There are many ways limb damage can be identified. Visual – Damage to limbs will normally be observable by players; taking a hit will call out a damage state in much the same way as our ships. Helmet HUD / mobiGlas – When a Limb changes state, an icon of the limb flashes on the screen to its current state. This is only available if you have a biometric suit attachment for your mobiGlas or your armor suit has biometric monitoring. Gadget – Some gadgets will allow players to track their limb damage state, including medical devices or other HUD devices. If you are not wearing the appropriate gear, you may not have a fancy status indicator keeping your character up to date with you’re the state of your health. It will be critical for you to pay attention to other signs such as shortness of breath limping loss of limbs tunnel vision other signs If your character is bleeding out, you will fall limp, in such agony that you are unable to move. you won’t have the specific medical information available from a dedicated scanner… but when you take a hit to your body in Star Citizen, you’re going to be able to see it! (And so will everyone else.) In the world of Star Citizen it’s pretty hard to instantly kill a playerr, instead he’s likely to take heavy limb damage, incapacitating him until a friendly player manages to drag him to safety and apply some medical aid. If a player has his critical limb damage healed up to at least a Hurt level then he can get back up and re-enter combat. There are also only so much healing one body can take, each time a temporary battlefield med device is used the ability to repair that limb becomes less and less.After a point, there is nothing more than can be done other than taking the fallen comrade to a proper hospital to be fully healed, or risk him dying from his wounds. If you or your teammate are unable to move (limbs are ruined or close to) a teammate can help by dragging that person out of the battle or to a medical pod. While being dragged, a player will lose his input abilities. The one exception would be if your legs are ruined but you are not bleeding out, in this case you would still have control over aiming while being dragged. There will two types of ways for players to be healed field tech intensive systems, provided by medbays or medstations. if you are in a combat area, you cannot be healed to your full capacity. When seriously injured, you must take your character through the process of proper recovery. Field tech are gadgets that can be carried by players or NPC’s that are capable of providing temporary healing for a variety of wounds. They will nullify pain, stop bleeding, restore vital systems and calm body systems to states where the person can function again. Gadget aids cannot rebuild tissue, but can provide enough white blood cell replacements to heal up small wounds at an extremely fast pace. Intensive systems are medical services that can only be found in medbays and hospitals. Capable of handling much more serious wounds, they are full-size medical immersion chambers, outfitted with technology to rebuild tissue, replace blood and perform other operations through advanced 3d printing technology. There are even new systems such as the Calliope that are capable of completely reconstructing a person’s appearance. Your players overall health status is essentially the state of all of your limbs combined. Your health status does not change linearly, as it can quickly become fatal at an exponential rate. if it is your Head there’s not much a med device can do for you! Bleeding out is your character’s enemy. If you are bleeding out, you are probably done for. If a player takes a lot of damage to a limb in one blow, the damage doesn’t affect the player’s total Health Status right away. a portion of the damage to the limb eats away at your Health Status over time. you don’t die in a single blast, you ‘bleed out’ over time. a limited amount of time to live unless they get to a medstation or a friendly player uses a med device on them. in a heavy Bleed Out state the player will have no ability to aim a weapon as the pain is just too severe. players will be called upon to rescue both NPCs and players who find themselves shot down or otherwise stranded in space. Using the same systems outlined above, players can suffer injuries during space combat… and there’s no more likely place for this to occur than during ejection/ship destruction. Pulling the player aboard, you find they’ve taken a laser blast to the arm, or a mass driver to the chest. Here, the FPS healing mechanic again takes place and you must stabilize them for the trip to a hospital facility. We think our health system is fresh and while it may force the user to play a little differently than they are used to, the experience and pure fun it allows is something special. We wanted to create a smart and special system for a smart and special game. 05 Jan 2015 10WRI-002 150 years… thinking that human bodies have a shelf life, as much as we can extend it. tech HAS done is improved the quality of those 150 years medically speaking. Like, the senility and other kind of problems that come with old age- - genetic disorders - so you get fuller, healthier, full 150 years 26 Jan 2015 10FTC-051 if you didn't shower for a week, someone might make a face at you due to the smell or look, and thus might be -1 to your reputation/conversation with that person. Sleeping is what we're using as a save mechanic too, but perhaps occasionally if you rest in the PU or eat it might affect your stamina or something. perhaps if you never ate anything ever you might get weaker It shouldn't feel like you have to do it all the time like a chore, It'll be like refuelling your ship, just resource management. 