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  1. Anniversary Sale - What's everyone getting?

    Possibly a Sabre, I haven't got a fighting ship aside from a Hornet that is inexplicably available to spawn in the 'verse despite not having bought one.
  2. Starfarer - Option or necessity?

    I do really like the Starfarer, I am aiming to earn one in game.
  3. Nothing Special

    I still use the X55 stick, but the throttle is designed for flying virtual jumbo jets. The FCS has a lot more scope for controlling a virtual space ship
  4. Nothing Special

    Nice system. I did a mod on my X-55 throttle based on this video as it was very stiff: I was going through that process, but then I realised you can just remove that plastic bit screwed to the base and it makes the throttle way more responsive. That said since then I have moved to using a TM FCS throttle which is a lot better for SC IMO.
  5. Don't get the Samsung 32" curved, I had one very briefly before returning it to Amazon, it is more like a TV than a monitor. I tried SC on it very briefly and when walking around ArcCorp, when you move the mouse, anything that was bright on the screen leaves a dark trail behind it as it moves, it was very distracting. I got a second LG 29" Ultrawide instead, although the flat version doesn't have as nice an image as my older curved one. The only issue with buying a monitor now is that HDR monitors are starting to arrive and they would be great for SC, but right now they are really expensive. I am hoping by the time SC is released they will have come down to sensible prices.
  6. Thinking of ending the game

    Exactly. Assassins Creed Origins took 5 years to make, and that is by an established multi billion $ publisher, with an established team and an established franchise and technology. Why people are spitting their dummies when the most advanced game ever from a startup indie dev is taking over 5 years completely baffles me.
  7. A preview of the reworked Mustang

    I have an alt account I upgraded to a Beta, is a nice little ship.
  8. Thinking of ending the game

    I just don't get it, what they just showed at Citizencon was incredible. I want SC to be spectacular, not another ED. Quality takes time.
  9. MIA

    Congratulations, thanks for the update!
  10. Star Trek: Discovery

    I only got about half hour into it and gave up, and I have expectations set pretty low going in for ST stuff. The Klingons are just awful as the actors can't speak properly due to the prosthetics and even then the Klingon language has been turned into staccato barks that are just tortuous. I am not a big ST fan, though I think I have watched everything, and not nerdy about Klingon language, but this series has crossed a line. Aside from the Klingon stuff, I didn't like any of the other characters or plot. I think this sums it up:
  11. https://www.blog.google/products/maps/space-out-planets-google-maps/
  12. Ground vehicles required.

    I have DUR and Cutlass Black along with DF and Nox to keep in the back. I think the DF is the most flexible as it has a bit of cargo space to keep your sandwiches in. I also have some X1's, but they are mainly LTI tokens.
  13. Untold Stories steam sale

    I just picked up the game Untold Stories on Steam, looks like it came out in Feb, but it is on sale for about $3. It is made up of 4 short retro style sci-fi/horror stories, I have only done 2 so far, but they were incredible. Part of the gameplay harkens back to text based adventures and suffers from some of infuriating nature that those games had, but the way it is presented is incredible. Completely worth picking up on sale.
  14. 315 plans

    I like my 315p, it has a nice cockpit for taking in the views of the 'verse. I can't think of much of a role for it other than exploration, aside from maybe picking up stranded players.
  15. WOW! Snow pic.

    Is a nice image just as long as you realise it is a fan made render and doesn't represent the game in any way.

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