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  1. Hey guys, I'm traveling to the US soon so I have an opportunity to get some new PC parts. The first thing I am definitely getting is a new monitor, mostly like a 1440P, though I'm still open to the possibility of getting a 4K since I don't expect Star Citizen to ever have significantly over 60fps. For most games I'd definitely go with 1440P, but to experience the full beauty of Star Citizen I think I must at least consider 4K. I'd like to hear any thoughts on this. My GPU is a Nvidia 1080 TI, and I do NOT plan to upgrade that for now. The 2080 is just too expensive at the moment. Maybe next year. What I am considering upgrading is everything else. I may put my old Nvidia GTX 970 into my current gaming rig and then pass it to my daughter. I'd take my 1080 TI and put it in a totally new rig. If I do this, I'm currently looking at either an i9-9900K system or a Ryzen 7 2700X system. The i9-9900K is definitely better for gaming, but the margin varies from game to game. For some it is almost not noticeable, but for others it is significant. Does anyone have any info on how big the margin is for Star Citizen in particular? The i9-9900K is almost twice the price ($600 vs $300), particulary if you include the cost of the cooler that is required (Ryzen 7 2700X incudes one already). Also the i9-9900K sucks up about 50W more power under load (at idle they're about the same). Basically the question here is the value proposition. We know the i9 is better, but is it so much better (for Star Citizen) to justify the price? Also, if I plan to upgrade my PC again in another year (perhaps to pick up a Nvidia 20xx or 21xx), which system would withstand the test of time better? I'm thinking the i9, but I don't really have any logic to back that up. I just looked up the CIG telemetry data for both, by the way, and at least according to that the i9-9900K is not even 10% faster than the Ryzen 7 2700X when running Star Citizen. Thoughts?
  2. The thing is, I already have an i7 in my current rig that I'll be passing to my daughter. I'm looking to upgrade just a bit for my next rig, so that's why I'm looking at either the i9-9900K or the Ryzen 2700X. According to CIG's telemetry data ( CIG - Public Telemetry ) both CPUs are really good options.
  3. Sounds good to me! I definitely leaning towards going with the 2700X. I could easily afford the i9-9900, but so far I'm not seeing any compelling reason to do so.
  4. Drakin

    Running Shadow

    The only situation in which I'd recommend using Shadow for Star Citizen is if (1) you do not have a PC capable of playing Star Citizen, (2) you do not want to buy such a PC yet, and (3) you want to just experiment with Star Citizen to see how pretty it looks. If you actually want to dogfight or engage in other FPS then I would not recommend it. But to run a few cargo missions and explore the planets and such, it should be fine. Ultimately I think you'll need to buy a PC to play the game competitively, though. Even with high speed internet becoming ubiquitous I very much doubt that the lag and sub-par video quality can be overcome by the cloud gaming providers such that competitive gaming will be possible even if you live right down the street from them. For casual gaming, perhaps there is a future for it, though. But not for now..
  5. Drakin

    The Kraken Ship purchase email is out!

    Presumably yes, though it is early days so it is pure speculation as to how to best utilize such a ship. But since speculation is so much fun, here are some thoughts: 1) The Kraken can quickly and easily move a bunch of small & medium size ships from one area to another (a Hull series might be the cheaper option to move small ships, but it could take longer and have other downsides). 2) Backup rearm/refuel/repair during battle. While the Idris would be at the front line, the Kraken could service far more than just 8 small/medium ships in rapid rotation. 3) With 3000+ SCU of cargo, and a nice contingent of fighters, the Kraken could be a great way to bring in supplies when a Hull series is too exposed even with an escort. I'm sure there are many more...
  6. Drakin

    The Kraken Ship purchase email is out!

    Was in wave 7 (the F%$@ You wave) but would not have bought one anyway. Got enough money in this game already and I have no interest in running some distant outpost or a pirate base or acting as a flying battle carrier. I'm glad other people bought it and helped fund the game, though! Anyone in TA happen to grab one?
  7. Drakin

    So....what ship do you have?

