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  1. Disc_Jockey

    Drake Caterpillar ship tour?

    Yeah can't wait to see if URSA rovers will fit in the cargo bays to potentially use it as a planetary assault drop ship.
  2. Bought the below before the GBP exchange rate changes. 85x Avenger Renegade Gladius Valiant Herald All these will be either CCU'd or melted so I can rebuy my 2nd Explorer pack. Oh and stocked up on a bazillion zero cost CCU's.
  3. Disc_Jockey


    Because fools people will buy it?
  4. Disc_Jockey

    Dilemma, Warden vs Merchantman

    Meh I'm just buying up the 0 cost CCU's so I can chop and change at will during the alpha since the ships roles and abilities may increase / decrease as the dev progresses. Maybe we will find out that the MM cannot transport fuel or you have to hire Banu NPC's to fly it, or the NPC's required to man larger ships cost too much to hire to make them profitable (or are just plain retards when in combat), etc. I would recommend getting what you want but also getting the CCU's to change if needed.
  5. Disc_Jockey

    Star Citizen - Release Date - fan made video

    I'm thinking the Buccaneer will get done for 3.0 since it seems they went straight onto that from the Herald. They have mentioned it several times in recent ATV/RTV and the drake GT section. Where are they now?'The Drake Buccaneer is undergoing initial modeling and will be one of our next targets for flight ready status.'
  6. Disc_Jockey

    Black Desert - Guest Pass (7 days) Free

    Kinda got put off trying it after watching this video. Doesn't seem to be a good game for causal players (like me)? Are you guys playing it causally? PS. Shouldn't this be in the general game discussion section?
  7. Disc_Jockey

    CiG Release Schedule

    This much more than I expected! I would have been happy with them just telling us what was currently blocking them and how much percentage wise the next build was complete.
  8. Don't know if this is a good thing. The main issues I had with NMS were from its poor design and PRICE rather than the underlying procedural tech (which I thought was actually quite good). If they took all the tech from NMS put it into a new game with a proper design (adding a more focused objective), with fully fleshed out lore, and story it would be a game worth playing.
  9. Disc_Jockey

    Anniversary Sale details.

    Its secret 2nd hand ship sale where they auction off damaged old ships without punters being able to flight test or look under the component covers.
  10. Disc_Jockey

    Esperia Prowler Price revealed

    Umm.. wtf! I think I'll maybe get this one in game especially given how bad the other Esperia ships currently are.
  11. Disc_Jockey

    Bugsmashers - Episode 36

    Just to clarify I was referring the the throw in the video. What makes me laugh is the people that just dumbly stand there looking at the live grenade they just dropped at their feet. Run dude!
  12. Disc_Jockey

    Bugsmashers - Episode 36

    There are no words to describe this level of dumb...
  13. Disc_Jockey