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  1. Nothing about those things in the video. I guess Spectrum found captain's quarters on the mid deck, near the kitchen
  2. A detailed interior plan: https://picload.org/view/dclpdggr/vergleich.png.html
  3. I've said it before, for me, the real development started around 2015, when they established more offices (Frankfurt) and hired more people to at least optimistically even make this game. So 3 years later, I can say that they have a decent alpha going with a lot of really important updates planned this year. Now if one thinks that they started development around 2012, then I can totally see that persons frustration with the delays and half of a decade of waiting for something cool.
  4. First step is to join the Medical Club. Let's have these discussions there.
  5. I melted a lot of stuff and got an ALMIGHTY ENDEAVOR. There are only 3 ships in this game that I dream about and this is one of them. I realized that I hate the Freelancer now. Damn you Drake, damn you Josh Coons... All in all, no regrets :D
  6. Quick flyby: A central corridor, labs? Side corridor? Habitation, science? Habitation, labs? Medical? Garage, cargo modules (HUGE!): Snub hangar:
  7. This is a log of the most important things that CIG has said about medical profession that I could dig up. It is written in a chronological order for everyone to read in one place. It is interesting to see how stable they have been (I hope at least some people will find this helpful) x) This is a lot, but necessary. 05 Feb 2013 DEATH OF A SPACEMAN Without the risk of losing something you’ve worked hard towards, the sense of achievement is cheap. I want to feel the effects of physical damage on my character, loss of limb or other mishaps that can happe
  8. Huh... this is so F***ED UP and so cool at the same time. What a metagame!
  9. For a Carrack they gave me a Connie and a Hornet. It might be that they gave you a Hornet for a Caterpilar, because you can't fight with it in Arena Commander.
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