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  1. I think I am going the same way Drakin and buying it in game. :D might try forcing one into my 600i's lounge room, as I have the touring version.
  2. Hey Guys, Now I thought the evocati were still under NDA, but whilst it exists, STL Young Blood has made a video of trying to fit the Cyclone into a few ships.
  3. Around the Verse - Reclamation Now

    I love the ship shape around the verses. I would have to say they are what I wait for each month now on Star Citizens YouTube. Had to say that reclaimer looks breathtaking, it isn't quite how awe filled I was when they got that cap ship in on the seminar to land but still it was SOMETHING! :D I'd be keen to stand on a landing pad and watch it come in. Providing your a good pilot. The Tumbril cyclone also looked a ton of fun. I don't know if anyone saw that there is going to be an enormous race across one of the moons. I imagine with Cyclones involved it will end up like whacky races! Hahaha bound to be a pirate or two come swooping in to attacks the contestants. Anyway everything is getting really exciting 10 days away from 3.1 or less. Then the next mark of 3.2 will be were it is at. I really can't wait for that 600i.
  4. Do you just need to replace the coolant every 6 months like a car? Would it also be worth running silicon round the edges were the pipes connects. By adding 2 more fans are you meaning to the loop itself or just to the case environment? You have piqued my interest that pre-built setup looks reasonably well built.
  5. :D I am very excited to see how Volta plays out Bursar. Nvidia is doing their thing and Titan 5 looks pretty amazing. Titan V is choccas with tearing power, I am surprised it fits in only a 2 slot GPU. Sad that the Titan V is not quite meant for gamers and is $4700 Australian :D :D :D. Definitely looking forward to their offering if it is coming out this year. I am probably going to snag a 512G or 1Tb Samsung 960 Pro M.2 SSD or Intel's Optane (Probably the former because its wow but I am uncertain it WOWs especially with price tag). Anyone with personal experience going from Samsungs M.2 to intel Optane noticed much change in their PC? There do seem some benefits in both of their corners. I know :D liquid cooling is the way to go, even if it is just to the CPU. Haha anyone driving a very old VW Beatle across the middle of Australia can attest to why you don't want air cooling. Sadly I ain't keen enough to come to the modern age and have liquid anywhere near my PC components. Haha I'd stick a little AC unit at the intake of the PC before I implement liquid cooling. Too many mates had horror who have had horror stories. Haha one day maybe, but I don't overlock so less of an urgency. I might get some Nocturna industrial server grade fans to stick on the in/outtake and one of their beastly size AM processor coolers.
  6. I would say there is no disputing Intel has held the crown for considerable time, but when someone is stuck holding the crown without any challengers they get complacent. I personally am not in either camp really, I sit on the sidelines interested at the next innovation to come along. My laptops all have intel I-7s my server/desktop has an AMD 8350FX Black Edition which my fiancée is getting has been gaming with everything that has been thrown at it comfortably. I think Ryzen/threadripper probably blindsided Intel a bit because AMD pretty much said hey were not dead and we mean business. So we have a case were AMD is doing a superior job for multicores workload whilst Intel has better single core grunt. Processors have really seemed to have stagnated in comparison to leaps in graphics card power from what I can see. I mean you can still game in luxurious FPS comfort using a 2012/2013 processor and they are still very zippy for everything else. I am debating is it because Intel's not really had much of a challenger, therefore not needed to innovate or is it because we are reaching physical limitations of current materials and processes used. If AMD processors are only marginally slower than intel and manage to keep it that way without a noticeable difference in game, they are half the price or less than the intel processor, then that's a big issue for intel. Unless you have all the cash in the world and no cares to get that extra tinsy boost. Do you guys find you are buying new motherboards when you want to upgrade your intel processors? I've been told its a common issue because intel changes the chipsets a lot and if it is the case then that might be a factor to also add to cost. A new gaming motherboard is not always cheap. It isn't really an issue for me because I tend to keep my CPU until I need an entire new rig, but it would be a nice to have if my motherboard had room to upgrade. As Bursar points out with Spectre and Meltdown, we roll into another kettle of CPU issues. So a lot of CPUs might lose their shine and the next gen tech might not come out as shiny as it may have potentially been. But that is kind of an up in the air element, we don't know what AMD and Intel have to do to fix these issues and we don't know if their fixes will have different effects on speed. You definitely rightly point out Intel at least has more head room if it does lose some ground in the speed department. I am really on the fence, I mean I want get my new rig I am building up and running asap, but I really want to see what this years innovations bring from both companies. A hard question is after Zen+ is released next month does one wait to see if Zen2 with its drop to 7nm transistors shakes things up? At least their older gen processors might come down further. Intel are on their I7 8th Gen coffee lake desktop architecture and a myriad of other lakes which is a little bit confusing to follow at times. I'm not sure when the 9th gen comes out, but I am kind of very eager to see what they bring to the party after last year. Both companies appear to be hitting the more cores is better drum at the moment, which I guess is true if you are doing every computer operation possible simultaneously. :D I hope it doesn't seem that I am leaning little bit against intel, I am not really. It is more of because they are the best, they need to do a lot more to wow me, since they have the crown. I don't really see as having the crown as a reason to drop the ball or not hold lavish feasts of innovation surprise (I will give them the Optane drive was interesting to see). Sadly the I9s neither wow my pocket book or the habitability of a computer case with their temperatures under air cooling. They might need a few more generations and to knock a $ off. Haha got me whilst I was writing Tac. There is of course that point. Regardless of innovations surrounding your CPU, in regards to Star Citizen, your GPU is your workhorse. Anyway, it's going to be a very interesting year around what's coming out of Intel and AMD. I can't wait!
  7. AMD's zen+ architecture is out in April. So what everyones thoughts on AMD and Intel at present, spectre issues aside. (Amusing side note in Australia you could buy an intel I9 7980XE for about $2800 or you could buy two AMD threadripper 1950X at $1340 have change left over and be left with a creative predicament of how you are going to implement two processors without using a server motherboard.)
  8. Ok done a ton of video reviews. I think I have narrowed it all down to a Phantom 820 vs a Noctis 450. Here is someones complete build in the Noctis with the same graphics card I have. It looks like it cuts the case in half with the exception of the HDD bays to the right: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/kfZ8TW Reckon this would cause any temperature issues? I am probably going to end up going air cooling because I am not fond of the idea of water cooling, I don't want a water mess and dusting seems a lot easier than changing out liquid. Haha not like a car you can just undo a bolt and let her rip. Alternatively a built version in the 820: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/4kYrxr Looks like there is a ton of room air wise. Noctis cant get a vent in down there because of its PSU shroud. Trouble is, the case is very big. Weighs about 15 or so kg and about 23cm wide 67cm tall and 63cm long. Either all, I am likely to swap out all the fans for Corsairs ML120's and ML140's. Use either a Noctus NH-D14 or D15 on the processor.
  9. Hey guys, :D so I replaced my power supply, got the new graphics card and it doesn't fit. So I have given up and I am building a new rig entirely (Giving this one to the Missus). Here are a few cases I have looked at and I am wondering if anyone has one and how they find it. Just knocking up a quick poll for which to go with. Basically putting in: Top tier ryzen cpu, motherboard (Not decided), 32 or 64g corsair ddr 4 ram, 1 or 2 SSD, GTX 970.
  10. Game breaking issue lads

