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  1. Drakin

    New Vulture

    I really like the Vulture, which surprises me because I wasn't expecting much from it. I agree that it makes more sense than a Reclaimer for a solo player. However, I think it is a small enough ship that it shouldn't be too difficult to earn in game, whereas the Reclaimer will be far more difficult to earn in game. Personally I have a Reclaimer, which I'll get around to using whenever I can come up with sufficient crew and resources to fly it. I may well be able to earn a Vulture in game before I'm able to afford taking out my Reclaimer for more than short rides.
  2. Haha, awesome. Just needs a big red "Catastrophic Failure Imminent" sign above that can start flashing at appropriate times.
  3. Drakin

    Immersion up the wazoo

    I travel a decent amount so needed a fairly portable setup and I can't imagine dog-fighting with mouse and keyboard. I recently switched to a dual Thrustmaster T16000 setup because they are reasonably portable, affordable, easy to find if I need replacement (even here in Peru), stable and easy to place on a desk, and eliminate the need for rudder pedals due to the joystick twist. Are they the best? Definitely not. But perfectly adequate and suitable for my needs.
  4. Drakin

    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    Yes, I think people need to remember that there are reasons why ships have grown in size in the past. The main reason is that before they would design the exterior of the ship first, and then later try to fit the interior spaces inside. Now they lay out the interior of the ship and then design the exterior around that. So at least in theory, if they're doing their job right, concept ships should no longer be growing well beyond their original size specifications. To be fair, there was a secondary reason why some ships have grown in the past, and that is because they realized later on that they needed additional interior spaces that they had not at all planned for originally. The biggest example of this is the Idris, where they discovered while building the story line for Squadron 42 that they needed several additional areas added (armory, brig, extra crew quarters, etc). This could still possibly be an issue in some cases (I think they recently said they had to add a level to the Bengal carrier so they could add a tram system?), but I think this is also less likely for newer concepts. Basically, don't count on new concept ships growing significantly during the development process.
  5. Drakin

    Hercules CCU Available..

    Makes sense to me. I wouldn't say the Hercules is pretty... but it isn't ugly. It looks dangerous and sexy to me I think I'll make it a priority to get an A2 in game.
  6. I actually posted that as my RTV question. Only one vote so far, though.
  7. Drakin

    3.5 added to Roadmap

    Ha! I don't have either one, but if I can't earn them in game with the ships I do have (including Reclaimer and Orion) then I'm "doing it wrong."
  8. Titan Avenger is clearly the superior ship if you are min/maxing. But I'd expect more refined thinking from a 600i owner
  9. Drakin

    Hey sorry I've been away RL problems

    I'm in Chicago for the next three weeks myself and I elected to NOT bring my gaming laptop. Need to focus on the client project at the moment. Real life has to take priority over video games... unless your real life job *is* video games
  10. Drakin

    Stability & Persistence.

    Yeap people who play big ships when the game goes live are going to have to take it seriously and exercise all necessary caution to not get them destroyed. The claim process is going to be a bit of a hassle with big ships, as it should be.
  11. Drakin

    Alpha 3.1 - Nox Kue

    The Nox Kue: the ship I'm saving for my Darth Vader moment when I need to escape from my exploding Death Star in style.
  12. If you really don't know what you plan to do in the game but you have a certain amount of $$ that you want to invest in supporting the development, then I'd say get one ship that you can enjoy playing around with during development (ie, the next two to three years), and spend the remainder on the biggest ship that interests you. The reason is that CIG has said that the big ships will be exponentially more expensive to buy with in game currency after the game is released. But really I'd probably recommend just saving your $$ unless you feel strongly about supporting the game development. Part of the fun of buying a ship now is learning every detail you can about it and imagining how you'll be using it, so I feel like if you're not getting that benefit you're almost shorting yourself. Another thought would be to buy a land claim if you feel like setting up and maintaining an outpost might be your cup of tea. As far as the number of people you'll have to play with, I think there are a good number of SC players in Asia / Australia. Depending on the game play you prefer the latency with players in the US and EU may be an issue, but of course it shouldn't be an issue with other players in Asia / Australia.
  13. Looks fun. Kinda wish I had one, but I decided that it'll be very easy to earn in game so didn't bother.
  14. Drakin

    3.1 PTU is up!

    Let me know when Reclaimer and Terrapin are part of the build and then I'll be motivated to give the PTU a try. Otherwise I can just wait a week or so til 3.1 goes live in the PU.
  15. Drakin

    Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    I don't mind the grimy heavily used look so much as the lack of customization. It looks to me as if every Reclaimer has a puddle of water in the bathroom as well as the exact same objects littering the sink. I fully expect that by the time the game goes live that such details will be customizable, so I hope I won't be disappointed.