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  1. Probarbly going to change soon, But, Sabre Raven, Rsi Apollo, Misc Freelancer, Tumbril Nova, Origin X1, Nox Kue, Tumbril Cyclone, Misc Prospector. AMD Mustang Gamma
  2. I have no positive feelings for Crytec at this moment in time.
  3. I remember Benji getting me into the books, -Still yet to read more! But thus far has been epic. Heres a couple trailers. CANT WAIT!
  4. Hey dude. I'm waiting ^^ haha, hope to see you soon mate!

  5. But also on the notion of a polly making the endeavour redundant.... I dont think it will. If I had a duo like that the Polly would immediately have t3 / t2 beds, for speedy evac of multiples and i'd put the two to rescue missions during org combats. Now that I think about it in more depth, the apollo is either that "Two man space clinic on the fringes" or that large ambulence. Consider the case scenarios... 1- You want something to go about in, land in places and do yo' clinic thing. You want to be small, mobile, and profitable. You wouldnt bring an endeavour to cure a small town. So Bam. Apollo. 2- You've got an endeavour and want an ambulence during combat. -Well. If you want something fast, zippy, and able to hit back, Get the cutlass. I doubt many ships would go down fast enough for one or two cutlasses to not keep up. Sure, the appollo can carry more. But you have to remember that this is a bigger ship, hauling more ass, and having to grab folks one or two at a time move to the next guy, pick him up, and so on. It's space combat, These fellows will be in the great black covering entire KM in their manuvuers. -If you've got a good load of folks who cover eachother and dont drop off often, Cutlass here is supreme.in some aspects. 100%. 3- On the flip, If you're expecting ALOT of casulties in space, maybe an apollo, as it can carry more and if the air is thick enough with folk, you wont have far to travel to fill up with almost dead people. Assuming you've got 6 T3 Beds. Sustain, drag to an endeavour, Bam, repeat. 4- Just had a unit of fellows on the ground, a small squad etc, going up and down in atmousphere would be a pain for a cutlass, but bring in a polly, maybe with a t2x2 + t1x1 setup, you have a reasonable medic respawn that can handle saving some folks from moderate damage, or even sustain folks with major damage, if you already have a major damaged guy being healed. Throw it in rotation with the other guys in the unit, you have a stream of folks frogleaping forwards. These arnt every eventuality, but a good jist of how to setup and think about these things. Long story short, In many ways the cutlass can be trumped by an apollo, but at the same time, in others a cutlass can trump one in situations where numerics dont matter, only speed, and armament. It seems the polly is more niched into the medical feild, but as a result, alot of the eventualities / scenario's that I can come up with for comparability suggest that it's also more versatile in that specific niche feild - As you'd expect. and can handle more than a cutlass. Sidenote. Medical gameplay is an enigma right now... Or rather, the notion of character death / respawn. I mean... How can they keep the game realistic and justify respawning in this game? All I can think about is that agent smith concept we heard about. The concept of a ship, Lets say a polly in this case, picking up a body / Npc, and treating them. A player somewhere has an unfortunate stroke of luck somewhere and dies, Then has the option to agent smith INTO that NPC you've just treated. He's both himself, and "the dude you just treated." Upside: -Free respawn. -No real break in immersion. -You've just switched out an NPC for an actual interaction with another player on your ship. Downside: -You have to ofcourse get an npc, or recover -a- body to treat, to get someone to agent smith into it. So if you go into a situation with an empty ship, How would someone spawn into it? this means that people respawning may not have the option to respawn at your ship, until you've actually done your job. So perhaps in this instance, have two or so free respawns, to be able to have bodies / folks to treat, to continue that realistic vibe of "I found a guy, healed him, Now he is here."immersion, whilst providing that: "I just respawned in this ship" convenience.
