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  1. In case someone is interested, they have released the manual for the upcoming F-14 yeasterday: http://www.heatblur.se/F-14Manual/index.html
  2. Quick answer: depends on the budget. I have pedals, stick and throttle and I think they are way superior (more buttons and axis, for instance). Anyway, in the end of the day it's up to you. Whatever the configuration, I'd buy Virpil or VKB. If you can't or don't want to spend then go for Thurstmaster, the TWCS is a decent product for instance. Just don't buy Saitek, it's rubbish. I know things are changing after the acquisition but madcatz has done damages, plenty of them. The Warthog is decent but the gimbals are quite bad unfortunately. After those HOTAS+Pedals or 2xStick, Track IR (or cheaper / DIY alternatives) is the next step. It's simply a must, much more important than a mid range hotas. I have a thread about my setup here if you have questions. I'm going to update it sooner or later (getting ready for F/A-18 and F-14! ):
  3. Well, you probably weren't telling it what you wanted in the correct way. Your life on the Ka-50 changes as you understand how the Trimmer and the APs work; every RW and the Shark in particular are quite stable once trimmed correctly. Once you got those mechanics, it becomes one of the easiest and more powerful modules in DCS.
  4. I don't mean to necro, but you shouldn't control the throttles in the Ka-50 manually. They are fully automatic, put it that position before turning on the AC generator and after turning on the engines. You don't want to touch them unless you have an emergency situation. The Ka-50 is a joke to fly after a few weeks spent on it. It flies automatically between waypoints, avoid obstacles, doesn't suffer much from VRS and the coaxial configuration is the most stable for a RW. It's avionics are great (is a great AFAC platform, for instance) but has one, massive, problem: it's a single seater. When you are managing comms on two radios, scanning for targets and threats and flying NOE.. well, you'll want a co-pilot The Mi-24P and the AH-1S are being developed, unfortunately they are both obsolete avionics-wise and will see the light in 20-o-never.
  5. UPDATE 02•19: Quick update about the setup, ready for DCS F/A-18 with the 3rd MFD and the 7" LCD. I still hope that SC will support exporting data to a secondary screen. https://karonshome.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/img_20190108_162833010.jpg ORG POST I'm a tenant and I live in a small flat so I don't have much space available: no way to build a proper simpit. I decided therefore to build a modular set of control boxes, each based on an independent Arduino board. My first control box was based on a video I found online (I worked with 8-16 bits PICs before, never with Arduino so that video has opened a new world to me). The following control boxes have little to nothing in common with the first (which is great considering that the first example controls up to ~25 buttons, my latest more than 80). I have recently added a 7" 800x600 MFD and I plan to add a similar one later. The problem is.. that this stuff is totally useless in SC. Besides the fact that the firmwares I wrote are always on/on and I have no idea how they react with SC (I can always change them); the fact is that SC is very arcade and a hotas satisfies its need of controls, killing the need of a simpit right away. Moreover SC has no decent controls management, not to mention the possibility to export avionics status. I remember an old goal about these features, hopefully that will be implemented sooner or later. That being said, this is an old pic of my setup. I had changed many things but I haven't taken any pic yet. This is the 7" LCD I use to export MFDs or other avionics. Hopefully sooner or later they'll work with SC. The little screen on the top is a small TFT. It gets data from DCS and I wrote the firmware that displays different values and icons depending of the values it receives. In this case, it shows info about the Ka-50. One of these boxes can be built with 30€-40€ depending on where you buy (china is cheaper but takes ages, I usually buy from Amazon UK – one day delivery at the lockers!) and if you have the basica material already (wires, soldering iron, etc). You write your own firmware so you can do almost whatever you want and you can change anything anytime. These are a couple pics of what is inside the boxes. The F/A-18 UFC/ Ka-50 PRTz/PVI-800 is the latest I built and is a bit more complex than the others. It doesn't take longer that 4-5 hours to build one.
  6. I did some changes too. Melted an Ursa, one of the game packages, spent 20$ and I have added a CCU HH→Polaris (easier than melt and buyback) and a Prospector. Now I have: - BMM - HH (might become a Polaris again) - Prospector - Cutlass Black - Aurora (GP)
  7. Game dynamics aside, the BMM will see its price triple (at least) by the time it's released. It will end up costing as a Polaris so it will be great for CCU-ing to even bigger ships.
  8. Exactly. My point is simple: don't rush buying 1000£ worth of hardware just for Star Citizen. If you play flight sims or stuff were higher level hardware make a different than go for it, otherwise it's a waste (in my opinion of course).
  9. If you remember my old discussion about melting the polaris, this ship has just killed my doubts: Orion re-melted, Hammerhead bought! The Polaris, compared to the HH, will have a different role, they complete each other, but its running costs and the number of required people that worried me. That being said, keep the one you prefer. The HH suits me best and works decently along my current fleet. @RSLtaken sounds good. I wonder when we will see the Pioneer ship + the "settlement" mechanic in-game.
  10. A lot of people love the idea of 2xSticks. Altough if you play different games (DCS), it's a bit of waste. I currently have: Virpil Mongoos T-50 + extensions (I still have my old CH Fighterstick) Thustmaster TWCS (waiting for the release of the Virpil Throttle: https://virpil.com/en/blog/89-introducing-the-vpc-mongoost-50-throttle) CH Pro Throttle CH MFP Thrustmaster MFD Track IR 4 + clip (clip mandatory) Saitek TPM (I don't use it often) Now, do you need all these stuff? Not at all, especially for an arcade flight game such as Star Citizen. Actually, most of the time you can buy a cheap stick and have better results than a more expensive Warthog (wich has a terrible base, a shame because the grip is great). Also, I will be using mouse and keyboard most of the time, I don't care about small aircrafts and I don't thing bigger ones will require a stick at all. So, end of the day, what do you "need"? Nothing more than keyboard + mouse. Next step might be a cheap HOTAS and try a HOSAS if you have the chance. Get a Track IR or a free alternative though. I bought mine at least 10-12 years ago and still works like a charm.
