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  3. I haven't seen it yet but I think the redeemer looks quite cool.
  4. Hi Steelbat, I think we should make a list of people with pioneers, cyclones and novas and those interested in building outposts early into the game. I'll start it as a new topic, by the time the pioneer is ready for testing in the PTU im sure there will be a few people down on the list.
  5. Hi Guys, Welcome to the group, here is some ideas i've thought of that might help us get a good start in star citizen, and successfully deploy our 1st org. settlement. 1. Location, Location, Location At the start of the game it might feel tempting to just set off and build our own settlement to get started mining, but unless we know where the good areas are, (we might find some good ones during the PTU / beta phase), but we may miss something even better, we might have to hold off jumping straight in but it will all depend on how much exploration we do until launch. Ideally id love to start on launch, but I think we might still need a period to build up some UEC balances, this might work better in our favour as we might have enough resources at this point to build multiple on 1 visit. Ideally this location will also not be too far away from market maybe somewhere in the range of (250-500 km away) where there is a high demand for the minerals were extracting/refining and also as not to be too easily discovered by passers by and within range of UEE patrol defences (to be determined). 2.Implementation Ideally I think once we have identified a great location for our first base in the UEE, we will need an armoured escort mission with military to take the beacon to said location, (does the beacon need to be protected?) and then securely delivered to the nearest UEE land claims office. Once the land is in our name I suggest we gather all the people looking to construct a settlement and build 1 central base with a manned presence and most of the facilities we need at this location and ensure it is well defended. Around this location either within the 8x8 km range or just outside in another org. owned land claim, we build more mining/refining facilities, which can easily be accessible from the main base facility. Initally I see us bring the pioneer down to the planet and building the outposts, but I think we will need a decent military presence during this op, and an Idris delivery of several ground vehicles, for base defence including several tumbril Novas and cyclones for masking the IR signatures of the larger ships. 3. Future Trading base I see us late on building a trading base away from our farms and central base as to not give away our location (very important) we could set this up at the market if its safe enough to do so, or build it in a separate location nearby the major market. At this location we will setup outposts with defences, and another manned presence and sell product straight from our merchantmen, either by creating contracts or selling to traders directly. We will need a beacon cyclone at this location to give traders awareness of its location, we might need to have level of military presence here at all times. 4. Outposts in Other Systems/ Non UEE territory. After we have successfully built up enough capital to build more risky operations away from home. Please feel free to add to the discussion.
  6. I bought a Big Tonk too! For added base defence, just gonna need an idris now to transport it to said planet.
  7. I've updated the stats from the new ship matrix. There have been some big changes to certain ships the 890 jump had a large increase in cargo capacity, and the merchantman seems to have grown in size but decreased in cargo capacity, to accommodate the additional living quarters. Some ships went from having cargo to not holding cargo! like the mustang series which now only shows the Mustang (alpha) with 6 cargo capacity. Other small fighters like 315p had their cargo capacity reduced and the freelancer MIS & DUR have been reduced from 39 - 28. The Orion, Reclaimer and Crucible all show their dedicated cargo space now accurately. *However theres no figures given for the constellation Taurus or Phoenix as of yet so the old figures still show.
  8. What do you reckon this will cost? 500$ + ?
  9. hmm its a tricky one, the hornets / sabres do definitely add a level of deterrent to would be attackers, but the need to stop to refuel would most likely take us to populated areas near planets, though there might be a way to run hornets and sabres with a starfarer in fleet so you can avoid going to these locations, and refuel in space. It might also depend on what were hauling if its very expensive/ risky then id take the best defence possible, if its not so risky then maybe go with cheaper mustangs and 315p's.
  10. Hi RSLtaken, I've moved the Khartu-Al into the escorts group & the Gladiator into the group which may have some long range capabilities. I agree in an ideal situation the Banu Defenders, Vanguards seem to be the ideal ships as escorts, for many factors not just for the not needing to stop for fuel as frequently, however we still need to see how these ships turn out. From my experience in arena commander the Vanguard is a big target and quite easy to hit, though quite tanky, seems to be easily out maneuvered by Hornets / Sabre's, the defender on paper looks great with it 4 size 3 gimbal guns, speed and range. (I just hope its vision out of the cockpit is not obscured) A lot will depend on how spread out we are as an org. in the verse i kinda see it being more likely we will inhabit 1 system or 1-2 planets, as journey times across 1 system are said to be between 20-40 minutes (this may include time going through the jump points), either way 2 or 3 systems away could be 1-2 hours in journey time. Some of the other escorts like the Mustang Beta/315p might be relatively cheap to run, replace etc... they seems ok in dogfight situations but still outclassed by hornet's / sabre's (which may not be the most common ships we face in the verse). I believe its something like 50% of the ships in the game are aurora's, so its likely we will get ganked by large numbers of weaker ships more often at the start of the game, but this will change with time.
  11. Hi guys, I thought id make a list of things that have caught my eye in the star citizen lore that maybe of interest to explortation/industry or military but may also be outside the UEE remit... either way please feel free to discuss. Hr'Thak homeworld (Krell) - trading partners / missing link to why x'ian keep UEE from visiting them. Tevarin Homeworld - (Elysium system) Tevarin abandoned planet - (Kabal system) Oretani System - lost human expedition Hadesian Artifact - (Hades system) Osoian - most advanced primate race (oso system) etos ape - developing species (osiris system) there's probably a lot more but these were just off the top of my head. Osi
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