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    Hercules series now on sale for everyone

    Yes, I think people need to remember that there are reasons why ships have grown in size in the past. The main reason is that before they would design the exterior of the ship first, and then later try to fit the interior spaces inside. Now they lay out the interior of the ship and then design the exterior around that. So at least in theory, if they're doing their job right, concept ships should no longer be growing well beyond their original size specifications. To be fair, there was a secondary reason why some ships have grown in the past, and that is because they realized later on that they needed additional interior spaces that they had not at all planned for originally. The biggest example of this is the Idris, where they discovered while building the story line for Squadron 42 that they needed several additional areas added (armory, brig, extra crew quarters, etc). This could still possibly be an issue in some cases (I think they recently said they had to add a level to the Bengal carrier so they could add a tram system?), but I think this is also less likely for newer concepts. Basically, don't count on new concept ships growing significantly during the development process.
  2. Drakin

    Hercules CCU Available..

    Makes sense to me. I wouldn't say the Hercules is pretty... but it isn't ugly. It looks dangerous and sexy to me I think I'll make it a priority to get an A2 in game.
  3. I actually posted that as my RTV question. Only one vote so far, though.
  4. Drakin

    3.5 added to Roadmap

    Ha! I don't have either one, but if I can't earn them in game with the ships I do have (including Reclaimer and Orion) then I'm "doing it wrong."
  5. Titan Avenger is clearly the superior ship if you are min/maxing. But I'd expect more refined thinking from a 600i owner
  6. Drakin

    Hey sorry I've been away RL problems

    I'm in Chicago for the next three weeks myself and I elected to NOT bring my gaming laptop. Need to focus on the client project at the moment. Real life has to take priority over video games... unless your real life job *is* video games
  7. Drakin

    Stability & Persistence.

    Yeap people who play big ships when the game goes live are going to have to take it seriously and exercise all necessary caution to not get them destroyed. The claim process is going to be a bit of a hassle with big ships, as it should be.
  8. Drakin

    Alpha 3.1 - Nox Kue

    The Nox Kue: the ship I'm saving for my Darth Vader moment when I need to escape from my exploding Death Star in style.
  9. If you really don't know what you plan to do in the game but you have a certain amount of $$ that you want to invest in supporting the development, then I'd say get one ship that you can enjoy playing around with during development (ie, the next two to three years), and spend the remainder on the biggest ship that interests you. The reason is that CIG has said that the big ships will be exponentially more expensive to buy with in game currency after the game is released. But really I'd probably recommend just saving your $$ unless you feel strongly about supporting the game development. Part of the fun of buying a ship now is learning every detail you can about it and imagining how you'll be using it, so I feel like if you're not getting that benefit you're almost shorting yourself. Another thought would be to buy a land claim if you feel like setting up and maintaining an outpost might be your cup of tea. As far as the number of people you'll have to play with, I think there are a good number of SC players in Asia / Australia. Depending on the game play you prefer the latency with players in the US and EU may be an issue, but of course it shouldn't be an issue with other players in Asia / Australia.
  10. Looks fun. Kinda wish I had one, but I decided that it'll be very easy to earn in game so didn't bother.
  11. Drakin

    3.1 PTU is up!

    Let me know when Reclaimer and Terrapin are part of the build and then I'll be motivated to give the PTU a try. Otherwise I can just wait a week or so til 3.1 goes live in the PU.
  12. Drakin

    Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    I don't mind the grimy heavily used look so much as the lack of customization. It looks to me as if every Reclaimer has a puddle of water in the bathroom as well as the exact same objects littering the sink. I fully expect that by the time the game goes live that such details will be customizable, so I hope I won't be disappointed.
  13. Hey guys, in response to a question asked by BoredGamer during an interview, Erin Roberts finally had a chance to answer the question I've had for a long time regarding whether we really will have a single shard for the entire world, or if there will be regional shards. In short, he recognizes that latency between regions can't just be wished away (there's that pesky speed of light that would have to be overcome), and it sounds like his vision at this point is that there will always be regional shards. In other words, if you want to competitively be involved in PVP FPS or dogfighting then you're going to have to play on the shard for your region. If you don't care about being competitive, or aren't interested in FPS or dogfighting, then you will be able to play on the other regional shards if you choose to do so (does that mean you'd have a copy of all of your ships in each shard or what???). I think this has HUGE implications for international orgs such as ours. Basically this means that when the game goes live, I'll be playing on the US shard while many of those here will be playing on the EU shard. To a large extent those of us in different regions won't actually be interacting with each other in game. Presumably this means we'd have to have separate leadership for the separate regional shards with some sort of coordination between each shard... but for me that sort of raises the question of why not just have separate orgs in the first place? What are the pros and cons? I'll have to noodle this over. Here's a link to the relevant part of the interview (19 min 6 sec in):
  14. Drakin

    Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    That video of the Reclaimer coming in to land is great, though it looks like they still have some floaty issues to resolve. Every time they landed the Reclaimer, as soon as the landing was "done" it seemed to wait to bounce back up in the air.
  15. Solar and I chatted about this on TS last night. If we assume they end up having to go with regional shards instead of a single shard, the question becomes what kind of connections or mirroring exists between the different region shards. On one end of the spectrum you have zero connection, and they are completely distinct shards. This would piss off a bunch of people who had previously been sold on the idea that there will be "one big universe" that everyone is playing in. However, at the other end of the spectrum you have shards that are actually synced together so that actions you take in one shard impact all the other shards. In this case, even though you wouldn't be able to actually see the other players on the other region shards you'd still be able to impact the same universe they are in. The problem with this is that you are then having the universe around you being impacted by people you can't see. You could build an outpost on a moon and sit there guarding it 24 hours a day, and then suddenly it blows up because someone on another shard sent 50 missiles at it. Obviously this would piss off people too. Maybe there's a middle ground where your personal and org reputation is synced, but physical objects are not. In any case it is not at all an ideal situation. One thing that I think might be important to consider, however, is that this is a FAR bigger problem for a place like Australia (sorry Solar!) than it is for the rest of the world. Here's why: Speed of light 299.79 km/ms NY/Sydney distance 15,979.00 km NY/Sydney time 53.30 ms NY/London distance 5,567.00 km NY/London time 18.57 ms NY/Lima distance 5,871.00 km NY/Lima time 19.58 ms London/Sydney distance 16,983 km London/Sydney time 56.65 ms As you can see, the time it takes for light to travel one way between the US and Europe is actually not that huge, about 19ms. Obviously you have the additional time added by routers and such, but if AWS can provide service that is anywhere near the theoretical minimum then it is possible that someone in the UK could play competitively on a US server and vice versa. However, the minimum time for light to travel between Australia and either the US or London is over 50ms. You add in the router delays and you're talking about some serious lag. Without CIG effectively slowing the game down in some way to make it fair, there's simply no way players in Australia will be able to competitively play on US or EU servers. Anyway, yea, it is all up in the air. Erin said they're still planning to TRY to have a single shard for the whole world, even though he also seemed to concede that it very well may not be possible.
  16. Drakin

    Calling Dibs

    I have a Terrapin AND a Reclaimer. I'm most likely going to upgrade the Terrapin to something else at some point as I'm not yet convinced that it is worth the $$ for the very limited unique role it will serve... but I'm open to having my mind changed. The Reclaimer is very likely a keeper though That thing is gonna just be a beast. I'm hoping I can wack things with its arm, so just like in the Karate Kid it'll be wack on, wack off. LOL *Snort*
  17. Sorry Solar, but that actually doesn't address what I'm talking about a all. If there are separate shards for each region then presumably the shards would have little to nothing to do with each other. Each shard would be its completely separate own entity, and your personal and org process in one shard would have little to nothing to do with your personal and org process in another shard. Maybe your reputation might translate over or something, but I think that's about it. But if an org takes over a base on a planet it doesn't make sense that the same org then takes over the same base on the other shards (I'm not going to explain why since I think it is obvious). So timezone leadership really has nothing to do with this at all. It would need to be separate shard leadership to deal with completely different strategic situations that the org would find itself in between the various region shards.
  18. Hey guys, I posted a question for the RTV on Performance & Optimization tomorrow. I'd really appreciate if you can vote it up as it is a question I've wondered about for a LONG time. The question I wrote is posted as [TAC] Kelgar_Drakin and the text is: Can you speak generally to what strategies CIG might employ to work around the inherent latency between regions (US, Europe, Asia, etc) so as to make FPS and dogfighting both fair and playable for everyone across all regions in a future single shard environment? In short, do you think it is even theoretically possible to have a single shard for the whole world that will be both fair and playable for all? Here's the link to the forum topic: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/questions-needed-performance-optimization Thanks!
  19. Well, so much for that. Someone named "whitemagic" deleted my question even though it was completely relevant and getting some votes. Grrr.
  20. Drakin

    3.1 is rumoured to be with avocados

    " Rating defaults to 3 if a player fails to rate before the time expires. " They're gonna have to change that. It need to default to 5. Why? Because there will be people who are obsessive about getting and maintaining the highest possible rating, and they are going to be PISSED if their rating gets tanked just because people are too damn lazy to give a rating in time.
  21. Drakin

    Anvil Lance

    Don't let this get your hopes down... ... he was talking about taking the railgun off of a capital ship (I assume Idris) and putting it on a different ship... lol. (sorry for the low quality image... this forum has a ridiculous 10kb image upload size and I'm not gonna bother storing the image to a cloud service just to post it here)
  22. Drakin

    3.1 -

    It really depends on how they are tracking the tasks. The Reclaimer, for example, has 39 of 57 tasks completed. Of the 18 tasks remaining, are they all started and nearly complete, or are they not even worked on yet? There's really no way for us to know. Clearly the only way they can have the Reclaimer finished and ready by the end of March is if most of those 18 remaining tasks are already nearing completion, though. If they're not, then I agree with your assessment.
  23. Drakin

    Star Citizen: Cutlass Black Cinematic

    Fun video. I was thinking "man, those guys clearly need some remedial firearms training" as they unloaded multiple guns of ammo at each other yet failed to land a single hit.. was an amusing punchline when that turned out to be the joke.
  24. Drakin

    Anvil Lance

    I assume the Anvil Lance comes back around and blows up the planet?
  25. Ah, this damn game. I just sold my Reclaimer. And I just sold my X1 three pack. ... And ... ... wait for it ... ... you know what's coming ... ... you guessed it: I bought the Aegis Wrecking Crew Pack LTI. So I had a bit of extra cash on hand, and I really wanted the Eclipse that comes in the pack. I can't really justify it because, to be honest, I mostly wanted the Eclipse because it looks amazing. Very little practical game considerations went into the decision. I used my one year subscriber 10% discount, so overall it meant another $450 into the game. The X1 three pack had been bought as LTI tokens in the first place, and I never had any intention of keeping them. No loss there. And a Reclaimer is part of the pack, so that was a wash. The Vulcan? I don't actually want the Vulcan. I intend to upgrade it to something else. Just not sure what yet, but likely a Vanguard variant. The Avenger Titan will definitely be used as an LTI token as well. Not sure about the Avenger Warlock. I may keep it for a while, but it is very possible it will also be used as an LTI token. So the TL;DR here? I basically picked up an LTI Eclipse and some LTI tokens.