  11. Fact is, the Polaris should have been my last ship but it turned out to be quite different from what I thought. It is a fast, not very armoured Corvette with barely sufficient AAA and that also relies on physical ordnance as main damage delivery method. In other words: - it's going to take damage because it has only 2x L shields → higher maintenance costs; - its purpose it's not fighter defence/annihilation. I doubt we'll face Capships all the time → slightly inefficient; - it relies on torpedoes → more maintenance costs. CIG has created the perfectly-imperfect capship: smaller orgs with no capship can deal with it, at the same time it can protect itselft from bigger ships due to the impressive amount of torpedoes. I'd have loved an anti-fighter Terrapin-corvette but I guess it would have created a too wide gap between tiny orgs even slightly bigger ones. That being said, I am also looking for sinergy: the Orion can mine, pass to the BMM and so on. With a dozen members we have enough people to man the ships and a basic form of provide cover and I can provide both the miner and the hauler. "Personal/solo" ships will be the Cutlass and the Prospector, plus a wilcard Pin/Tali/something else. Do you have an idea of what ships are going to be pre-released in the next few months?
  12. Lot's of good inputs, thanks everyone! I'm divided between what I think I will want // what is more efficient considering that I have spent real money on these ships. As I said, I'm fairly sure the Orion will see a big increase in its cost. An example of money-inefficiency, in my opinion, is the Vanguard. I could unmelt one but it is as expensive as a Retaliator Bomber. Not worth for me. Regarding other ships, Prospector and Cutlass sounds good when I'm solo. I just have to make up my mind and choose between Tali and Terrapin. The quote from RSLtaken is interesting although it confirms that the Pin is a quite specific type of ship. The Tali on the other hand is more flexible and, in light of the new Turrets, I could slave a couple to the computer AC, set one as PDT and by doing so, I have halved the required crew. On top of that, the Tali can swap its torpedo compartments for cargo, living quarters, dropship module. I don't have buyback tokens at the moment having unmelted the Orion, hence I have to wait. Maybe something will change. Dan has a good point. In fact, that's why I melted most of my ships and bought the Polaris in the first place. That the reason why I haven't listed the multitude of ships I could unmelt. They're simply too many or easily reacquirable in-game. Regarding the efficienty due to the fact that others ahve different ships I agree, althogh I like to have options depending on what I want to do. I also hate grinding because I don't have much time (*happy wife, happy life!*). I forgot to mention, I also have 3 Aurora game packages. I still hope they will provide free/discounted/custom NPCs like CR said back in 2014/15 - I haven't followed the game much in the last couple years.
  13. Hey there. I am looking for advices about my hangar after the last update of the Ship Matrix. I know these threads are personal because everyone has its own opinions but maybe you can shed some lights on it. At the moment I own: Polaris Banu Merchantman Cutlass Black Reasons for melting the Polaris are: - BMM is now a massive sperm whale and seems really interesting. Big ship, I plan to use it as my main ship, especially in the beginning. - Cutlass has been improved, making it a nice and versatile ship; - Production/Commerce means making money. With money I can buy and maintain Military ships later (I can unmelt both an Orion and a Prospector); - In order to crew the Polaris efficiently I need quite a lot of people. Points for keeping it: - I am not interested in the "low-level" military, I prefer capships and the Polaris is one of them; - It's cool :3 The Polaris is 750$ credits worth, these are some of the ships I can buyback: Polaris 750$ Orion 325$ Tali Bomber 250$ Prospector 140$ Reclaimer 350$ Terrapin 195$ The question is: which choises are a best investment? Ideas I have atm: 1. Orion + Reclaimer = 675$ 2. Orion + Retaliator Bomber + Prospector = 715$ 3. Orion + Terrapin + Prospector = 660$ As you can see the Orion is ubiquitous. I feel it is another BMM: undervalued for a while, it will eventually become much more expensive and useful. The first is the option I prefer the least. I'm going to have 3 massive ships with no clear sinergy and probably all of them will be time-demanding. I like the idea of the Reclaimer but I'm not totally fond of it. The other two options are similar, the only difference is which military ship I'll unmelt. I love the Tali, it has been one of my first ships but later updates somehow made it less attractive. It is flexible and customizable but it's a master of none, bombing-excluded other ships can do the same things better. Even worse, it requires a numerous crew to be 100% effective. The Pin instead is an interesting ship but we don't know really much about it. I have zero interest in exploration but it can be an interesting solo ship for scouting. I like the idea of a though little ship but its weapons are basically unexistent. The Prospector is my pocket Orion when I have some spare time and no friends available. A bit pricy but a good counterpart to the Cutlass. What do you think? Any other interesting options?
  14. Keep in mind that the definition of "cargo" is now different. See the Reclaimer, for instance.
  15. Saw all the episodes. I'm not impressed to be honest.
  16. I tried Audacity ages ago, I think DaVinci Resolve might be a good parallel for video editing (as I mentioned there's a free version). Anyway, whatever program you're going to use, it will be certainly better than Movie Maker
  17. Isn't Adobe Premier Pro a bit expensive for an amateur? Is there any free (even features-limited) version?
  18. I used Fraps for a while but shadowplay is much better in terms of performance. You should consider it as you'll upgrade your GPU/change notebook. I do minor video editing, I started with movie maker, now I'm using DaVinci Resolve. It's free, quite easy to use. This is an example (keep in mind I don't spend too much time editing): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx_FMHdw2oY Images & co are done with GIMP.
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