    Always a fan of Wimpy references
  8. Drakin

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    Interesting decision. As I'm sure you know, the Mercury has only four size 2 missiles, whereas the Freelancer MIS has 32 size 2 missiles and four size 4 missiles. EDIT: Looks like the missiles on the Mercury are actually just size 1, even though the racks are size 2. On the MIS the rack and missile sizes are identical.
  9. Drakin

    Crusader Mercury up for sale!

    tl;dr: I'm buying a Terrapin --> Mercury CCU. I thought about possibly upgrading my Freelancer Max to the Mercury, but even though the Mercury has a cargo capacity that approaches that of the Max I decided that I still like the Max as a dedicated cargo ship. Also, the $140 value of the Max means I'd have to shell out more $$, whereas the Terrapin is already $220, so the CCU is only $5. The Mercury has a scanning room so it appears to have the same scanning capability in that regard as the Terrapin. The Mercury is slightly faster at SCM than a Terrapin (215 m/s vs 210 m/s) however at max AB speed it is quite slower (1050 m/s vs 1205 m/s). The Mercury has 2 size M shield generators compared to the 1 size M shield generator on the Terrapin, but of course the Terrapin is quite a bit smaller and has much heavier armor. Beyond these things, I don't know if there is much worth saying... the Mercury seems to be better than the Terrapin in every other way while only costing $5 more. With 96 SCU cargo space, Mercury has more cargo space than the base Freelancer (66 SCU) but less than the Freelancer Max (122 SCU). The weapons on the Freelancer appear to outclass the Mercury, with the Mercury having six size 2 guns and the Freelancer having two size 2 and four size 3. Interestingly, while both have a minimum crew of two, the Freelancer has a max crew of four while the Mercury only has a max crew of three. That seems a bit odd as there appear to be more tasks that need crew on the Mercury, but it looks like the Freelancer get the benefit of an extra bed. The Freelancer is somewhat slower, with an SCM speed of 205 m/s and a max AB speed of 1005 m/s (compared to 215 m/s and 1050 m/s on the Mercury). The last ship that seems to be relevant for comparison is, of course, the Herald. The Mercury seems to be better in just about every way except speed. The Herald just blows the Mercury (and everything else) away with its SCM speed of 235 m/s and max AB speed of 1360 m/s. The Herald is a small one man ship, however, so may still be more practical for a solo player and certain missions. Also it only costs $85, which seems reasonable.
  10. Drakin

    Mortal Engines Film!

    So is this the first movie in what is expected to be a series (if it does well)?
  11. I didn't like it, but I'm not complaining because I don't want Jared distracting the devs from working on 3.3... rather just have filler episodes like this.
  12. Quite impressive what a lot of orgs are starting to do in-game these days.
  13. Drakin

    Q&A: RSI Apollo

    Must be the first Q&A ever where there was almost no whining afterwards. This Q&A seems to have pleased just about everyone, somehow. (So I guess my Carrack will have a tier 1 medical bed, eh?)
  14. Drakin

    Used Video Cards. Worth it?

    You haven't messed with your swap space in a misguided effort to improve system speed, have you? I've heard of several people who modified their swap settings instead of letting Windows manage it, and the result is a crash. You review the SC logs at all? Sometimes they make it clear what is causing the crash.
  15. This was a good one, worth the watch.
  16. Drakin

    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    I'm thinking that the medical beds will have classes, just like components. So there may be a big difference between a class A tier 1 bed and a class D tier 1 bed. And I'd guess that the base hulls come with just class C beds, with the B and A being exponentially more expensive.
  17. Drakin

    RSI Apollo

    I just picked up a CCU from a Vulcan to the Apollo Medivac ($75). I never wanted the Vulcan, but it came with a pack. I've been waiting for an opportunity to CCU it. The thing that really made me pull the trigger here is that it will fit in the Endeavor Hope's hangar, and I already have an Endeavor Hope. I'm honestly not sure whether i'd prefer to captain the Endeavor Hope while a friend captains the Apollo Medivac, or vice versa. I guess I'd want to do both at different times. Anyway, this removes the Vulcan from my fleet at least. I have zero desire to play the refueling or repairing game loops. I quite look forward to paying someone else to bring fuel to me and to handle my repairs.
  18. Drakin

    Ship Shape - The RSI Apollo

    My understanding from the RTV was that they have not decided which medical tier the Cutlass Red will be able to handle. You are probably correct, but they could also potentially decide to have it handle tier 2. I'd bet real money that it will NOT be able to handle tier 1, though.
  19. Drakin

    Used Video Cards. Worth it?

