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  1. New - Vanduul Blade

    I have to say that thing looks a lot more deadlier. I would not want to be on the surface of a moon with them taking pot shots at me or in a bow to stern chase.
  2. I have a technical issue. I am surmising it is just the graphics card not having enough video memory or purely being to old. All the moons come up looking like this on low/medium/high: :D things like occasional rocks look ok, but no matter the moon the surface is a dusky outline with occasional bits and pieces. This issue doesn't happen anywhere else in Star Citizen except on the moons. I am probably just going to run out and get a RX Vega 56 when stocks return to Australia, but if its a different sort of issue it would be good to know. On a side note do we reckon a RX Vega 56 will be able to handle Star Citizen on high smoothly? I am being cost effective, but if it probably won't I will go get the RX Vega 64 instead. Cheers.
  3. Your antiquated AMD HD 7700 with 1g VRAM
  4. My simpit (not finished)

    Looks epic! You will have to show the finished thing up and running.
  5. It looks incredible. How well does it handle Vulkan?
  6. Reverse the Verse is back!

  7. Just thought I'd make a random thread that looks at cars and Star Citizen ships. I remember that for the Origin 600i the devs took some inspiration from BMW. Well I was out and about the other day and came across a Honda Civic and realised it looked rather spaceshipish. In hindsight it looks like a bit Origin 600i ish on the outside. Since its a little bit uncanny, thought I'd drop a few pics. Sadly the pics don't really do that much justice, the sedan is a lot more longer and narrow looking in person at the boot end. Hahaha anyway there you go, there is something random for the day. (Image from performancedrive.com.au) Honda Civic Sedan (Picture from motortrend.com) Sedan (Picture from caradvice.com.au) Hatch RS variant
  8. Production Update

    :D To be fair.... I don't mind if they drop the ball a little bit, but they had stuff in the pipeline last year on the old production schedule like in the example The Director said. So I am keen to see how it looks on development charts. *Cough* I really just wish to know that the Carrack is still slated for 2018 *Cough*.
  9. Production Update

    On a side note has a new ship pipeline chart been released? I am curious to see expected projections for the year.
  10. Haha ok I have found a rather odd fix by accident. In the end I couldn't find a way to configure Star Citizen to accept that a Saitek X52's throttle works on a range from -100, Zero, +100. There doesn't appear to be much info on it online a year later. So what is it? Well Star Citizen recognises the throttle control's -100 as zero and uses the full spectrum to +100 being max throttle. Ok so I let it have its way. What I did do is turn on strafe forward and backward under the joystick section. I put it to -100 no reverse, but I just so happened to be on reverse and bumped the secondary trigger underneath the fire trigger and I got a tinsy amount of reverse. Start tapping it a lot and hello I now have full reverse on my ship. It isn't perfect and in reality is probably inputs conflicting with each other to make it happen. If you have the throttle activated and propulsion going forwards, this process really does involve you pressing that button to fight the positive thrust but eventually you get there! Albeit numbers are too high to fight if you have throttle all the way on. Hope this is useful to someone :D, it means when if I come into land and I overshoot the paid at least I can reverse instead of having to rotate the whole damn ship. HAHA can you imagine having to have to rotate an Endeavour or a bigger hull at full load, because you overshot the docking port.
  11. Hi everyone, Finally managed to get Star Citizen going smooth on my laptop, not just my desktop so I broke out my Saitek X52. After import the profile for it in game I am having a bit of an issue with the throttle control. How would I go about making the thruster map, as push forward for forward and pull back for reverse on the throttle control. Maybe some sort of dead zone in the middle so I can come to an all stop. Currently when throttle controller is sitting dead centre I go screaming off at 70 on spawn :D. I have just downloaded the Star Citizen Joystick mapper, haha but I'm not really a code monkey so if you could give me a detail explanation on how to achieve this request it would me much appreciated. Also if anyone who uses the Saitek X52 have any tips for other beneficial mapping changes I'd be interested to hear it. Hardware Wise: Currently my Saitek X52 is connected to my Asus Zenbook U500vz. Anyway thanks for any help! Seb
  12. :D Orbital bombardment time. Mwahahahaha
  13. So rolling with a corsair ax760i for 760watt would be a good idea then. If in theory graphics card takes between 200-300watt, cpu takes 125watts ish and the smaller components take something like 100watt (Guessing on the latter part, AMD reckons 200-300 for that card). It would leave a decent amount of room for something to go crazy or upgrade. I don't really intend to do crossfire :D though perhaps I should have wiggle room to do that just in case.... Efficiency wise that power supply has a platinum certified standard so ..... Hopefully my power bills won't be skyrocketing from this hobby. Maybe I should get an 860 watt version :S lol the pricing kind of falls off a cliff at 1000watt. Going for the AX760i kind of makes sense to me from a physical standpoint its only a cm taller than my current CX500. Thanks everyone for your two cents!
  14. A question for owners of the Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics card or anyone that builds their own pc. I am debating to upgrade to that graphics card and seem to be finding mixed info on its wattage about the internet. How much power do you guys find it uses and do you reckon a 500 watt power supply can handle it? I am currently using a Corsair CX500w power supply, AMD FX 8350 8 core black edition CPU, 32g Corsair vengeance DDR3 ram, Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 motherboard, 1X 256g Corsair LS SSD, 2X 1TB ST200DM001-ich164 hds, a standard dvd drive and about 4 fans if memory serves.
  15. Ok Anniversary sale is almost here. What's the plan folks? What looks good? What are people interested in getting? Are there any ships our org seems to be particularly lacking in? Currently I am decked out with: Carrack Terrapin Cutlass Black Origin X1 base grade. I am going to get me an Endeavor either way, hopefully a Hope if possible. My great debate is do I melt the X1 and CCU the cutlass for an Endeavor or do I just CCU the X1. In theory if I kill the Cutlass Black, I will use the Terrapin in its place as a smallerish jack of trades, but then that is a sacrifice of a real jack of all trades ship. Other side of the coin is I am having the old debate of do I upgrade the black to a cutlass red, but not doing so gives me something to earn in game. After all it will take a hell of a lot less time than grinding out an Endeavor! I ain't so crash hot in the combat role but also debating to pickup a fighter, maybe of origin make. Who knows. Realistically I think I only want to have 3-4 ships because I am 1 person and can't use them all at once. Anyone thinking about the teasing of that potentially new concept ship? Not sure if it will be there for the anniversary sale, but you never know. Has any of the reworks on ships tempted anyone to change their minds? Anyway waffle waffle. If you are getting something, chuck it in here and your reasoning I'd be curious to know.
  16. Yea from what I know Endeavor is the only one with the respawn ability. So it will definitely be a tandem job. I wonder how many of us have cutlass reds to tag along? Plenty of room for on-board staff. Hahaha maybe we need a medical division? You could probably just umbrella it under a sub division of science or industry. Hahaha may it end!!!! It's been playing on my mind since its first concept release and finally got me. I held out a long time though :D
  17. 2 hrs and 14 minutes on the clock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any last takers. My final temptation was a couple of days ago, I bumped my cutlass black into a 600I - touring. So I am now concierged and 3.0.
  18. Hey just wondering if anyone with an AMD Graphics card has some advice on the settings for Star Citizen. I know that there is a bucket ton for NVIDIA but no one seems to have said anything on AMD graphics cards. Cheers.
  19. YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