  6. I've seen Multiple sources tell me it's a single t3 bed. Mainly all of the recent medical discussions and q & a's mentioned this. I think its going to be alot more manuverable than the apollo with a better arnament and likely a more "general" interior which would promote a sort of versatility, even if it's slight.
  7. Cutlass has been described as an ambulance, So i'd expect it's options for heavier casualties are stabilising folk and hauling ass to a more capable facility. Apollo on the other hand can be described as a "Clinic" with the option to do more with up to six T3 tables, or at MOST two T1 beds. -So you can either have an ambulence that hauls ass with 6 people at a time, Or if in a more remote area with engagements being few and far between, go for a more dedicated doctor playstyle. The point I've seen here, entailing the notion that the cutlass seems more like a dedicated ambulance, compared to the 'Polly which can be a little more versatile in it's medical role. Polly also has two variants as of yet, although the cutlass red -Is- a variant itself which may lead me to believe it is more of a one trick pony than it's counterpart. I've already seen discussions of a Polly variant which would take samples of flora and fauna for research, replacing the beds with stasis tanks or something of the sort on spectrum. Here are the current variants of Polly, Listing Physical differences. Apollo Triage: Apollo Medivac: Length: 43 Length: 43M Width: 30 Width: 30 Height: 10 Height: 10 Max Crew: 2 Max Crew: 2 Armour: Medium Armour: Heavy Speed: 205 M/s Speed: 195 M/S Cargo: 28 SCU Cargo: 28 SCU Turrets: 1 Remote w/ 2X Laser cannons. Turrets: 1 remote w/ 2 Balistic Gatling's. Missiles: 2x S3 Missile Racks. Red Stats Indicts Stats that differ from the other variant. Sources: -The Video this thread is about, -Medical Gameplay article, Rsi https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16671-The-Shipyard-Medical-Gameplay -RSI Apollo Brochure.
  8. I found this page both enlightening and informative. Thankyou Bursa.
  9. Also the fact that they have videos of the ships and they look amazing. And I am having an internal debate about the Razor or the M50 again.
  10. Wow, I must say Colour me impressed! Good job!
  11. It's a valid point, straight off the bat. I can agree with the notion that we arn't doing this to make ourselves handicapped with regards to workloads, it's more the fact that if and when this org explodes, you will most definitely see those policies and structures proving to be nothing short of valuable and useful. Good point Ichi =)
  12. Loadout: Idris, Endeavour Hope class w/ Telescope Vanguard Bombers Vanguard Dropships X? (W/ complement) GSQ1 Tumbril Nova X3 (9) Tumbril Cyclone ReconX1 (2) Tumbril Turret X2 (3) Tumbril AA X1 (2) 15 Dumbasses (For thinking this was a good idea.) (Because Plated-Logic) GSQ2 Tumbril Nova X3 (9) Tumbril Cyclone ReconX1 (2) Tumbril Turret X2 (3) Tumbril AA X1 (2) 15 Dumbasses (For thinking this was a good idea.) (Because Plated-Logic) Op 1: Landing: Idris slowly descends into atmosphere and lumbering unloads it's hungry pack of man eating badgers into the realm of the enemy before chuckling quietly to itself and lifting back into the air to begin using it's huge AF cannon as Bombardment from outer-atmousphere. Landing Pattern 2: Fly like an irrational man with his pants on fire down to the planet, opening ramp prematurely and allowing vehicles to drive out of the rear whilst in low atmosphere. A recommendation of a 30 M drop at a maximum speed of 20M/s. Kindly angle the ship irrationally to compensate for the downward angle of the ramp, to allow vehicles to drop and hopefully land on the horizontal plain, as opposed to face planting into the ground and becoming the equivalent of fence posts in the terrain. (Preffered Plated Doctrine) Protocal: P:1 Idris Primary Designation: Erradication of power supply / source for deactivation of modules detrimental to operating personelle. Nova /Tonk Primary Designation SQ1: The removal of armourered threats / stationary buildings of 'Safety' Should the situation change to encounter vehicular resistence Primary will designate unto them, This also applies to "Air" targets. Cyclone Turret X2 Designation SQ1: Anti infantry support coupled with Flanking manuvers. Primary doctrine