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  1. Who maintains the member ship roster? I think I'm going to be making a big change in my lineup soon and want to update that list.

    1. MG_Longshot
    2. Spacegod


      I also need to update my ships

  2. Does anyone have any solid Endeavor news to share?
  3. Remember back in the days...like during the Next Great Starship competition, when everybody was all lovey dovey between Crytek and CIG....amazing how things can sour.
  4. Cool commercial....still not my cup of tea.
  5. So i've had my Hammerhead out of the barn for more than a few test flights now and I've encountered a MAJOR problem. I like flying it more than my Connie's. I can't get over how comfortable I am with the design, especially the bridge layout. I thought for certain that being slung on the underside of the ship with no visibility above was going to be a huge disadvantage The more I fly it though, the more practical it seems and the more I feel like it's the best design out there. When I would fly the Connie I loved the feeling of being strapped to the front of a cruise missile. In the Hammerhead,
  6. I debated this hard for about 24 hours. After sleeping on it I have decided to pass. While I do find some interest in salvage and reclamation....I don't think I will have time to split between military ops, hauling fuel, cargo and the occasional bounty.
  7. Well....I suppose that changes things a bit....
  8. I need help with this one. You have 1 opportunity to buy back a pledge with store credits.NOTE: Valid for ONE pledge buy back with any amount of store credits applied Here are my options: Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket Origin M50 Racer Anvil Gladiator Aegis Redeemer Aegis Gladiator Constellation Taurus Horney F7C-Ghost I know people will say things like "It's your decision" and "It depends on what you wanna do in game" or "Whats your budget?" I'm willing to concede that there really is no comparison between a dragonfly and a Tauru
  9. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/citizens/Gigowatt
  10. I for one support the naming of the Military Division "Vermicious Kanids"!
  11. Thanks Lumpy! I'll try to live up to the title!
  12. *This is a little story I am going to develop. If you want to be included leave a comment and I will add you in happily. You will never be the point of view character. That role is reserved for "YOU", or all of us if you catch my drift. If you have a piece of music you think will compliment a scene as it plays out, please suggest it. If you think it's great, I need the encouragement. If you think it's garbage say so. I'll definitely write you into an Alien Tentacles scene. The idea here is that you read along until you come to a youtube link of music, click it, listen for about a m
  13. So....I'm not sure what it was about this ship, but it has tickled my fancy. I melted down a few things that I felt would not serve me in the roles that I feel i will be occupying. This thing looks like a beast, and I love it!
  14. I had some initial difficulties and frustrations. Some who only just subscribed are playing. Copy over to the PTU and try this link to install the Delta Installer. https://install.robertsspaceindustries.com/star-citizen/RSI-Setup-1.0.0-ptu.25.exe By the way, 2.6.3 seems to be disabled because I couldn't get in.
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