    How did all that ^ go? Has it been much of a difference, as I haven't found much changed for me across any games. (Using my AMD FX 8350 8 core, 32g vengeance ram and my old HD7770 still). :D we should be optimistic. It won't be the end of the world. They will just make something new to sell us.... Like they usually do. When you think about it too, processors haven't exactly made amazing leaps in the last 6 or so years, when compared to graphics cards leaps.
  11. PSU AX860 - Owner query

    I have just gone that route and brought it home two days ago. Decided, I wanted to give the other brand a chance (EVGA = Super flower made. Corsair is Seasonic made). It works like a charm so far. Hahaha then ran into the issue of I got the new graphics card only to have my case being too small and it isn't a small case.
  12. PSU AX860 - Owner query

    Had to take the PSU back sadly. Looks like I got a dud. Any recommendations on a new top quality PSU? After platinum rated in the 91% zone preferably. So far I have been recommended to go with an EVGA 850 Supernova P2 or a Corsair HX850 but to stay away from seasonic.
  13. PSU AX860 - Owner query

    Old PSU is working fine.
  14. Hey folks, I got my new PSU a corsair AX860 arrive, replacing my Corsair CX500. I have plugged her all in perfectly and am getting greenlights across the board. There is however a technical hitch I don't understand. Between 30 seconds to 7 minutes everything just dies. Like I have run up and flicked the mains switch. I at first thought under close inspection PSU has a hybrid or normal switch for the fan control better stick it to normal that might fix it. BUT no dice. I let it sit about for an hour (Sometimes computers don't like being moved, I find). It suddenly died again. PSU is drawing 168 - 200 watts not exceeding the 200 watts. I did notice before I did all the cable tying with the case open it was bouncing 220-360/420 quite erratically when idled at desktop. Post cable tying idle is as I say 168-200 watts. Anyway :D anyone got some nuggets of wisdom to give to me or had experience with an AX860. I mean its meant to be Corsairs top of the wazza with the exception of AXi involving the corsair link thingy. Cheers.
  15. Do you have the game settings on low medium or high?

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