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  1. Star Citizen METAGAMING

    Huh... this is so F***ED UP and so cool at the same time. What a metagame!
  2. Why do I have a Hornet in the game?

    For a Carrack they gave me a Connie and a Hornet. It might be that they gave you a Hornet for a Caterpilar, because you can't fight with it in Arena Commander.
  3. Looks Great

    Wow, great job! X)
  4. Something about game development. To make more sense out of Star Citizen.
  5. Impact of the delays etc..

    I start counting years since 2014 anyway (in late 2013 opens Foundry 42 UK). So, 2014 + 7 years of production = 2021 . BOOM ! CALLED IT ! RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED ! XDD
  6. Alpha 2.6 Fun

    Awesome, dude
  7. It depends on what CIG thinks is a finished star system. At this point, with so many different gameplay mechanics, 5- 10 systems is not a problem for me. Even with 5- 10 systems a lot of things have to be still developed...
  8. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Wait, what? Because of a pre-sale? New rules or something?
  9. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    I want a LTI Freelancer. This will be my go to everyday workhorse. I hate bigger ships (connie) because of their handling. Freelancer is in a very sweet spot for me. I see myself flying in it for years to come. Freelancer is a Millennium Falcon and a Firefly for me x) A ship for an adventure xD
  10. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Yep, I want that LTI token too x)
  11. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    It appears so. 5 different Cyclones and 5 limited edition skins.
  12. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Ursa for a similar price had cargo, more seats and a weapon to offer...
  13. Aopoa Nox Warbond Presale!

    I'll grab one because I am a bike collector I found a new goal in the game. God, help me. Nox Kue does not look cool for me. Regular Nox pleases my eye a lot more. Also I want an iconic looking Nox and concept guys have created the iconic look by drawing it black.
  14. Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox

    This is BS. This thing will do objectively less than a ship and because it is alien, it will cost far too much. My guess is more than some of the ships. Less work, more money. It looks cool and stuff, but why straight to the alien tech? Do none of the other human manufacturers have space bikes? They will, sure, but this will cost more AND they can make it fairly quickly (less time than a ship I mean). Again, less work, more money. Anyway, looking forward to buying one

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