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  1. mr_selfdestruct

    Aegis Hammerhead Concept Sale ($550-650)

    I have just enough to get one. I already went ahead and got a Carrack and a Reclaimer (melting and CCU other stuff). I have a BMM that I am going to CCU up to SOMETHING by the end of this sale. I am leaning hard to the HammerHead But 9 crew members... The Polaris Isn't any better. I could run a fleet a 5 ships with NPCs for what it would take to run one Hammerhead. I almost wish I didn't have a 250$ BMM, because its CCUs for 350 now, I would almost rather an Orion or Crucible (and they aren't allowing BMM to Crucible)
  2. mr_selfdestruct

    Gamechanger Finally Revealed?

    Man.... getting a little frustrated with CIG. Its cool and not cool at the same time. I've heard there are ships that wont even be ready for 4.0 and we don't even have 3.0 yet... and here comes not only a new ship, but a new game mechanic. When it be ready 5.0 2020? I feel like out of frustration I might just melt all but one or two of my fleet and get this thing. Then I am going to find some super far away moon build a base and just mine space boogers. I agree with Lord this thing is going to have to be some sort of factory or production type facility otherwise how it 3 times more expensive than a Carrack or Merchantman which is nearly a base in itself. But one thing is for sure, I have about 8 ships at last count. I can't fly them all at once. So maybe I should just melt most of them and get something like this.
  3. mr_selfdestruct

    Aegis Eclipse will be $275, sale on the 19th

    I am praying they put all Ageis ships on sale for this. With the new info on the Reclaimer I have fallen in love and its rumored to go up to 500 when its hanger ready around 3.0.
  4. mr_selfdestruct

    Banu Merchantman is now $300

    Just FYI the BMM's CCU credit is 350$. I just used my O$ CCU from a Redeemer. Melt price is 250 but CCU is 350. That's basically 100$ off an Reclaimer, 890 Jump, Carrack, or Polaris if you want. I REALLY want a Reclaimer but I don't know if it will go on sale before its hanger ready and then the price will surely jump. I would be happy for an Orion (325) too, but no way to CCU down unfortunately. Dont get me wrong I didn't do it just to get 100$ free. If I am "stuck" with the BMM it is still an awesome ship for 250.
  5. mr_selfdestruct

    Can we be purged for inactivity from TA?

    You can bet once this game comes out I will be playing it. I mean it's only the most expensive game I have ever paid for times about 50x.
  6. I am just wondering, I very much want to be a part of TA and very much plan on playing Star Citizen when it comes out, but lately I just have not been on TA much and not paying much attention to Star Citizen aside from the random reddit headline that pops up on my front page. Maybe I will try it again when 3.0 comes out, maybe I will just wait till the game is finished. But as we all know that could be years. Is there any sort of policy that accounts can be purged from TA if we don't log on in a certain amount of time?
  7. Uhhh. I looked at my CC statement. I dropped nearly 350 on this sale. So my idea was Exploration all the way. But as the game changes I wonder how best to go about this. I started with the DUR but started eyeballing the Aquila and CCUed to that about 6 months ago. I need an escort right?! So I got a Vangaurd a while ago too and a pair of yellow DragonFlies. I thought I was done. What else could I need right? Well this anniversary sale changed my mind about all that. I bought a few cheap LTI Avenger Titans, 65$ warbond which CCUs for a 75$ ship. One ended up as a MIS because I LOVE the Freelancer and really loved my DUR. Then I started looking at the Sentinel and Harbinger. I was wandering if the sentinel version would make a better escort with its e-warfare edition. I picked up a CCU for the sentinel and harbinger so I can decided later and I would rather the BUK instead of CCU. But wait, the Ghost sounds awesome. It would be like a escort that people dont even realize are there. So one Titan ended up as a Ghost, but the Super Hornet is supposed to be BAD ASS, so I got a CCU for that too. I love the Aquila, and I think its the coolest ship in the game, but the Carrack. Its bigger! Its supposed to be better. But is it? Well we don't really know yet. Maybe for jump mapping, but open-ended exploration... maybe not. And the Connie has some of the strongest guns in the game. So I bought the CCU, but will probably stick with the Aquila. Free Gladus changed to Hull B. One last Titan with a CCU to Redeemer and one for Retalitor bomber, because why not, both ships sound awesome. Plus a few 0$ CCU to Bannu because that ships price is going to double I know it and its going to pay for a nice Polaris for me or something similar. I kinda hope they come out with a 750$ exploration Corvette ship. If they do I will almost every ship I have and just get that. Because right now an exploration fleet of 4 ships just isn't going to happen. Wont be worth cash to even fuel that many ships. Have you not seen our spreadsheet yet?! We only have 120 member who have reported their fleet. Just 120 of us have dropped $250,000. THAT is insane. A couple dudes in the org have dropped 5K or more. Our org has something like 14 Idris and 2 Javlins and 11 Polaris. 27 capital ships! Its going to be nuts.
  8. mr_selfdestruct

