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  1. I'm currently having this issue myself. The past six months I've been hit with a multitude of health issues and my play time has diminished significantly. Stupid life always getting in the way. Lol.
  2. The spring adjustment reminds me of modding arcade sticks. For some reason I never thought the same thing would work with a flight stick. Lol. I'll need to try it.
  3. I've heard nothing but great things about the Warthog, but just didn't want to dive into to deep end of the spending pool until I was sure I could get the hang of it. Would the T16000m be fine as the right stick with precision manoeuvres?
  4. Afternoon everyone! Sorry if this isn't posted in the correct spot, It's the first place I thought of when I decided I wanted to post. So, I've been playing with keyboard and mouse so far. Well, sort of keyboard anyway. I've been using the Razer Orbweaver because I like the thumbstick and ergonomics and it's just an overall nifty little gadget... Anyhoo, I've been seeing a lot of people making the switch to twin joysticks. I watched a couple videos on them from the Noobifier and Bored Gamer and both seemed to really like them. I looked around at a few and the two favorites I've seen that are reasonably priced as starter options are the Thrustmaster T-16000 & the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, which also happen to be the two above mentioned YouTuber's favorites also. I've heard great things about both and a couple negatives as well. The T-16000 I've heard is great with excellent build quality and is ambidextrous. The downside I've heard is that the stick wasn't made for space sims. As such it seems it has some difficulty with very precise movements as it tends to require a larger amount of force to move the stick in any given direction and then snaps back rather quickly, leaving movement very direct. Regarding the Extreme 3D Pro my understanding is that it's an overall solid build with some minor concessions made to keep cost low. It's accurate though isn't ambidextrous and the buttons are a little "meh". I would love to get feedback from the TA community on if the jump to twin sticks is indeed worth it and if what I've heard about the above sticks holds true with people who have actually used them. Currently I'm only going by what I've read on other forums and reviews and have no actual experience with either joystick. Any help would be awesome as I'm always seeking to improve my game. Thanks in advance all!
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