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  1. Hey folks, I'm on the look out for a monitor if anyone has any recommendations or anecdotes on their own, I would be grateful. I am mainly looking to be using it for gaming, but I want one that prioritises quality of image. Looking probably between $500-$700 AUD and 27'-32'. Currently these two 32' have piqued my interests: https://www.binglee.com.au/samsung-32-inches-fhd-curved-monitor https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/monitors/samsung/samsung-32-series-7-curved-wqhd-monitor/441891/ The last time I bought a computer monitor was in 2002, so has much changed since then? Cheers, Seb P.S not looking for a 4k monitor, because they require a super oomfy graphics card.
  2. Got a follow on debate on my hands.... Do I A) CCU a Drake Cutlass Black, Terrapin or Carrack to an endeavour or B ) by a X1 Force CCU it to an endeavour. On the latter, it will double dip me for exchange rate cut, but realistically :D option A has already been through the exchange rate money gobbler once or twice. I have kind of got in my mind the idea of using a drake or a terrapin as a low crew runabout for when I don't feel like lugging around a behemoth. Yet it seems reasonable to go for one of those smaller vessels and ccu that to an endeavour. It would A save a reasonable of money, B getting an Endeavor through pledge will cost a hell of a lot less human hours for the time poor. That being said I think I might have grown attached to my little explorer pack as is, but I have considered upgraded that Cutlass black to a Cutlass Red. Explorer with a mix up of the medical side seems profitable and a decent approach to the game. Anyway overall I probably want to go for max gameplay and no matter what, I will probably end up going after that Endeavour if not this year, next year. :D would be keen to hear somebody else's two cents because I probably have missed a few factors.
  3. Haha all you need to go with that Origin Force is a HP Spectre 13' http://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/offer.aspx?p=spectre-13 Matches the colour scheme and everything!
  4. Which side of the fence will this sit. It is a space bike?
  5. It would be very nice for that speculation to comes true. I know Elite Dangerous you lower your ram scoop and sit by the sun, but I have always been under the impression, refuelling in Star Citizen was going to have a little more to it. I wouldn't mind hanging around with the solar panels out or whatever format the internal power requirements of a Carrack take. If we are speculating, I would think the Endeavor (Research Unbound) would have a similar sorta power setup, so it can go deep space for long periods. I mean if the explorers are covered by their own internal systems, the only concerns are the escort party. If we wanted to shrink down the fleet to explorers and escorts, there is bound to be a few places we can shove cargo on our vessels for fuel/ammo, because both the Endeavor and Carrack are by no means tiny. I think your raider group idea would also work Foggy, almost on an indefinite basis. The bonus side is, you could run the Hull-C off for a resupply if necessary or drop off interesting finds back at civilisation. Haha that said, all we need is an engineer, some good quality duct-tape and I am sure we will make the round trip.
  6. No regrets on my Carrack! Albeit getting caught short in the void would not be fun. Could imagine be out in the deep void, far from known space and seeing the fuel gauge needle bouncing on the empty. Then slowly have to start turning off non essential systems and attempting to limp home. Lights WHO NEEDS THEM :D Crew you have torches! Albeit if it has solar panels, we probably can keep the lights on. Probably the best way to go for a journey in the void would be to form up a fleet of 1x Endeavor 1x Carrack 1x Starfarer and maybe try to shove an escort in the endeavours hangar. Anyway! Waffle waffle waffle. Definitely a video for thought.
  7. Speculative ships?

    Know that feeling. It's a case of please don't be so amazing that I CCU up to it. :S I am incrementally getting closer to the Endeavor as it is, I kind of see it happening next time it is on sale. So adding a 'Game CHANGER!' to the mix, may just be very cruel. I doubt it is going to be a space station, but it could be a constructor to make a space station :D Just add water *cough* I mean resources.
  8. Speculative ships?

