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  1. My custom build

    the problem is that there are desks out there they are just flimsy af!!! This sewing desk works perfectly
  2. My custom build

    Be careful with trying to put everything you see from other people's builds into yours, like a custom loop. No one needs a custom loop, and if you get it you can kiss lan parties goodbye, my computer is already so insanely heavy I have to be careful to walk slowly and not hurt the computer.
  3. My custom build

    I got it off someone on LetGo. It's essentially a sewing table. I love BIG desks and this fit the bill I got a custom sticker kit from ebay. The window is actually 2 separate panes so I put the SR2 on the inside between the two panes
  4. My custom build

    I'm a bit of a mass effect fan. When I went to build my custom computer the theme was easy to figure out. I was going to make the SSV Normandy!!! I made the measurements and went to painting. I used plasti-dip white for the front grate (catches lots of dust and looks cool). I put a couple of stickers on it for added effect, and hand painted the alliance logo and SR2 on the top handle. I had to add the led fans later as I was out of money (read the internals to find out why). I just got my nice and shiny 1440 asus monitor which is a beast, only $250!!!! Final touch for looks was my model SR2 and a Tali action figure. BTW, Tali is my virtual girlfriend and you can't have her... Now for internals! I7 6700k (overclocked at 4.84ghz) Asus Z170-A motherboard 16gb ripjaws V ram (3200 version) Corsair HX850i PSU Samsung 840 evo ssd Corsair H100i cooler Gigabyte G1 gaming 980ti I also built a clone of this computer for my friend and am building a third one for another (none of them look like this though) I am adding pictures of the build below, ignore the cable management its kinda bad for now but I will be getting sleeved cables at some point in the future. http://imgur.com/a/aUNGY

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