to down Targets before securing them for Capture. Men are to stay with the cyclone at all times, However may disembark for cover leaving the turret operator to "Lock down" a place. However this tact is both encouraged and frowned upon due to the now immobile cyclone becoming an emplacement thus easy to flank or attack. If should a doctrine is adopted, operators are encouraged to remain within 25 M of the vehicle at all times. Cyclone Recon Sq1: Primary objective: Scout the area and potentially jam comms. The use of "Rick rolling" Over the radio to drown out noise is neither condoned, or encouraged. Provide infantry fire support as needed. Sniper rifles may be used to provide assistance from afar. Cyclone AA X1 SQ1: Provide anti air coverage, utilise the Recon & any other notions of information gathering to maintain a secure coverage. High terrain with cover is encouraged, slightly adrift from the immediate combat zone. Sniper rifles may be used to provide assistance. Team will be attached to the Recon variant in SQ1. SQ2: designation: Rince and repeat as above, provide assistance, or operate same protocol elsewhere. Potentially sit in reserve. Endeavour Designation: To remain as a respawn hub in space, protected by Idris in formational pattern, Utilising telescope to designate targets and place objectives to the ground below. Flagship. (BECAUSE WHY T/F WOULD YOU THINK THE COMMAND WAS ON HERE WHEN IT'S NEXT TO A F**KING IDRIS?!?!?) Idris Secondary Designation: Implement landing for Phase one before utilising recon of ground & Space to bombard with main cannon, provide auxiliary support to local endeavour Via secondary guns. Optimum result: S**t is f**ked up. Clean up crew in the form of a reclaimer & various transport ships confiscate of value. Avengers lower to planet surface in the aftermath to secure prisoners and retain profit from the warzone Via bounty hunting means. Long Live the UEE. I want to f**k s**t up already. #Platedlogic Terms and conditions apply, These writing are the ravings of a madman and may not be suited for actual military application. Detrimental affects to vehicles and ships are not considered and the writer will not be held responsible for any detrimental effects to personelle or assets in the implementation of these manuvers and or random acts. All personelle are to be made aware as to the mental nature of the man hatching this plan in conjunction with the notion that whilst the manufacturer of this plan may be unhappy to be made privy to the potential after effects of such a notion should they be negative in outcome, in utilising this theory to it's doctrine you are hereby agreeing upon the notion in a contractual nature that Platedwolf and #Platedlogic are not liable for any unfortunate happenstance and that in conjunction that ~platedlogic and Platedwolf are infact perfectly within their rights to steal your thunder in the aftermath of any ensured success with the words: "b***h, I am the brains behind this AHM A FUKKEN GENIUSSezz!"
  13. It has come to my attention that there is a map, in two dimensions, showing the various tracks, in both of those dimensions, I think you will find it helpful, especially in understanding which track is which. Furthermore, I can tell you that even in my excessive practise in an M50, I am not hitting anywhere near those lap times.
  14. This is an update regarding the 'leadership' of the TASE Racing team. I'd like to clarify that I have absolutely no intention of stepping down from my TASE Position in the short term, until I can completely assure both myself and the Organisation that the team is a fully fledged working & operating system within the organisation and I find a successor with the drive and capability to lead it. With due respect, one does not kick an infant out of the house, only the unruly teen once he's old enough and experienced enough. So don't worry, It's all good. I simply feel a miscommunication has been made and is now being addressed. Secondarily on the agenda, is a reminder that racing events will continue to happen on Friday morning, 2AM, along with Sunday 7PM UTC. These events are consecutive on a weekly basis. Tertiary, Saturday nights gaming may incorporate the possibility of racing events liaising with the main gaming night.
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