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  1. Resurrecting a thread from the abyss.... Eve was introduced to me as spreadsheets in space.... The person was not wrong. Anyway here we go with question time: 1. Why you like it? It is enjoyable enough playing that I still appear to be doing it . I am testing bits and pieces out and trying to find a niche that I like doing. 2. How long you've been playing? 2-3 weeks. 3. What you like to do in the game I thought I was going to like the industrial side of things but as an alpha clone you are pretty limited to what skills you can have and compet
  2. A curious issue. Went to buy one of those cheap starter packs, they had 1 left of the aurora. Added it to cart. Said there was 1. Click checkout and then it refreshed the page and vanished, started complaining that there is not enough stock to fulfil the request. Anyway to rectify this issue.
  3. Debating the merits of getting a Greycat buggy..... I know its free with referrals but I don't think I will get enough for it. It seems zippy, small and easy to transport. What's the smallest ship it can fit in? I mean can it be squished into the back of an avenger titan or reliant kore. I didn't get a chance to play will it fit during the anniversary. How many trips would you say to get there and was it from a 5000 uec start.
  4. How you finding getting off of Hurston with your Caterpillar? Haha I found it real struggle street. I shot out of the Lorville hangar door nose to the stars at a rate of 30ms, got a little ways then suddenly found myself going in reverse at -8ms and increasing, even with boost on. It took a very slow gentle ascent across the horizon with landing gear down to get to a point it was safe to use boosters and normal throttle to get to orbit.
  5. Query are we going to need an MPUV Cargo to haul cargo to and from big ships like the Endeavor etc.
  6. I by no means have perfect knowledge, but I'd say keep your merchantman. Its got a lot more capacity than either of those ships combined for storage, its a lot more ship and you can trade goods open a shop or do anything that max can do. Mining wise in theory sounds good, it is our current fastest way to make cash, but the scale of trade you can do with the merchantman probably greatly outweighs the cash rate you can make with a prospector. If being able to mine was really your keen need, an orion probably works better even on cargo capacity for those two choices. If it were up to me I would
  7. The Medivac Apollo and 85X have fallen :O..... Here comes the 890 Jump with 6 years insurance. And we will never ever speak of this again :O
  8. Oh boy is that climb out of Hurston noticeable, I really feel bad for the starfarers and reclaimers. My 600i crawls out of the atmosphere at about 140 or 220, something really slow. It's quite funny I always thought I would love a connie before I actually got playing Star Citizen the love faded. The Aquila's bridge had me keen, but then after trying both that and the 600i, I really became a 600i fan. Love the field of view and even the lumbering manoeuvres. Does everything I need solo. Don't get me wrong the connie is a great little jack of many trades. An important thing to
  9. I just realised 890J has never ever been CCuable. 890J is off the list. I aint going to drop a fresh $1500 AUD or something. Maybe slow ccu creep but..... I aint going for a stand alone. Ho Hum live and learn. :D you can fly on my 600i on the optimistic note.
  10. That 890J is tempting...… very tempting..... I am thinking of burning my 600i for it, but the AUD is sadly down and I love my 600i!!! I really love the size of the 600i touring and the spaciousness (Even if I have only seen the explorer in action - I do hope they secretly drop the touring tomorrow). If I recall 890j comes with your 85x, so I might burn my 85x as well if I'd get it back (There any 890J owners that can confirm you get the 85x when you buy just the 890j). I'm sure there will be a few more surprises coming up. I mean I didn't expect to hear the Carrack is back under construc
  11. So here we have my new computer I built back in August. I am finally getting around to posting pictures etc... I haven't built a computer for a very long time so its nice to know the skills not dead and I think I came out the other end with a great gaming rig. So far I have been playing Star Citizen without any hitches and loving it. The PC is scarily silent in operation even under load and I haven't heard that Noctua cooler break a sweat or strain. I mean I went looking to see if it was spinning or dead, but sure enough round and round the fan blades go. It did naturally l
  12. I actually really like the idea. It adds a bit of I guess realism or uniqueness to the ships and also will definitely open the transportation profession.Let's just try not to do the mental gymnastics on the physics behind it :D. So far in 3.3.5 I've not minded the jump from Port Olisar to Hurston. My preference has been in my 600i or at least a spaceship with an interior so I can walk about inside. I mean I've had time to re-explore my 600i and realised that they had adjusted a few things here and there (I think the change was made moons ago now). I think though you do start to notice the r
  13. Fleet Update: Endeavor Apollo - Medivac 600i 85X Carrack
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