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  1. You buy the ships, or the account the ships are on? Hopefully the former, as the latter is a risky proposition. Even years from now the original account owner could potentially lay claim to the account.
  2. You're clearly an addict with a problem. Welcome to the club Thanks for supporting development of Star Citizen Let's hope it is actually playable some day...
  3. It definitely needs support, as it can't really defend itself against much. CIG has mentioned in the past that they plan to have some sort of game mechanic where you can scan for QT signatures, so presumably at some point there will be some basis behind why you set out your "net" in a specific location. Tracking such QT signatures probably also requires additional specialized support, though. The Polaris can offer both the muscle to defend the Mantis, and also potentially the long range sensor support, so offhand it seems like a pretty good match to me. A lot depends on future developments, though.
  4. My first thought with regard to the new Mantis was that I'll let *someone else* in the org get one, because I have no interest in initiating an interdiction only to immediately become the primary target for whomever was snared. The Mantis itself has rather weak weaponry. However, I may have to change my mind now. It looks like the Mantis will fit in the Polaris. See this post on Spectrum: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/mantis-size-compare Suddenly I see possibilities...
  5. Is this new, or the same walk through from last year?
  6. Water cooled does the same thing if you mount the radiator on front (pulling air in) which seems to be the most common option. I guess this is why some people mount their radiator on top (pushing air out), though I've seen videos that suggest that the actual temperature in the case isn't really raised much even by having the radiator in front. My case only has space for one fan on top, so any two fan radiator requires front mounting. I literally just bought a Corsair H115i Platinum water cooler which I'll have to mount on front due to my case design so I'll see how it really impacts the GPU heat situation. Since I have an i9-9900K I certainly have the right equipment to generate sufficient heat for a valid test. I only noticed the reviews for the new Noctua option after I had received the H115i, and my flight back to Lima Peru was the next day so I didn't have the option of switching. To be honest I'm not sure which is really going to be better overall. The new Noctua seems to maintain an overall cooler CPU, but I'm guessing the temperature transitions will be smoother and less damaging to the CPU with the water cooled option. Sound isn't really a factor since I mostly play with headphones on anyway. With an AIO there's always the risk of a water leak destroying the system, though. Yep, lots of ways to potentially rationalize this one way or the other
  7. So apparently CIG actually created an in-game memorial for a German backer who died:
  8. GPU Score 240 CPU Score 181 System Memory 16 Gb Disk SSD Settings High FPS 62.7 Resolution 4K CPU i9-9900K GPU GTX 1080TI
  9. UPDATE: New system is built. I'm now enjoying an average of 62 FPS at 4K in Star Citizen PU. Interestingly, the CIG Public Telemetry page lists me in the same square as those people who have the RTX 2080, even though I have a GTX 1080TI. I guess it is true that the 1080TI has equal performance to an RTX 2080. 62 FPS is not too bad. I'll have to give 1440P a try to see what kind of FPS I get at that resolution, but I may just be happy to stay at 4K.
  10. So I did go ahead and splurge to get the i9-9900K. Also a new motherboard, SD, RAM, etc. And my real splurge came when I decided to get the ASUS ROG 4K HDR 144hz monitor. This monitor is INSANELY expensive at $1700. I could have bought two 4K 60hz monitors and two 2K 144hz monitors for the same price, but it is truly a thing of beauty. The color reproduction is amazing, and I don't really have space for a bunch of additional monitors at my desk (I already have my separate "work" monitor next to my gaming rig). I can choose to play SC in either 4K at 60hz (or more if I can get a higher FPS) or 2K at up to 144hz. I haven't yet had a chance to actually put my new gaming rig together yet, so not yet sure exactly what my top FPS will be.
  11. How are they for comfort? I'm quite happy with my Sades headsets as far as sound quality and such, but after several hours on my head my left ear always starts to hurt (always the left ear for some reason!?!?). I want to get some over-ear headsets that do not TOUCH my ears AT ALL... in other words the covers needs to be big enough and the padding strong enough to keep the headsets from even slightly rubbing against my ears. Will the Sennheiser do this? (No, I don't have giant ears or anything... but the left ear seems to be particularly sensitive to even the slightest pressure).
  12. The thing is, I already have an i7 in my current rig that I'll be passing to my daughter. I'm looking to upgrade just a bit for my next rig, so that's why I'm looking at either the i9-9900K or the Ryzen 2700X. According to CIG's telemetry data ( CIG - Public Telemetry ) both CPUs are really good options.
  13. Sounds good to me! I definitely leaning towards going with the 2700X. I could easily afford the i9-9900, but so far I'm not seeing any compelling reason to do so.
  14. The only situation in which I'd recommend using Shadow for Star Citizen is if (1) you do not have a PC capable of playing Star Citizen, (2) you do not want to buy such a PC yet, and (3) you want to just experiment with Star Citizen to see how pretty it looks. If you actually want to dogfight or engage in other FPS then I would not recommend it. But to run a few cargo missions and explore the planets and such, it should be fine. Ultimately I think you'll need to buy a PC to play the game competitively, though. Even with high speed internet becoming ubiquitous I very much doubt that the lag and sub-par video quality can be overcome by the cloud gaming providers such that competitive gaming will be possible even if you live right down the street from them. For casual gaming, perhaps there is a future for it, though. But not for now..
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