    Anniversary Sale details.

    This is why all I bought this sale was about 7 or 8 CCUs. I like the ships I have now, but JUST incase I want the super hornet or carrack. I love the Aquila but many people are thinking once the Carrack is fleshed out it will kick the Aquilas butt. We will see. Banu, the same. I just dont really like that ship. But right now that price is insane for what it is... so maybe once its fleshed out. I change my mind. Now fingers crossed fro Vangarud BUKs in the Xmas sale. Then I am set till the 600 comes out. This is why all I bought this sale was about 7 or 8 CCUs. I like the ships I have now, but JUST incase I want the super hornet or carrack. I love the Aquila but many people are thinking once the Carrack is fleshed out it will kick the Aquilas butt. We will see. Banu, the same. I just dont really like that ship. But right now that price is insane for what it is... so maybe once its fleshed out. I change my mind. Now fingers crossed fro Vangarud BUKs in the Xmas sale. Then I am set till the 600 comes out.
  9. mr_selfdestruct

    The Road to CitizenCon

    Well in the first half of my post, I just meant we all wanted to see it. It is a disappointment to everyone, the backers and the devs that they could not show it. Like They said, they had been preping for months with the idea that they would show it at the con. I am not in a rush for this game. I am 100% fine with it will come out when it comes out. But come on! Everyone had their fingers crossed the demo would be shown at the con and sectrely we have been wishing it would be released this x-mas. I am not saying the they made the wrong call. It sounds like they made the right call. And the procedural planets half was amazing. In the second half of my post, I guess I am being negative. I just think it is a shame the way the vast majority of the video industry operates. Its not really Chris's fault for adding to it, because its just the way the industry works, but at the same time, he could hire more people instead of adding more and more to the game requiring people to work 120 hour weeks. I also understand you cant just snap your fingers. I was actually reading a lot about this. Chris tried to outsource a ton of the work and it was massive problem. He had a team in China and they did a horrible job. He stopped that pretty quick. He had another company work on Star Marine and it was a horror story. Not really anyones fault, but one thing would change at Cloud Imperium and the Star Marine team would have to redo 6 months of work. They ended up quitting because it got to the point their code would not meld at all with the rest of the game and Cloud told them they would have to start from ground zero and start over. They had no motivation anymore. So that was moved in house to Cloud and they started the FPS module over all again. There is also the problem with using Crytek. Chris said there are simply a finite number of people in the world that are famialr with that engine. And they have only been able to add more peopel to the team once they left from working on stuff like Farcry Primal and other Crytek projects.
  10. mr_selfdestruct

    The Road to CitizenCon

    What a disappointment (edit: that they didn't show SQ42). But I still love getting to see the behind the scenes of this. Part of me is is like wow this is just so amazing, nothing like this has ever ever ever been done before. The other part of me, and this video confirms it is, they are biting off WAY more than they can chew. I also kinda REALLY feel bad for the work conditions there. NO ONE should ever have to work more than 50 or 60 hours a week at the ultra most. Kotaku just did an article on how this is how it was at Naughty Dog. And that is why Amy left. It was killing her. That is why Kevin Levin stepped away from Bio Shock. Infinite tripled his teams size and he said he looked at pictures of himself before and after the game, and he aged 15 years. Honestly... Money is still POURING in. When they get another million, I would rather Chris hire some more fucking people instead of saying, "oh we have money to add a new language now" or "oh now we can a minecraft like crafting system when we hit 200 million dollars". No take my money and hire some more people so you stop killing yourself and your team. The entire game industry is like this and I thank god I never got into it. I almost did back in the day.
  11. mr_selfdestruct

    So....what ship do you have?

