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  1. Niernen

    ANTHEM? What do you think?

    might be supercool or not
  2. Niernen

    Get Payday 2 for free!

    thx mate
  3. Niernen

    Secrecy & security?

    That's a cool Idea Planning is Key
  4. 85x then an uprage for my tana to a sen and my avenger to a herald
  5. Niernen

    MISC Hull Serie Future sales

    Don't worry i wont begin with any of these but maybe the C a least just for fun and making lots of UEC when exploration and info are not enough
  6. Hey everyone Do you know if there will be another sale for the Hull series soon ? And if you have one which one is it ? and what do you plan for it?
  7. Niernen

    NVIDIA Titan X (v2.0) Announced

    it's not ready yet i think or not working well they might or will put it in the next gen of GPUs
  8. Niernen

    The Next Great Star Marine Hub

    that's insane love these type of armored suits
  9. Ah ok so your friend is very good then
  10. i bought the two dragonfly pack for turning the black one in an other when it's needed and for the LTI too
  11. Niernen

    Fleet View App

    Hello everyone This is my "have it one day" fleet but i don't how will work the vanguard sentinel and hornet tracker games mechanics so i don't know if it's worth it to buy them now or not at all and grind them in the game
  12. Niernen

    Fleet View App