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  1. MausGMR

    Who got Titanfall 2?

    I got it, it's cool =D
  2. MausGMR

    Total War Warhammer

    Necro thread. I've got a 20% discount voucher for Total War Warhammer on steam. PM me if you'd like it =)
  3. MausGMR

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    Hi folks, the EUTW guys are running a PVP milsim on Friday the 16th for any interested folks who show up. It's on Euro time and starts at 18:30 BST (1730 UTC). Further details can be found here https://forums.eutw.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4908&p=42834#p42834 Would be great to have some of you join me! =) ** UPDATE ** - For anyone intersted, role reservation can be done here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s36hy87Od_awxJdQkr0Sq9O0dzHOBfjbok1EwpepBO0/edit#gid=72009431
  4. MausGMR

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    Catch up with me this Friday in teamspeak guys, i'll be running a squad in Arma 3 Take and Hold PVP on the EUTW servers from 6pm UST
  5. MausGMR

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    I'm not available this Saturday pal, but perhaps at the next meeting!
  6. MausGMR

    Arma 3 Friday PAUSED

    Necro thread alert! =D I'm a big Arma fan and very much enjoy playing it with likeminded folks when I have spare time. So, with this in mind, i'd like to invite all Arma fans to participate with me in a very popular and well established Capture and Hold PVP server I play on, known as EUTW, on a regular basis. Have a look at http://www.eutw.net/ This server stands on the shoulders of most other competitive Arma servers because it operates zero server side mods, ensuring great frame rate, whilst being ran on very solid hardware. It's considerably more stable and enjoyable than king of the hill, and a lot more 'military' than wasteland. Basically, its round/mission based, with numerous map layouts for C&H on Tanoa, Altis and Stratis. Two forces are pitted against each other, and are comprised of a limited number of classes with gear selection from the standard Arma 3 options. Overall for any who've experienced it, it's basically Project Reality lite with loadout customisation and vehicle purchasing for the player, as equipment improvements in the round come from money earned. It's easy to pick up and is a game i'll be playing regularly, so when i'm on teamspeak, i'd very much welcome anyone who's interested to hit me up and join in with me. Of course, planned 'event days' can also be done, although once a week on a specific night for me is unlikely because of life commitments. Hope you guys are interested!