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  1. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    @Rend AsunderThe Starfury is one of my favourite ever Sci-Fi ships, I would love one of those in SC
  2. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    While a lot of B5 has aged badly, and didn't look amazing the first time around, it still has the best overarching Sci-Fi storyline ever IMO, and is worth watching just for that.
  3. Already got a Nox and a DF, I can't see myself getting one of these unless it does something very unique.
  4. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    I think you mean Space 1999 I loved that when I was a kid, but tried to watch some of it again recently, along with my then favourite Blakes 7, and both of them look absolutely terrible now sadly.
  5. What is your Favourite Sci Fi Series

    You must be a lot younger than me, this was what got me into sci-fi:
  6. MIA

    That is really cool, thanks for sharing! I am rubbish at landings in flight sims, so I always get nervous watching others do it, I hate the landing part of real flights.
  7. MIA

    Thanks, but a quick google seems to indicate current sims don't do multi crew sadly. I haven't bought X-Plane 11 yet, am waiting for them to add native VR support. Am playing Aerofly FS2 as it has great VR support, although it is a bit flight sim lite. It is cool sitting in a virtual 737 cockpit, but I only know about half a dozen controls!
  8. MIA

    Yeah, that is the one, sorry, thought it was a 737, I am only a very casual flight simmer. I am waiting for the proper VR update for X-Plane 11 to get into it more seriously. Good luck for tomorrow
  9. MIA

    Cool, well done! In the UK recently I have been watching a TV show showing trainee pilots doing their first landings in 737's, it gets my palms sweating just watching them.
  10. Why do I have a Hornet in the game?

    Interesting, I think I had the Hornet before I got the Cat, but that might explain the mystery Aurora, thanks
  11. Why do I have a Hornet in the game?

    Yeah, nice try! I didn't mention before but the ships don't show in my account on the website, so it isn't that I have bought it and forgotten about it. I would contact support, but I like having free ships! I just don't know how long I can rely on it being there.
  12. Why do I have a Hornet in the game?

    LOL, no, I am spending stupid amounts I can't strictly afford when I am completely awake
  13. Why do I have a Hornet in the game?

    I think I have had it for months, although the mystery Aurora is a new one.
  14. Why do I have a Hornet in the game?

    Not a concierge, yet. I have subscribed about 3 individual months, but not currently. I am not overly worried, but was just wondering if it was a me thing or if others had random ships
  15. Why do I have a Hornet in the game?

    Thanks, but I don't have any ships not in game aside from the Nox and DF. Obviously the Freelancer is a loan for the DUR. I am just a bit perplexed as to why the Hornet is there!

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