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  1. Queue the bad luck brian memes. Won a freelancer during a stream, but had left page shortly before announcement (for a related channel thing). Came back to jeopardy music, heard my name at the end. Tried to type anything I could before a new winner was rolled. Worked but his patience was extremely thin (understandably and not in a rude way just time allotted to claim). Then of course he asked for a claim word like fml. Could've made a guess, but I only had what felt like 3 seconds. In the end a new winner was rolled :((

    1. Bursar


      Only a Freelancer ;) Ive dropped 2 of them now :)

    2. DeadlySniper007


      I know that's what I thought as well, it would've been nice to help me get a much bigger ship :wacky:

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