02 Feb 2015 10FTC-052 quarantines and medical disasters are all something we plan for the PU we've got AI built around that So if there's an outbreak of something on a planet there would be a high demand for medical supplies to help fight it, and there might be a blockade on that planet to prevent others from landing there I don't know about smugglers breaking through and spreading it around would be included as such we could definitely do it ad-hoc on the game-masters side, as they'll have the tools to create these events around the universe and see things, adjusting play cases based on things they see. 23 Feb 2015 10FTC-054 we'll definitely have the animals have a certain level of health and damage modelling the way that the humans are going to have. not sure if we're going to have a whole veterinary system that is parallel to the medical system. we're probably not going to have… sort of they wake up and have a cybernetic replacement and have their own hospital system just yet 09 Mar 2015 10FTC-056 if you're damaged in your arm, and you get back to your ship, there'll be some effect as to how you'd control your ship maybe reduced range of motion, or slower control speed etc. We definitely want to have persistent body damage until you can get patched up or heal properly in a med bay or hospital 06 Apr 2015 10FTC-059 How will the concept of the more you play the better you become apply to medics and surgeons? definitely that'll be the case in mining and exploration it's probably early to say in terms of medics and surgeons. On a certain level there might be higher level of stuff the requires more skill, but really there's always the stimpacks for combat medics etc, and then you've got the medical bay/recovery bay where you get on the bed and then sortof fixing them up But perhaps there might be some skill could be involved. It's not the first things we'll do, but what you'll see at the beginning it's more about getting people, getting them to your ship, giving them a medpack or more powerful device, at the beginning the more advanced operations etc will be the kind of thing you'll see on a planet-side hospital or hospital equipped ship. 06 Apr 2015 10FTC-059 Will there be any advantages to wearing light or medium armor vs. heavy armor? the impact on your stamina, speed, damage taken, etc etc There are trade offs with the helmet visibility etc too. 04 May 2015 10PRO-006 the concept of fatigue - much like in other games - is kind of stamina/the health of your character. depending on the size of your load-out and the size of your armour, it encumbers you. You can see it on your visor as it steams up and you'll see it too, as you come to a rest 01 Jun 2015 10WRI-003 a non-governmental agency going to provide aid for the Fora system. it's something that excites us - to be able to have that be an element of the game too. not everything needs to be government-driven and not everything needs to be simple - hunt bad guy, bring bad guy back. being able to do humanitarian aid, medical relief, stuff like that to the various systems is something that we would definitely like to make sure we incorporate going forward. 06 Jul 2015 10WRI-004 medical services in times of war, similar to the Medical Neutrality Protection Act of the Geneva Conventions? from a lore perspective, it makes sense that there would be some kind of treaty that the UEE would have implemented or codified this idea just because we maybe create this in lore, doesn't mean that it's going to function in game so I don't think the Vanduul would necessarily agree with that a lot of lawless systems would also probably not care I don't think it would ever be a game rule, or a game mechanic It may just be more of a moral compass that will be there 27 Jul 2015 10FTC-061 it's going to be a pain in the butt to wake up in the hospital room on some planet and go collect your new insurance-covered ship, but it's missing all the customizations you've done 9 Oct 2015 QANDA MISC ENDEAVOR PART III By Tony Zurovec medical profession is one of the more important occupations within Star Citizen it’s intended to be one of the larger and more flexible roles FPS combat front Medics will be invaluable They’ll be able to perform field triage that can heal some injuries entirely and mitigate others enough so that the injured party is at least more functional effects of more serious injuries can often be slowed so that there is a better chance of reaching a hospital where more advanced medical apparatus can improve the chances of survival Depending upon the cause of death, a well-trained Medic can occasionally restart a patient’s heart death may soon reoccur if the root causes are not quickly addressed Endeavors with an attached Medical Bay may serve as respawn points for players that have died Hangar Bay allows those players to – for a price premium – have one of their existing ships or a new purchase delivered quickly unescorted medical ship in a dangerous area will be a tempting target for pirates and other less savory types Endeavor that has enabled its ID Beacon – thus broadcasting to others its position, services offered, prices, and reputational information – can also serve as a field hospital for any player or NPC either request access to dock in its landing bay simply EVA into the external hospital pressure lock it’s up to the Endeavor’s crew to employ their expertise to try and save the patient, with the ultimate outcome contributing to their medical reputation Hope-class Endeavors are also ideally suited to tackle a variety of rescue missions Hope-class Endeavors can quickly retrieve such individuals, administer enough medical attention to stabilize them, and then transport them to the nearest outpost They might need to be dragged out of the station one by one, placed into suspended animation to minimize the effects of the radiation, and quickly taken to a particular hospital that’s able to better deal with such complicated