    Ok, I have begun hearing the phrase 'Game Changer Ship' rolling about more and more. So I think it is time to get speculating! The two criteria I have heard so far are A. It's going to be civilian and B. It's going to be big. (Hopefully not big enough to steal my Endeavor dreams hehe) So what could it be? Well thinking on what we already have off the top of my head: Endeavor ticks hospital and most science categories Starfarer ticks of fuel Crucible ship repair Genesis starliner Prospector/Orion mining Reclaimer salvage Hull series cargo Merchantman flying shop on engines 890 Jump HQ ship/Swanky yacht All manner of multi-role ships There is certainly a bit of imaginative gaps or room for specialisation. So, here are a few ideas I have on what it might be: 1. Ship transport. Quantum drives going to take a while to get from A to B. Probably something that can strap on about 6-8 fighters, but not effectively launch them like a carrier. In line with enormous trucks that carry cars around the country side. Maybe even something that could fit two constellations in albeit not really shoot. You could similarly run with an actual land vehicle transport, which would be nifty and make selling land vehicles a thing. 2. Construction ship. I highly think this is an option. We haven't seen a dedicated construction ship, either building space stations, coms arrays or land bases. Probably specialise between space based and land facilities. With things being modular in nature on some ships it could work a bit like fallout 4 or something. Just plonking things down till you are satisfied. 3. Colony ship. When we start getting a lot more planets, we are going to probably need one of these. 4. Factory ship. Crucible sort of fills the role to an extent, but maybe one focused on trade commodities or land based items. 5. Terraforming ship. 6. Tug. 7. Hazmat. 8. Refinery ship. 9. Prison ship. 10. Artificial Jump lane ship. A ship that can make direct jump lanes or temporarily expand points to allow for bigger ships. If it was the former, might need two, one at either end. IDK there is probably a lot more holes that I can think of, but here is a start. Coffee time.
  9. The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    I just realised what the 600i explorer reminds me of. It reminds me of the Nebula class from Star Trek. A swanky little explorer, that is chunky yet sleek.
  10. The 600 Series concept Sale August 25

    Oh jeez, feeling the temptations right there. Sadly rationality has kicked in. Yay rationality! It will still be $375 if I give away my Cutlass Black and $550 if I buy her outright (Good ol Aussie D and Paypal). I am in awe of this new origin *cough* space taxi, pretend explorer *cough*. It is extremely snazzy! So much you could do with either variant. But although, the charm is there and it is trying to take me to dinner. I am not buying. Maybe in game. My hands are stuck firmly on my Carrack. It is bigger than the 600I, got many more facilities and room to run around on board. Will be honest, I am not a good fighter pilot. To me, were void warfare shines and my abilities are, is in the big ships. Carrack has her military grade armour, so what's that I hear *tink tink*. let's roll them turrets and fire at will. Carrack will give me either the chance to fire back or punch through the lines to safety. Hahaha or give me 2 seconds to have my fingers crossed, if I have an Idris on my tail. JEEEZ wasn't that thing huge! Are there many of us in the org diving in for the 600I or the bigger packs?
  11. Gamescom code

    I've been eyeing off the Cutlass Black for over a year and no $100 USD is definitely the going price. I decided to snag one just before streaming began because I thought the price would go up. The only thing that is new I believe is the starter pack variant of it for an additional $15 USD.
  12. Gamescom 2947 Details

    IDK if I need to put a spoiler alert in but, have a: *Slight spoiler warning* It's pretty damn awesome! Look at that 3.0 glory and the new Cutlass Black (Wooh, in before the price rise). The atmospheric flight is beautiful. Shame it's getting late here and there is work tomorrow.
  13. Well I probably won't be getting one it is probably like $550 for me after the USD has finished crapping on the AUD and the nasty people that take their cut on exchange do their thing. I think I would like one, though, if we go with a hazarding guess it is going to be a double decked 100 metre smarter looking connie. Capable of planet side landing I might add. No wait wait I have a Carrack <---- I keep telling myself. It is tempting once we can buy in game to get one though. Snazy ships and all the 890 jump always looked real nice.
  14. https://twitter.com/RobertsSpaceInd/status/899739519943151616 Old news but it looks like it is an expensive taxi inbound there is an advert on their twitter. LOL forum isn't letting me drag in the witty advert. 600I seems to be it. LOL scrap that link posted.

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