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  1. 3.0 ooops

    I've had a few amusing moments in 3.0 due to various bugs, but so far this was the funniest. As many of you will know, when you turn on your ship engines the ship will often lurch forward suddenly in an uncontrollable matter. Usually moving the throttle full forward and then back to zero fixes it in time before anything terrible happens. However in this case, while trying to take off from Levski, the Retaliator I was flying ended up like this: It was rather dark at the time I was taking off, so initially I couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble piloting the ship up and out. I finally abandoned ship and soon figured it out...
  2. CIG Off the Hook v Crytek

    Yea, it doesn't deal with some of the issues raised in the complaint such as sharing code improvements, but really, since the contract seems to suggest that there are no monetary damages allowed (??), that seems moot. Perhaps in the absolute best case for Crytek maybe they could force CIG to give them some of the game engine tech they've developed? In any case it doesn't seem like the lawsuit will be on any real consequence, and may even get thrown out entirely.
  3. I don't know how anyone can have a gaming rig without SSD at this point. Once you have SSD you'll never go back. I buy mechanical hard drives only for my RAID servers and backup drives now. I wouldn't even consider using anything other than an SSD for a primary drive on any computer.
  4. Game breaking issue lads

    Was the 50 fps in 3.0? Or was that 2.6.3? With only 8GB of RAM your machine will struggle with SC 3.0. As FC5 said, you need 16GB of RAM. I suggest you upgrade to at least 16GB. More if you can.
  5. 3.0 mouse and keyboard Unplayable

    I'm waiting for the next patch before I worry too much about flying. I tried some combat last week and even though I was landing a ton of hits (from my perspective), either the server didn't agree that I was landing hits, or the shields have been buffed way too much. It took me a good half hour to kill one NPC ship, and I was constantly plastering it with shots the whole time. In other news, I am so far really disappointed in my TrackIR as it relates to controlling gymballed weapons. Trying to hold my head steady to while maneuvering, or then slightly moving my head to adjust the targeting position, is a nightmare for me. I love TrackIR for the look around feature in my cockpit, but so far I think it is cr*p for controlling gymbals. Others may disagree. I'll try some different TrackIR configuration options, but I think I'm going to have to remove the gymballed weapons from my Sabre loadout and replace them with fixed (again). My guess is I can probably tune the TrackIR to make controlling gymbals easier by basically making it less sensitive, but that will nerf my ability to just look around easily. Blah.
  6. Game breaking issue lads

    I'm not sure what you are measuring. If you're talking about server fps (measured by entering console command "r_displayinfo 3", I don't know of anyone that has been getting 50-60 fps on the servers. Most people get 20-30 fps... maybe 40 fps on a freshly rebooted server. So this makes me think you're talking about client side fps. But your client side fps won't drop from 50-60 fps to less than 10 fps from this update, so that doesn't make sense either.
  7. Game breaking issue lads

    There are three separate exploitable flaws, of which AMD processors are only subject to one, and that one has negligible impact after an OS update. The exploitable flaws in the Intel CPUs can, under certain conditions mostly present on servers (particularly where virtualization is used, I believe), cause significant performance degradation. However, as you can see from the results of my before/after tests, they do not seem to impact gaming rigs much: My machine is somewhat mid-tier at this point due to its age, but the results are in line with other results I've seen reported online.
  8. Game breaking issue lads

    I'm going to benchmark my system before and after the patch to see what sort of performance hit there is. Maybe all of us can do that to compare notes.
  9. Account deletion.

    My concern is that a lot of heavy backers will eventually do the same if CIG allows it. At some point I think they need to put their foot down and just say no to refunds (except on cases of extreme circumstance).
  10. Livestream postponed 24 hours!

    *groan* Ok, I have to admit that was actually pretty good.
  11. Yes, definitely a need for vehicle transports. This tank should fit in an Idris, which is supposed to be largest ship that can land on planet. It might fit in Javelin, but there's not much point since a Javelin can't land on a planet... at least not more than once
  12. Yea, don't take my decision not to get one the wrong way. Definitely if it tickles your fancy, by all means get it! It will be very cool to have a tank and I'd love to borrow yours for a spin. I personally just don't see an emphasis in tank driving in my own future given the way I intend to play.
  13. Very happy bunny!

    So funny how similar all our "first moments on planet" were. Here's mine.
  14. LOL...! Indeed, catching the fish is easier once they are floating on the surface. They're gonna have to make the tank guns seriously OP to outweigh their disadvantage of being relatively slow (compared to ships) and the time it will take to spin their guns around. I would not want to get hit dead on by one. If they have a tank now, you have to figure they'll have dedicated missile battery trucks coming along soon too. Somehow they'll need players to be able to zone off an area as a no-fly zone to force a ground battle. A bunch of missile batteries and automated turret guns might do the trick. There are going to be so many freakin different ways to play this game. Something for everyone, I hope.
  15. They wouldn't let me subscribe as I can't figure out who the actress is. (Ha... just kidding, though I did have to google it as I couldn't recognize the voice)

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