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  1. It's all speculation at this point, but I guess I would ask just what that would gain for you? So now you've got a base on some distant planet or moon. What does that actually get you that you didn't already have by parking your Carrack there? Are you then allowed to set up some sophisticated defenses, special mining facilities, a shop that other players can visit? Presumably we'll learn more next week, but for now I remain skeptical.
  2. Engineering - Shipyard Post

    They day I first read this was the day I realized I had three capital ships instead of just one... I'm not particularly a fan of the way they've redefined "capital ship", though I'm not sure what word they should have used instead. "Gargantuan"? "Giant"? "X-Large"? A more traditional definition of a capital ship comes courtesy of William S. Lind, in the book America Can Win (p. 90): But we may be stuck with SC using the term capital ship to indicate a ship is bigger than large. ADDENDUM: Having given this some thought, I've now decided that a better term to use would be Massive. Yes? Everyone like that one? I'm going to suggest it on the RSI forums.
  3. For people too lazy to click on the link above, here's the same info from Tyler: I'm fairly certain I will *not* be buying one. I can't think of what I'd need a base-builder/construction ship for, if that is indeed what it is. Seems like a nice thing for an org to have, though. With my Orion, Endeavor Hope, Reclaimer, Carrack, and Polaris (not to mention my Terrapin, Sabre, Freelancer Max, and various snubs) I think I'm good. More than good. In fact, I have far too many damn snubs now. I may melt some and then unmelt my Prospector when they get mining to work. At this point if the Pioneer is anything other than a base-builder/construction ship it will come as a very big surprise to most of us. That's really the only thing that seems to fit the clues we've been given.
  4. I just watched it and I'm curious what others think. Personally I didn't like it. While I didn't like the new look of the Klingons (why did they need to change yet again??), it was the look of their armor that bothered me more. It was far too garish. Why did the lead Klingon have rubies on his armor?? But more than just visual things, it just failed to inspire overall. At no point (including the insipid intro) did I think "wow, I really look forward to seeing where this series will take us!" In fact, by the end of the second episode my primary thought was "Well, that's that..." I thought the best scene was when the Captain and First Officer go to the bridge of the enemy ship, but that didn't last very long. I figure it has to get better from here, as it can't get much worse. So I guess I'll have to look forward to that, though I may just wait for the next few episodes to come out before I get around to watching it again. The critics seem to like it though. So what do you guys think?
  5. Heh... not what I was expecting
  6. Q&A: Origin 600i

    Yea, Ben basically said that people who bought the 600i will ultimately find some sort of real value from it, even if that includes such things as receiving invites and attention from NPCs that only a clearly wealthy person would receive. He also backtracked on the idea that the 600i would not be able to perform VIP missions.
  7. Very nice! Only had time to watch the first 7 minutes for now, but that was far smoother play than I've ever experienced. I'll have to login and see how it works for me. My ping is well over 100ms (closer to 150ms) so it might just be that my ping is too damn high to play Star Marine. The last time I played I couldn't even use the machine gun because if I got close enough to the enemy to use it, I would be dead by the time I even started pulling the trigger. I had to use an energy rifle and engage from distance. But you've inspired me to at least take another look. I noticed that your ping of around 55ms, while not super high, was still higher than a lot of the other players. Yet you were still able to consistently get the drop on them. Well done!
  8. Looks a bit claustrophobic to me. I'm fine in tight spaces, by my wife would be hyperventilating and clawing to get out in no time.
  9. Q&A: Origin 600i

    LOL. So, anyone who bought a 600i going to melt it after this Q&A...? I had zero intention of buying this ship, but after the Q&A I'm wondering why anyone would buy it.
  10. The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    LOL. Methinks the Polaris smirks with derision at your comment and casually obliterates the 600i with nary a thought.
  11. Game Recording software etc. YouTube

    General life advice: just do it instead of talking about it. Even if you start with crappy equipment you'll quickly learn what you need to lesrn, and discover if you like it.
  12. Oculus

    Depends if you like VR. It is a cool concept but really just not my thing. I have a Rift that was given to me and I'm only planning to keep it so my kids can play with it a bit. Eventually I may try the game Starfleet Bridge Crew since some people seem to really like it, but I doubt I'll get into it. I wouldn't fork over more than $100 for VR myself as i much prefer using mouse & keyboard instead of waving my hands around.
  13. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Cool, thanks. Really hard to tell it is a two seater. Even in the photo at the right I had to squint to see the second seat. Next question is how much storage space (if any) the regular version has...
  14. Tumbrel Cyclone is out!

    Uh, so this is a single seater, right? Only one I am interested in is the AA variant. Not sure what benefit the others have over existing ground vehicles.
  15. Here we are, and its good

    Could be I'm just saying they could have easily just said "This is an org for Chinese players" instead of trying to work a story into the in-game lore to try to explain why they communicate in Chinese and have Chinese customs. The lore story they came up with comes across as humorous since it starts by pointing out how enlightened humanity becomes in the future by moving beyond nationalism, and then proceeds to explain (apparently with unintended irony) that Mongoose exists to do exactly the opposite.

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