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  1. Crytek had issues for a long while now, its workers were reporting missing salaries for months and various other issues. Shame, with all its flaws CryEngine was definitely impressive.
  2. Yeah those pods remind of Nebuchadanezzar and other hovercrafts from Matrix
  3. The Esperia Prowler is definitely my favourite of stream, such a sick looking drop ship with great features.
  4. Okay, i know thread title is weird but pretty accurate. I just wonder if there is any Scot in org with spare time that would, well, teach me a bit of his accent. Why though? For some reasons it is settled for good that dwarven race speaks with scottish accent. I'm have weekly Dungeons and Dragons sessions as dwarven character and i i'd love to add some extra depth to my character. I think i know how to do your "r" at least ;p
  5. This is not a thread "should i preorder Civ VI", so i'm not sure what is your point of your "advice", especially in that form. But let me tell you something, I do my research and i already know i will like Civ VI, there was plenty pre release copies for various youtubers so it's really not that hard to check out those. As far as your examples, somehow i knew No Man's Sky will be s**t, i think it's just called common sense. Mafia 3 on the other hand did not interest me. Those are your mistakes no mine, so thanks, you are not in the position to tell me what to do.
  6. I've got my name Kidzin pretty much everywhere, eventually and very rarely Kidzjin. PSN is only exception where i use GeraltRiv but i did not play on any PS ofr couple years now. Also i usually have same owl avatar
  7. Sup guys! I'm about to buy Civ VI today or tomorrow and i want to shoutout to whoever else is planning to grab it as well (or already have) so we can organise full blown out game on launch. I think it could be great opportunity for us to quickly learn it and just have a damn good fun. So yeah, those interested just write here, we can figure out when to host game soon before launch.
  8. Tbh i didn't even know ramps existed ;P Pretty cool though
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