    Capital or the connie alternative.................. But they have the Caterpillar........ Gawwwww................................ But a drake connie would tear things up and probably have hull plates fall off it..... mmmmmmmmm......... But a Drake capital ship would wreck many a pilots day. Hmmmmmmmm......... This is two hard to choose. 2 or 3. Ok I am shrugging at the salvage ship. There is a salvage vessel in the verse, there will probably be more later and the Cutlass can do plenty of things. All you need to do is shove things into its cargo bay, hope the back of the craft doesn't come off because the cargo isn't held down and wallah take it to were it needs to go. In the end I voted for the capital ship. A. Drake doesn't have a capital ship, I think most companies do or something sufficiently big you may as well call it a cap. B. We don't really have a truck stop/vehicle transport ship in game yet. C. It has onboard stores so you could call it a shonkey merchantman. D I think it fills a void in their lineup.
  20. That is completely understandable. Everyone should spend only as much as there budget permits and my view is if they are over reaching it, don't get it! I mean after all this is a game, its all going to be in the game to earn and life should always be the priority. Haha we are in good hands not someones pay2win hands like EA from what I hear. Everyone is more than welcome to travel on my ships anyway. I am more here for social/casual gaming. Hehe I could only Hope, my Endeavor it keeps a few of us busy. My main purpose is a general medium - small multi-role ship that has good viewing angles for piloting and relaxing, with a bit more pleasing aesthetics. My cutlass has been awesome. The 3.0 one looks amazing, but 600i seems to have a certain charm. I am pretty covered for exploration ships or science so I don't really need the explorer variant. It only is tempting because compared to the touring its got a bit more use. Albeit Carrack has a snub and rover etc so its not too much of a factor. I think why I am tempted to swap out cutlass for an 600i is A. size its not too big and B. no way in hell I can afford an 890 Jump which is too big anyway.
  21. Medical Condition

    An empty wallet? :D :D :D
  22. OK here is a question out of the blue. Cutlass black vs 600I explorer or touring variant?
  23. In the end I went with the concept of buy 1 or 2 top tier ships and work my way down in game :). The most awesome ships will cost the most ingame for man hours so rather than pay with my life time grinding, I paid with my cheque book (As a once off investment in a dream since I can't actually go to space). I played Elite Dangerous for some time back in the day, but I got bored grinding my way for just one ship I wanted and it wasn't even the most expensive ship in the game. Just stuck behind reputation and cash wall, but I gave up halfway there ended with the funds but just couldn't be asked going through the grind for the rest of the rep. My idea with Star Citizen was A. I believe in this game and its the closest thing to my getting to space dream a game can get thus far. B. I am damn well going to get a ship I want so I can spend time on all the games wonderful aspects that I wish to participate in rather than bogged down in the grind and wasting precious life hours doing the stuff I don't. Ergo my crazy crazy investment never to be repeated again
  24. New drake ship

    Were is the voting happening? Do you have a link.
  25. :D let's hope I am also a better doctor than a pilot. Sorry I deleted the comment to shift it over to the right thread (half asleep posting). I am going to be fascinated how they deal with the ships yet to come. If the Orion got blown out to 340 metres, Carrack out to about 175 metres. I wonder what we are going to be looking at for the bigger vessels like the Endeavor that are still in conceptish stage. They will no doubt have a lot of rooms all requiring a nudge here or there to work properly. I am very excited. I just jumped into arena commander with my loaner starfarer and my mind is just blown at how big the damn thing is doing an EVA. It is just amazing, I have always wanted to fly such large cap ships from the likes of Star Lancer, Free Lancer, X-Wing Alliance etc etc and here it is all happening. Beautiful enormous interactive cap ships.

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