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  1. Drakin added a post in a topic Aopoa Nox Warbond Presale!   

    At the moment I'm planning to get the 2-pack. They're cheap fun and can be used as LTI tokens later in any case. In general racing isn't my thing, but I may give it a go with the Nox.
  2. Drakin added a post in a topic Caterpillar Glamour   

    I took one out recently and managed to get it damaged enough just as I was quantum jumping to safety that it couldn't maneuver properly. So I figured it was time to hit the self-destruct button and jump off the ship to watch it explode.
    The self-destruct gives you about 35 seconds which ought to be enough time to make your way off, but I managed to get lost trying to find my way out and ended up blowing myself up as well.
    A video of me trying to find my way off the ship before it exploded probably would have been quite amusing, but alas I was not recording so you don't get to see me madly scrambling back and forth trying to find the correct door to the exit.
  3. Drakin added a post in a topic Concept Ship: Xi'an Nox   

    From a lot of posts I've read, it seems that the only thing a bunch of people see is a cheap LTI token.
  4. Drakin added a post in a topic World of Warships - Game Update 0.6.6   

    I played the Aegis scenario last night and must have gotten lucky with the random team generator, as we worked well together and pulled off a four star victory. I may have to see if I can get a five star victory tonight
  5. Drakin added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Serialized Variables   

    I'm glad they finally took the time to explain exactly what "serialized variables" means. It was a really good explanation of a very complicated subject, I thought.
  6. Drakin added a post in a topic Around the Verse - Upgrading Ships to Item 2.0, Part 2   

    I thought Sandi was wearing a negligee at first.
    She makes some interesting fashion choices, but she tends to get away with it since she happens to be pretty hot.
    Soooooo glad that Alexis from the Citizens of the Stars doesn't try to pull off the same outfits...
  7. Drakin added a post in a topic Dreamsheet 1151. 2066 is untested and not out yet. Thoughts?   

    Seems pretty well thought out, but not really all that future resistant.
    If you don't need to upgrade yet, why bother? Lots of dust has yet to settle. If you're sticking with the same GPU, which is the key gaming differentiator anyway, it sounds like you have no reason to build a new machine yet.
    1151 is totally defensible as a choice if you need to build something right now. But if you can wait, then wait. Six months from now you'll be able to make a "future resistant" choice that will actually provide multi year upgrade options.
  8. Drakin added a post in a topic Gigabyte launched their x299 chipset socket 2066 motherboards   

    Yea, saw that too. That's Intel being Intel.
    I figure it'll be another year before I get around to building a new system anyway, so thrre:'s plenty of time to let this hot mess settle down.
  9. Drakin added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone   

    So, final day to pick up the Aegis Eclipse on concept sale...
    It is a bit of a struggle for me since I really love the way the ships looks, but buying it would break my big rule of not buying expensive small ships that have low earning potential.
    In the spirit of this struggle, I wrote the following Haiku:
    Black beauty of stealth
    Though all others you Eclipse
    Sadly I must pass

  10. Drakin added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse Q&A   

    At 22m x 25m I think the Eclipse will definitely fit in the Polaris. The problem I see is that when the wings are folded, the height of the Eclipse is somewhere around 9m (even though with the wings extended the height is only 4.25m). At that height the folded wings would prevent the hangar door from closing.
  11. Drakin added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone   

    Yep, with a competent crew I would imagine that some torpedoes might be taken out by point defense systems or the like, damage from impacting torpedoes can be minimise by appropriate distribution of power to the correct shields, and repairs can quickly be made so as to make an escape, launch a counter attack, or wait for reinforcements.
    But someone who makes the mistake of taking a medium sized ship out on a joy ride without a competent crew could quickly learn the error of their ways when a spread of incoming torpedoes is detected.
  12. Drakin added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone   

    So true, Dan. Yet I'm still considering buying one just because it looks so cool. Yea, I know, really stupid reason. Trying to resist. Not sure if my willpower will hold out.
    Also, though I take this with a grain of salt, I have heard various people claim that there will definitely be bombing run missions in the game since they were a big part of some of CR's previous games. So maybe there will actually be a way to make money with these things on military missions..?? Maybe? I sound like I'm desperate to convince myself, eh?
    I will say this: the existence of this ship in the game means a lot less people are going to risk flying their big ships around without crew or escort because they won't even get any warning that they should jump away from impending danger. As soon as the danger becomes evident, it very well may be too late to do anything about it if they're flying their big ship around alone.
  13. Drakin added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone   

    Yep, I went back and reviewed the images again and it looks like I was measuring from the wrong point of the wing, which is to say that I thought the wing folded at one location, but it actually folded at another location.
    My revised width calculations are folded 25.6m and extended 38.7m.
    I'll go back and edit the previous posts if it lets me.
  14. Drakin added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone   

    So who's planning to buy one...? And why?
    It is a beautiful ship, but I'm having trouble selling it to myself. I can't imagine any way of making money with it solo, and it can't do missions without support, so it is purely a ship for organized military missions. It looks like a great ship for an org to purchase, if orgs actually purchased ships (is there any org that actually collects money and purchases ships as a group??). I imagine it may be high on the list of ships for an org to purchase IN GAME once things really get going.
    If I were to do so, I think I'd literally being buying it just because it looks so cool and for no other reason.
  15. Drakin added a post in a topic Aegis Eclipse is now on sale for everyone   

    Yea, it is pretty difficult to make estimates based on Holo Viewer measurements, but I just did it a second time and I still get 29m for the folded width. However, this time I got 39m for the extended width instead of 36m (go figure...).
    My actual measurements this time were 4 inches length, 5 1/2 inches folded width, 7 3/8 inches extended. I rotated the image so that all measurements were in the same horizontal dimension, since screen pixels are not necessarily square.
    As unreliable as this guestimate is, I'm sticking with it until I see a source for Bored's estimate. Go measure it yourself with the Holo Viewer and let me know what you come up with
    EDIT: Yes, it turns out I was not measuring from the correct part of the wing that folds. Bored is correct, it is about 25m wide with wings folded.