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  1. It has come to my attention that there is a map, in two dimensions, showing the various tracks, in both of those dimensions, I think you will find it helpful, especially in understanding which track is which. Furthermore, I can tell you that even in my excessive practise in an M50, I am not hitting anywhere near those lap times.
  2. This is an update regarding the 'leadership' of the TASE Racing team. I'd like to clarify that I have absolutely no intention of stepping down from my TASE Position in the short term, until I can completely assure both myself and the Organisation that the team is a fully fledged working & operating system within the organisation and I find a successor with the drive and capability to lead it. With due respect, one does not kick an infant out of the house, only the unruly teen once he's old enough and experienced enough. So don't worry, It's all good. I simply feel a miscommunication has been made and is now being addressed. Secondarily on the agenda, is a reminder that racing events will continue to happen on Friday morning, 2AM, along with Sunday 7PM UTC. These events are consecutive on a weekly basis. Tertiary, Saturday nights gaming may incorporate the possibility of racing events liaising with the main gaming night.
  3. TASE Racing Event:

    Just another note to remind everyone that the racing events are consecutive and will be happening this week too! ...and the following weeks!
  4. The TASE Racing Team is pleased to announce that we'll be getting together this week on Sunday at 7PM (=1900 UTC) and Friday 2AM UTC (= Thursday evening 7PM Pacific!). We'll be racing in Arena Commander, it is not necessary that you have a dedicated racer to participate. Don't worry if you haven't raced before, we'll take the time to get you up to speed on the courses and techniques. Come out and join us, earn some REC and have some fun. We'll be holding racing events each week, so don't worry if you can't make it this week. Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or contact Platedwolf through PM or on TS.
  5. TASE Racing Team

    "Our first organized event will occur on Saturday, July 15, at 20:00 (8PM) UTC" WARNING, PLATED MAY BE DRINKING.
  6. TASE Racing Team

    So, if you'd like to make a submission you may, but i think we'll close the entries on friday, so that you all have plenty of time to decide motto's, and logo's, and the like.
  7. TASE Racing Team

    Reacon any of you guys can make TASERacing in the form of the tactical advance font, with the R being red?
  8. TASE Racing Team

    I'd love to see what you can come up with!
  9. TASE Racing Team

    Well guys it seems Ichi has took the words out of my mouth, Haha! Furthermore, I'd like to put out there that tonight there has been a few sessions of "Getting to know tracks!" and "Friendly Racing" Currently I'm getting the jist of this with a group prior to the event so I can go in knowing what I am talking about. After that from the experience today I'll be possibly writing up plans for the sessions, then going out with the event next week. I want to say thanks for the support Ichi. And if anyone is interested, Contact me on the teamspeak, Or give me/ Ichi a poke.
  10. Here we are, and its good

    Dear Senpai Ichi San, Thank you very much for this insightful piece of information, I find it a very humbling to know that I am a cog in -THIS- machine. and I find it a very useful kick up the arse as to how I need to get my act together and start working on something.
  11. A story for Benjy!

