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  1. My goodness. The price of the 600 aye yai yai.
  2. If 3.0 is successful, there may very well be an exponential increase in backers.
  3. This is a good reference, though the scale of the larger ships makes the smaller ships near impossible to make out. Maybe you could post the the original svg (scalable vector graphics) file if you have access to it. That will allow us to zoom in on the image and see the smaller ship details without pixelation.
  4. Thanks Lumpy. No ignoring you. I searched the forums as well, but couldn't find out how to change the topic location. I couldn't locate a moderator, so I decided to click on "Report post" and sent a message. Maybe it will be moved to the appropriate place for better visibility.
  5. Just curious how this game mechanic will work. Say I'm doing solo exploration, but also want to serve as a multi-crew member. I fly around exploring stuff, then lay down in my ships bed and log off in deep space far from where I started. When I log back in, I'll show up back in my ship. But what if I want to log back in and join a multi-crewed ship? Do I get the option to resume where I was at last login or to star somewhere else? What if the Org is at war, but I'm deep in space. Can I simply log out and log back in closer to the action? Realistically, I can't just disappear at one location and magically reappear millions of miles away. Has there been discussion about this?
  6. I started out with an Aurora MR, but quickly upgraded to the Freelancer DUR. The DUR is a fantastic ship. I especially like its flight controls. It just looks so damn good. But, I've always felt the DUR was just to much ship for a solo explorer. After the Terrapin was released, I turned my DUR in to get the standalone Terrapin. Since, I had to buy a game package for the PU and 42, I went with the Aurora MR (cring) again, but I quickly CCU'd to the Reliant Kore, which I hope to CCU into the Sen for research. The Reliant is just a placeholder until the Terrapin is released. Actually, I was hoping that the Terrapin would have the option of installing a science station like what is on the Sen. That way, I'd only have to rely on the Terrapin as be my sole ship for Exploration & Research. Also, I will learn to use the Terrapin to great effect in a military role.
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