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  1. Hi all, long time not seen and heared I hope everything goes well on this site of the verse? best regards Semila
  2. Hi Ghosthawk, thanks for the TS invite. It is not easy to arrange this cuz of the different time zones.. so we would keep this for the moment at a minimum but we gladly show up from time to time in this area of the forum We would like to announce, that we are preparing at the moment the first Cit-Con Germany in Frankfurt. If there are some German speakers in your organisation, feel free to attend the Event. More information on http://www.cit-con.de (written in german) regards Semila
  3. I think that would a bit strange to be enamoured as long it is a part of fascinated
  4. Good day Ladies and Gentleman, We would like to thank for the very good talk we had with your diplomats last Friday/Saturday. As a sum up, we realized, that M.E.R.C. and TA have more in common as initially thought. The similarities are on the spot and this is also something we think, that this friendship could work very well in future and we are looking forward to this state of the game. Best Regards Semila - CEO
  5. Hi Kal-Nor, This are our Squadrons. The Squads are our Pillars, where each of the Squads stands for a Game aspect in SC. Each member of M.E.R.C. has his own area of preferred game style. This Squads are divided in offensive fight, defensive fight, Trading, Supporting, Mining, Role play, Exploring and so on. With This squads and the inherit members we can plan for events, as the members of the squads defines them-self to take tasks and responsibilities at M.E.R.C. We do have a lot of members, that are not a part of a Squadron due to their freedom of playing Star Citizen more casual. Each Squadron is handled by Squadron Leader with their vices and Flight Sergeants internally to manage the members and missions. We do have then the CAG (Commanding Air Group) on the Military and Economy site with their Managers and Coordinators that handle and coordinate all the aspects of the organisations to the different Squadrons to fulfill the daily business. I hope to answering your questions accordingly. best regards Semila
  6. I would like to send some greetings from the M.E.R.C. Corporation, We highly appreciated the conversation with one of your diplomats as we got invited for a first Diplomatic meeting. The first impression that Tactical Advance made by their representative, was positive to us to arrange a second meet and greet. M.E.R.C. Corp is a self sustaining organisation with services in different areas that ranges from Military services to Economic services. We are based on a business level and be seen as a corporation. So therefore our interests are to collaborate and partnering with other organisations with the same mindset as we have. Our organisation is bilingual in German and Spanish. As a member of the Star Citizen Federation Alliance, that is purely an economic and not a war alliance, we do not stand in war or conflicts with other organisations. M.E.R.C. is neutral against the UEE and does not take a stand on any sites of organisations but M.E.R.C. itself. This puts us in a situation to collaborate with a wide variety of organisations. We do not collaborate with Pirates and neither we kill them on sight. If there is a bounty and it is business, we will be active. We hope, this casts a positive light on the M.E.R.C. Corporation and explains our organisation in short words. We would be glad to continue to cultivate the relationship with Tactical Advance for future possibilities. Best regards Semila – CEO M.E.R.C. Corporation
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