    This game is so efffffing broken. It just keeps eating my quarters! But in reality quarters are $100 dollar bills. I swore I was 100% done with putting money into this game. Then the Freelancer MIS is back on sale, so now my DUR is a an MIS. I LOVE the DUR, maybe my favorite ship, even more than the Aquila, but I wanted to grab the MIS while I had the chance. I don't even want to admit how much I have spent on this game.... I did give up coffee and sandwiches for lunch (10$ a week) for what... 8 months now to just the cash spent on this game. 2x Yellow Jacket Dragon Fly (LTI) Gladius (3 months, free from the rewards. I don't like this ship. Maybe I upgrade to a DUR, but how can I even use TWO Freelancers?! Maybe a super fighter or racer) Freelancer MIS (LTI) Vanguard Warden (LTI) God I hope this ship is worth it. This was on my list early on and I was dying to have it. I had no idea is was this expensive. Connie Aquila (LTI) THIS ship's cost actually seems justified unlike the Vanguard. This ship is amazing. I have serious doubts I will ever use half these ships. But my idea is to be a very long range exploration/science wing group that is extremely hard hitting. You definitely wouldn't want to f**k with a Aquila/Vanguard or MIS/Vanguard pair. So what is next? Well... I might just wait till the game launches to decide what to do with my Gladius (its free, so melt is 0$). And once they start selling NPC slots or character slots,, whatever they are called, I will probably buy 2 or 3, maybe even 4. All my ships need 2 or 3 crew member to run at 100%. And I want to run at least 1 escort. So when I am rolling "by myself" I will still need at least 3 NPC to crew something like a like a MIS/Vanguard group.
  12. mr_selfdestruct

    Gamescon sale here:

    Hmm... Won't lie. I am a little disappointed since I already own the DUR and Aquila. The Aquila comes with rover already. But it cools that they seem to be working on it now. Well... Citizencon sale, fingers crossed for EVERYTHING else.
  13. mr_selfdestruct

    Gamescon sale here:

    How about this? What do y'all hope will go on sale? I was kinda thinking of upgrading my Gladius to a Vanguard and maybe my DUR for an MIS if either of those become available. And of course I am interested to see some info about the new ship.
  14. mr_selfdestruct

    Gamescon sale here:

    Gamescon sale announced. Here is the link https://robertsspaceindustries.com/gamescom-sale-soon The sale should go live in 11 hours from this posting.
  15. mr_selfdestruct

    $10 off Aurora to Reliant Kore CCU

    10$ off is fantastic. I just can not justify another ship at this time. Arg! I have no desire to build a fleet. And I have an Aquila and a Dur. The Reliant is just a smaller version of those two basically. Will this work: spend 20$ for Aurora then 35$ for reliant upgrade. That is equal to 55$. After the promotion is over will we be able to melt the Reliant for 65$ store credit? I might do that becuase I want to buy some NPC game packages seats or whatever the eff they are called when they become available. I am 100% done buying ships. I have my two dream ships a fleet of dragonflies and two fighters I don't even really want (the gladius was free and the Buc.... lets wait and see). Edit: uhhh whatever. I just can't stop throwing cash at this game. I know have a Kore. BTW this upgrade/info is really hard to find. I can't find it anywhere on the RSI website. I only knew about from the newsletter. I deleted that email and can't even find the info detailing the sale anywhere. But if you got to upgrade page, its there. Wonder how long it will last. Seems like an easy way to get lots of 10$ off coupons basically if you are already planning on spending some more cash.