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  1. Just putting it out there :D new Ryzens 2700x is punching weight with the I7 8700k. That is not including the fact that they are holding back the 2800x to see what intel's response is whichif you hazard a guess is probably superior to 8700k in most ways. I know its only early reviews but hell this is amazing!!! Grats to AMD come on intel start innovating again. My chequebook might be on hold for that new 8700k, just in case intel release something newer and prettier in the next 2-3 months. Let's hope whatever comes out next still fits in a 1151 slot. That said worst gets to worse, if I am stuck with an 8700k that is kinda of shrug. There is always going to be a new sparkly thing round the corner and as I keep saying I don't think there will be enough innovation over the next 10yr so no stress.
  2. To be fair a mate gave it to me for $100. :D I ain't gonna stick my nose up at a $100 stop gap measure that will get my rig going sooner. CPUs have such little innovation or improvement over time so I just got the 8700k probably be 10-15 years before I replace that, so I got one of the best sooner. I am going to probably go for the best Volta gaming GPU when it comes out albeit if I had to buy in now id go the 1080 ti with the 11gigs vid ram I think I saw it had.
  3. Rolling with a Gigabyte variant of the Nvidia 970 with 4g vid ram, using an EVGA Supernova 850 P2 Platinum rates PSU and its all going to be wrapped in the neat little box of the NZXT Noctis 450 case. See how I go I might get some extra fans e.g. Corsair ML120 or Noctua industrial range that goes up to 3000 something rpm but that is an after thought. I want to get the main build built first so I can start using it. One potential thing that scares me I have to admit is potential ram clearance issue with the Noctua D15 :D
  4. Haha sorry mate, I'm absolutely knackered. Didn't realise the around the verse link got responded to.
  5. For me 85X is my smallest ship, the next being my 600i touring variant. It always made sense to me originally to go with the 85X, it has a quantum drive and would make a nice little run about. Well the 100i has come in and whilst the 85x is still nicer looking, I think it makes it a bit hard to remain faithful. You get a sleek ship, probably also with great views and a bed. Then I realised as I was going through the upgrades list you can cross chassis upgrade for free from a 85X to an Avenger Titan and well that might be tempting I mean if its getting bigger then its price will probably increase. However I then keep telling myself the original purpose was to just have a little ship to putt putt around with a bit of style. What's everyone feeling about the new 100i series? Anyone got any strong feelings on these 3 ships.
  6. Cheers for finding that. Ironically I sealed my fate yesterday and bought a Gigabyte Aorus gaming 7 Z370 1151 socket motherboard, so I am stuck to an i7-8700k unless intel surprise us on that socket set. To be fair I am not gonna complain the i7 is $490 which is a lot healthier for the pocket book than $1300^, it also is not a bad processor at all. Still a few months yet before 3.2 and that is my target goal to have this rig built by. If Intel do bring out something new I may be very interested. Other than that. I just have a Samsung 960 pro 512gb ssd, 32gb of probably corsair ram, probably a Noctua N-D15 cpu cooler, windows, internet security and I'm in business.
  7. :O :O :O :O 600i looks absolutely stunning so far. I almost don't think I want to upgrade to the explorer variant.
  8. That's fascinating Roy! Does sound like although processor is playing a role it really is the video card doing all the carrying. Just think of all the overclockers out there haha.
  9. Would you hedge your bets that they might bring out something like a i7 8700k with 8 cores?
  10. My arm might be twisted for a I7-8700k.... It's only $500 which is a lot nicer than $1000 for the performance it gives. If I went the I7 route I'd probably get an NZXT N7 motherboard. This is providing unless AMD release something mind exploding or Intel decide that they will launch a new performance processor for a desktop. I probably am going to time the construction of my new rig for the 3.2 roll out of Star Citizen anyway since I am a bit under the pump at the moment. :D O also Bursar your rig is probably what I will be generally going for. I will probably think about a serious GPU when Nvidia's volta gets going for us gaming enthusiasts. You guys got any upgrades planned for the foreseeable horizon?
  11. LordSeb

    Alpha 3.1 - Aegis Reclaimer

    It's terrifyingly HUGE!!!! Hahaha ships this size in a sci fi pc game which you can fly and run around in, is everything I ever wanted. I can't wait for my Carrack and Endeavor :O :O. Starfarer feels.... small.
  12. I think I am going the same way Drakin and buying it in game. :D might try forcing one into my 600i's lounge room, as I have the touring version.
  13. Hey Guys, Now I thought the evocati were still under NDA, but whilst it exists, STL Young Blood has made a video of trying to fit the Cyclone into a few ships.
  14. LordSeb

    Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    I love the ship shape around the verses. I would have to say they are what I wait for each month now on Star Citizens YouTube. Had to say that reclaimer looks breathtaking, it isn't quite how awe filled I was when they got that cap ship in on the seminar to land but still it was SOMETHING! :D I'd be keen to stand on a landing pad and watch it come in. Providing your a good pilot. The Tumbril cyclone also looked a ton of fun. I don't know if anyone saw that there is going to be an enormous race across one of the moons. I imagine with Cyclones involved it will end up like whacky races! Hahaha bound to be a pirate or two come swooping in to attacks the contestants. Anyway everything is getting really exciting 10 days away from 3.1 or less. Then the next mark of 3.2 will be were it is at. I really can't wait for that 600i.
  15. Do you just need to replace the coolant every 6 months like a car? Would it also be worth running silicon round the edges were the pipes connects. By adding 2 more fans are you meaning to the loop itself or just to the case environment? You have piqued my interest that pre-built setup looks reasonably well built.