    I'm not going to give a yes or no answer, but here's what you need to know to make a decision: The actual core GPU can last essentially forever. The more it is overclocked the more likely that atomic "spurs" can form, but it is very rare for these tiny flaws to actually cause a failure. As long as the GPU didn't get killed by a voltage spike (and the seller guarantees it is not DOA), it is probably not significantly worse for the wear. Capacitors and such on the graphics card *should* last a very long time too, but if particularly cheap ones are used they can eventually wear out. If the maker of the graphics card is reputable and uses quality parts then this isn't really an issue. Heat (and particularly hot/cold cycles) can potentially damage the connections between between the GPU (and other semiconductors) and the graphics card. This is why you can find a bunch of videos on YouTube showing PC repair guys fixing computers by repairing these connections. Corrosion can also be a factor, especially if the computer was in a humid place or an area near salt water. Turning electronics on and off repeatedly is about the worst possible thing you can do to them due to both temperature changes and voltage spikes. If a graphics card was on for an entire year it actually may be in better condition than a graphics card that was turned on and off every day even if it was only used an hour or so each day. The number one concern is the fan. As a mechanical part, it is definitely prone to failure. You may need to replace the fan. Overall, if the graphics cards were built using quality parts and kept on in a temperature controlled non-corrosive environment then they should last for many years, except for the fan which may well need to be replaced.
  20. Drakin

    New Vulture

    I really like the Vulture, which surprises me because I wasn't expecting much from it. I agree that it makes more sense than a Reclaimer for a solo player. However, I think it is a small enough ship that it shouldn't be too difficult to earn in game, whereas the Reclaimer will be far more difficult to earn in game. Personally I have a Reclaimer, which I'll get around to using whenever I can come up with sufficient crew and resources to fly it. I may well be able to earn a Vulture in game before I'm able to afford taking out my Reclaimer for more than short rides.
  21. Haha, awesome. Just needs a big red "Catastrophic Failure Imminent" sign above that can start flashing at appropriate times.
  22. Drakin

    Immersion up the wazoo

    I travel a decent amount so needed a fairly portable setup and I can't imagine dog-fighting with mouse and keyboard. I recently switched to a dual Thrustmaster T16000 setup because they are reasonably portable, affordable, easy to find if I need replacement (even here in Peru), stable and easy to place on a desk, and eliminate the need for rudder pedals due to the joystick twist. Are they the best? Definitely not. But perfectly adequate and suitable for my needs.
  23. Drakin

    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    Yes, I think people need to remember that there are reasons why ships have grown in size in the past. The main reason is that before they would design the exterior of the ship first, and then later try to fit the interior spaces inside. Now they lay out the interior of the ship and then design the exterior around that. So at least in theory, if they're doing their job right, concept ships should no longer be growing well beyond their original size specifications. To be fair, there was a secondary reason why some ships have grown in the past, and that is because they realized later on that they needed additional interior spaces that they had not at all planned for originally. The biggest example of this is the Idris, where they discovered while building the story line for Squadron 42 that they needed several additional areas added (armory, brig, extra crew quarters, etc). This could still possibly be an issue in some cases (I think they recently said they had to add a level to the Bengal carrier so they could add a tram system?), but I think this is also less likely for newer concepts. Basically, don't count on new concept ships growing significantly during the development process.
  24. Drakin

    Hercules CCU Available..

    Makes sense to me. I wouldn't say the Hercules is pretty... but it isn't ugly. It looks dangerous and sexy to me I think I'll make it a priority to get an A2 in game.
  25. I actually posted that as my RTV question. Only one vote so far, though.