medical issues The pilot of a Hope-class Endeavor – as with any other ship – has complete control over who can see their broadcast beacon specify that only certain individuals can see such signals, only certain organizations, anyone, or anyone with a particular reputational rating beyond a certain value players and organizations can also be blacklisted you’ll have total control over who is allowed to spawn in your Medical Bay Expedited ships will arrive very quickly even this “abbreviated” respawn mechanic will not allow you to immediately get back to where you were This will not be Call of Duty – with instantaneous respawns there will be a tangible penalty to death in terms of how long it takes you to get back competition amongst those service providers, who will battle on both the pricing front and in terms of how deep into dangerous territory they’re willing to go 12 Oct 2015 10DES-006 So search and rescue you need a medical bay You need a place to house the crew as well as your medical crew then you need cargo just in case you also need launch bays so that way you can get people launched out to go save people and stuff. 12 Oct 2015 10DES-006 The caterpillar in particular was always designed as a search and rescue right? and the other variants starting to be designed and concepted, that's when it was taken to like, Oh we can do this and do this It was always kind of designed to support and work in tandem with the other drake ships so it kind of started with that. 02 Nov 2015 10WRI-006 We've been talking about how various narcotics and medicines are going to work in the game and it's something we have to develop a lot further with Design. The Endeavor was a great first step in talking about hospitals and creating medicines and stuff. Hopefully we'll allow players to produce medicines and what are drugs other than than … 16 Nov 2015 10FTC-070 blow in the PU especially you would get into your escape pod and the escape pod has a tracker or tag on it, that's how you would get found and respawn and go back to sort of the last friendly planet you were on otherwise when your ship blows up, then you'll have lost one of your lives and you'll wake up in the hospital 28 Dec 2015 10DEV-001 Has the idea of terminal illness or genuine disease been discussed? even on a smaller scale like having a ship-wide event, that's probably something you could see. you're doing some research on your Endeavour or other science type ship, and something goes wrong there There could even be a planet that needs to be quarantined So it's definitely something that we want to explore but it is making sure that we can explore it without being too punishing to everyone else 11 Jan 2016 10DEV-002 So we do have currently a concept and it's still in production for a, a navy corpsman. there's been discussions about having some customisability, and the textures being able to decorate your armour in certain ways. a good option would be to have that Red Cross insignia or whatever the version is in the universe is, so you can roleplay as a medic and hopefully people won't shoot you in real life a lot of the medics in the field they wear the regular BDU's and they wear the regular gear that a regular soldier would wear So they might have a patch on their left arm But they don't look necessarily any different. planning on having our marines very modular like our ships so we could easily just swap like a shoulder piece Like maybe they have more smaller compartments on the suit, it would just be a general armour that could hold smaller things like medi-pens at the sake of carrying around more weapons So you're giving up the weapons slots to carry more medi-pens 01 Feb 2016 10FTC-076 You'll respawn/come to in a medical bay on the last friendly planet you made and that may be quite a distance away from where you died. So if you go into one of these fancy medical facilities. Imagine it as a sort of futuristic plastic surgeon you can reconstruct your face and you can go in the interface and determine what you want to look like and go into the machine and you'd come out looking like that. 29 Feb 2016 10FTC-077 to give you a sense of wearing heavy armour or a helmet: you get extra protection, you move slower, drains your stamina more but also you don't necessarily get as much visibility. 11 Apr 2016 10FTC-082 if we're talking about repairing you as a player Definitely the better or the deeper fixing up, which is what we call targeted healing, will require some element of skill. So, the simple one is bam, med pen, just give myself a quick… whatever… but to actually do repairs some greater damage we're going to have a certain amount of skill in terms of targeting and being able to apply it and all the rest of the stuff. we will try to have some of the higher level stuff requires some skill and the lower level stuff like I said, just a med pen is bam, pop it, give you a sort of short-term boost. But to really fix someone up or some ship up we're going to have some level of player skill. 02 May 2016 10DEV-008 What I do know is that you'll be modifying your face in a medical facility of some sort. like reconstructive surgery. 20 Jun 2016 10FTC-085 you'll have more than one case where you "die" so to speak in space and then you'll wake up in the med bay and they've patched you up you'll only be able to do that so many times before obviously your body will give out It's like taking a bit of the "life" mechanic from the gold old days of early game design and that's the number of times you can be brought back by modern medical technology
  8. Huh... this is so F***ED UP and so cool at the same time. What a metagame!
  9. For a Carrack they gave me a Connie and a Hornet. It might be that they gave you a Hornet for a Caterpilar, because you can't fight with it in Arena Commander.
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