    A story for benjamin! I don't know, I was bored I guess. Thunk... There it was again, That muted crashing. Thunk... Another one. Closer this time. Bloody hell, Why now?! Thunk! Why now of all times, when it seemed to be the most inconvenient?! THUNK! Louder this time. Then silence. A bated breath seemed to encompass them all as they glanced about in a mixture of panic, woe, uncertainity. Sheep whom turned to a single gobsmacked figure, perched in his command chair as a muted paragon of newfound incompetence. Visors left consoles, reflecting red in the silent flashing red-strewn beacon holster that was the Orion. Those very visors now regarding their captain and going to quiet realisation as to their situation, A dire one. Their captain gave a croak, Stannier Voln voicing his first order since the noises began. "Prepare to repel boarders." Funny that, The whisper that escaped his lips was all but audible, save for the fact that it reverberated with a barely restrained calm across the already quaking corridors of the ship. A scuffling immediately began as the none-essential crew made a sped leg towards the nearest armour depositories and weapon emplacements. One engineer barely keeping an eye on the life support with a shaky glance as his attents fixated instead on charging the capacitors for the internal energy turrets they had had retrofitted just a bare series of hours before the risky venture. Sets of hands snatched at weapons, repair equipment, Armour racks. A quiet panicked fixation about the gestures as the dire nature of the situation wore on. But then what? What foretold fate would befit the straggled band of barely competent folk? Then it began anew. SCREEEEE!! A single penetrating screech, causing a shudder as breaching charges detonated across the port side of the vessel, a boarding tube plunging itself into the twisted metal of the craft in the manner of a sick parody of a blood gorged mosquito. Metal shook against metal with a crunching protest. A twisted flower of steel blooming within the ship, coupler opening to reveal something reeling. Disgusting. Peter bed. A volley of unnatural screeching barks emitted throughout the ship from the opening, grenades flung in to create a smoke infested atmosphere diffused by the snapping barks of ballistic weaponry in the crimson flashing corridors. The bare thing holding the oxygen in little more than the futile attempts at a forcefeild generator sparking in the neglected back of the mining platform, pushed to it's limits. The first man fell, to a dark blur of a pouncing object. A wailing hiss and the squeal of servos were accompanied by the sound of a sequence. The crunch of ineffective armour rending, then flesh, then bone. cutting the screaming of the flailing security force operative no sooner than his armour rended useless. A sight then lingered on the deck as the rest of the obsidian shapes moved around in the smoky confines. Those gathered would have been besotted with a glance of something somewhat twisted. Uncannily uncommon in this day and age. A German Shepherd. A blood soaked thing with jowls lined with cybernetic enhancements and genetically modified notions perverse to nature. A snarl followed as the beast bounded forwards, it's teeth lined with the glow of a plasma infusion. No wonder armour seemed ineffective. It seemed the bastards had released these things and hoped they cleared the floors for the pirates to simply stride into a blood strewn and sparce deck. One pair of hands disagreed with this concept. He could only ponder the repercussions of his antics, had he the time, he would have cared. Alas, the gravity of the situation took him as he heard the ever more sporadic and desperate gunfire slowly cease with the screaming. That pair of hands rested on a mining laser, and a data panel for the engineering deck. Already pre-prepared for the moment in a quick and hasty rig-fix. That Mobiglass read the simple words "Re-route power to Mining Laser, Yes? No?" A finger slipped across the yes icon as the entire ship fell dark, Save for the muted thrum of an overheating laser in space. Directed at a cutlass parasitically sat astride their home. The other hand didn't hesitate as it's finger tore at the trigger, Causing a quiet, muted reaction of shields protesting, Failing, Erupting. The single laser, constructed to separate rock on a molecular level with an electrical charge erupted with a current of light, slicing neatly across the ship from bow to stern. It seemed the cutlass has lowered it's own shields. But why? The operative could only ponder, or rather would, had his luck not been so dire. Men, women, cargo, all seemed to evaporate into space in a diffusion of bodies, alive and dead into the cold abyssal dark that awaited them. Fortunate the wreck of an Orion had closed the majority of the breach doors prior to attempt to mitigate the collateral and leave the rest to the internal turrets and security forces. Soon after, a sigh escaped the mans lips as he leaned, slumped against his harness. Unfastening it as he ran to the bridge to get a re-assessment of the situation. They all appeared to be dead, other than the engineer, who lay panting for breath, flopping to the floor in a dead heap as one of the dogs lapped at his life-essence in mockery of the food chain. Within moments the gravity of the situation wore in. He was alone. Alone. The word felt as cold as the space outside. And yet, already the majority of the canines were already flocking to him, as tame as can be with a wary series of sniffs and cautious glances. It seemed whatever had inspired their frenzy died with the ship. Probably some kind of remote controlled implant he summaries before sprinting for a way out. Now, he had never been a man of unlawful nature, yet he scooped the most valuable things he could find, and made way for his only way out.A beaten prospector, That ironically enough, was already stuffed inconveniently with blood soaked, panting and casual cybernetic pooches, Peering at him as he slipped inside and took the flight controls. What a tight squeeze. But with one way out, Why the bloody hell would any man argue with a pack of unpredictable cybernetic, genetically modified pack-dogs? f**k that! END!
  12. Lets address the elephant in the room

    I'll be breif, blunt & concise. I don't care that people left. I care about the people who left. They were some great people. Friends, and people I held in high regard. With due respect, the reason I say I don't care about this, Is because what I do care about in it's stead is the damage control on filling holes left in the org with suitable candidates and seeing if we can continue on full steam, which we can. Which we will. I care about finding individuals capable of picking up where they left off, and bringing new ideas into the org, and making this place what it should be. A community, and a pleasant one at that. People leaving the org will -Never- be an issue so long as we know their reasoning, and can use that as a learning experience to fix what they found fault with so there is no repeat dissatisfaction with a particular process or thing. In doing so, following a path of self improvement and making this community more pleasant and fun an atmosphere as we want it to be. Just keep in mind this is an experience for us all. And i'll finish with simply this: Perhaps this video will be relevant, perhaps not. But I think it's something we can take from as an org. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBMkrXG8KMY Thats my two cents.
  13. Greetings from M.E.R.C. Corporation

    It's a pleasure to make your aquaintence and I hope with sincerity that our agendas are fruitful. =)

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